Event Management RFP Template


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Event Management RFP Template

  1. 1. Event Management Vendor RFPPurposeThe purpose of this tool is to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for EventManagement Services. An RFP is a formal invitation to request vendor proposals that meetspecific business requirements and purchasing criteria. Vendors interested in pursuing theopportunity will respond with their approach to delivering on your requirements, provide adetailed project plan & budget, and relevant references. An RFP is useful for expeditingthe contracting process, once negotiations are complete.How to Use this TemplateComplete the following sections with your project team. Cut & paste this information intoa document that reflects your corporate image, and deliver your RFP to a short-list ofpotential vendors for review and proposal submission. Be sure to cut out requirements youdon’t need, and add any that are particular to your organization.Title Page [Insert Company Name or Logo] Event Management Services Request for Proposal [Insert Date] 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Page1. Company Information 3 1.1 Corporate Overview 1.2 Event Overview2. Statement of Work 3 2.1 Purpose 2.2 Scope 2.3 Project Schedule3. Proposal Submission Procedure 4 3.1 Vendor RFP Reception 3.2 Good Faith Statement 3.3 Communication & Proposal Submission Guidelines 3.4 Evaluation Criteria 3.5 Short-list Selection4. Scope of Work & Business Requirements 6 4.1 Plan 4.2 Sponsors & Speakers 4.3 Event Promotions 4.4 Event Plan & Logistics 4.5 Facilities 4.6 On-Site Management 4.5 Destination Management5. Vendor Information 86. Estimated Budget & Resources Required 9 2
  3. 3. 1. Overview1.1 Company OverviewProvide a description of your organization including company size, locations, number ofemployees, and business goals you are looking to achieve.1.2 Event OverviewProvide a detailed description of the event and include the following:  Historical frequency of the event  Historical metrics (if repeat event - # delegates, staff, demographics)  Reason for the event  Objective(s)  Length/duration of the event  Preferred location  Partners  Metrics & Goals2. Statement of Work2.1 PurposeThe purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) process is to invite event managementvendors to submit their proposal to manage the “List Upcoming Event Here.” Thisdocument contains the requirements necessary for a successful event.2.2 ScopeOur Company will have internal staff as resources for some aspects of the event such asdevelopment of theme, budget, plus event promotions. We will require the event 3
  4. 4. management vendor to manage pre-event planning, budgeting, logistics, and on-site eventmanagement. Please see further details in “Scope of Work” section.2.3 Project ScheduleThis schedule is based on our current timelines, but is subject to change. Project Milestones Deadline RFP Delivered to Vendors September 10, 2013 RFP Close Date November 14, 2013 Start Vendor Evaluations January 4, 2013 Award Contract to Vendor March 10, 20133. Proposal Submission Procedure3.1 Vendor RFP ReceptionBy responding to this RFP, the vendor agrees to be responsible for fully understanding therequirements or other details of the RFP, and will ask any questions to ensure suchunderstanding is gained. Our Company retains the right to disqualify vendors who do notdemonstrate a clear understanding of our needs. Furthermore, the right to disqualify avendor extends past the contract award period and our Company will be at no fault, cost,or liability.3.2 Good Faith StatementAll information provided by our Company is offered in good faith. Specific items aresubject to change at any time based on business circumstances.Our Company does not guarantee that any particular item is without error. 4
  5. 5. 3.3 Communication & Proposal Submission GuidelinesCommunications shall not be effective, unless a specified procurement executive who isresponsible for managing the RFP process formally confirms these communications inwriting. In no case shall verbal communication govern over written communications.Please submit your proposal on or before November 14, 2010.Please send questions related to this RFP, and vendor proposals to: Our Company Jane Doe Email: jdoe@ourcompany.com Tel: 212-222-2222 Fax: 212-222-22233.4 Evaluation CriteriaAll proposals will be evaluated systematically, based on the following key criterion. Thepurpose of this section is to identify suppliers with the interest, capabilities, and financialability to manage our conference, as defined in the “Scope of Work.”Key evaluation criteria include: capabilities demonstrated with past events, budget, depthof capabilities and partners, quality of event, destination/tour management, ability tomanage geographic diversity.3.5 Short-list SelectionVendors who have demonstrated their capacity to meet our needs will be contacted viaphone and/or e-mail to be notified of their selection to move forward in the RFP process.Vendors who have not been selected will not be contacted. 5
  6. 6. 4. Scope of Work & Business RequirementsOur Company will require the event management vendor to manage the following aspectsof the event:4.1 Plan  Destination Selection: Work with our Company to provide budget estimates for four potential cities in order to select destination.  Pre-Event Schedule: Create project schedule with deadlines and key milestones for the event.  Theme: Provide options for conference theme that will be incorporated in all promotions, printed materials, and on-site signage.  Budget: Manage overall budget throughout the pre-event planning.  Conference Schedule: Work with our Company’s internal staff to create daily schedule of keynotes, breakout seminars and speakers.4.2 Sponsors & Speakers  Sponsors: Contact and confirm sponsors for the conference at various sponsorship levels. Our Company will provide a list of previous sponsors. Communicate with sponsors on their requirements, deadlines, and deliverables.  Speakers: Work with Our Company to identify and confirm speakers for the conference, including internal staff, external speakers (keynotes, partners, potential customers). Communicate with speakers on their requirements, deadlines, deliverables, and ensure adequate preparation.  Booths: Identify booth set-up requirements for sponsors’ exhibits.  Speaker Evaluation: Create and deliver process for delegates to provide evaluation on speakers. 6
  7. 7. 4.3 Event Promotions  Promotion: Our Company’s internal staff will coordinate e-mail and other marketing to promote the event to partners and customers.  Registration: Our Company will provide online registration for all delegates to sign up and provide updates to the event management vendor. Vendor will be required to create name badges.  Promotional Materials: Provide options for and manage production of all event promo giveaways (i.e. – bags, prizes).  Conference Materials: Our Company’s staff will provide guidance on materials required (printed and digital). Event management vendor will be required to produce and prepare materials for distribution.4.4 Event Plan & Logistics  Meals: Manage and order all meals for the duration of the conference.  Awards: Manage production of partner awards. Our Company will manage award categories, nominations, and selections.  Gala Dinner: Manage production of gala awards dinner including agenda, meals, entertainment.  On-site signage: Create all on-site signage including schedules, registration area, dinner, and session rooms.  Audio-Visual: Work with AV contractor/hotel for all audio/visual requirements.  Photography: Coordinate photography of the conference including delegates, speakers, dinner, and awards.  Staff Coordination: Manage communications with staff involved with the event including marketing/sales/customer service staff and speakers.  Media Relations: Coordinate with PR for PR related to the conference. 7
  8. 8. 4.5 Facilities  Conference Facility: Assist in selection of conference location. Manage all required space, meals, and audio/visual.  Accommodations: Ensure hotel rooms and block discounts for delegates with online and phone booking options.  Welcome packages: Provide packages for delegates and sponsors.4.6 On-Site Management  Registration: Manage registration desk on the first day of the conference including sign-in, name badges, and distribution of promotional and conference materials.  Daytime & Evening events: Be on-site to manage logistics with hotel staff to ensure a smooth event.4.7 Destination Management  Tours: Provide options and coordinate tours for pre/post-event for delegates.  Spouse Program: Provide a spouse tour program.5. Vendor InformationAll vendors must also submit the following information:  Corporate Overview – legal name; year of incorporation; number of employees.  Services – description of all services and products supplied.  Markets Served – description of geographic/industry markets served.  Partners – list of current event-related vendors and partners. 8
  9. 9.  Customer & Event References – a list of other similar events (in scope and industry).6. Estimated Budget & Resources RequiredAll vendors must provide a breakdown of costs related to management of the event asoutlined in the “Scope of Work.” Vendor must agree to keep the quoted pricing in theirproposals for a minimum of 90 days after proposal submission.Finally, all proposals must include a project schedule & work breakdown structure, whichidentifies timelines, key milestones, project phases, or other project plan information. 9