Public Relations Agency RFP


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Public Relations Agency RFP

  1. 1. Public Relations Agency RFPPurposeThe purpose of this tool is to help you design a Request for Proposal (RFP) for PublicRelations Agency Services. An RFP is a formal invitation to request vendor proposals thatmeet specific business requirements and purchasing criteria. Agencies interested inpursuing the opportunity will respond with their approach to delivering on yourrequirements, provide a detailed project plan & budget, and relevant references. An RFP isuseful for expediting the contracting process, once negotiations are complete.How to Use this TemplateComplete the following sections with your Public Relations project team. Cut & paste thisinformation into a document that reflects your corporate image, and deliver your RFP to ashort-list of potential vendors for review and proposal submission. The ‘Scope of Work &Business Requirements’ section contains a comprehensive list of potential requirements. Besure to cut out requirements you don’t need, and add any that are particular to yourorganization.
  2. 2. Title Page [Insert Company Name or Logo] Public Relations Agency Request for Proposal [Insert Date]
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page1. General Information 3 1.1 Corporate Overview 1.2 Contact information2. Statement of Work 3 2.1 Project Purpose 2.2 Project Scope 2.3 Project Schedule3. Proposal Submission Procedure 5 3.1 Vendor RFP Reception 3.2 Good Faith Statement 3.3 Communication & Proposal Submission Guidelines 3.4 Evaluation Criteria 3.5 Short-list Selection 3.6 Terms of Service 3.7 Conflict of Interest 3.8 Proposal Presentation Points
  4. 4. 3.9 Reference Accounts4. Agency Information 85. Estimated Budget & Resources Required 81. General Information1.1 Corporate OverviewProvide a description of your organization including company size, locations, currentcapabilities & systems, stakeholders, expansion plans, and the business goals you arelooking to achieve.INSERT OVERVIEW OF COMPANY, including target customers, verticals served, solutionsoffered.INSERT INDUSTRY OVERVIEW, including competitors, relative positioning, growthopportunities, go-to-market strategies, etc.ROLE OF AGENCY PARTNER: what services you expect the agency to provide.OVERVIEW: insert a paragraph on the key attributes you hope to find in the agency youare hiring, and your reason for hiring.1.2 Contact Information  Primary liaison contact information: Enter Name  Email to which questions should be addressed: Enter Email Address
  5. 5.  Location for presentations: Enter Address, City, State/Province and Country2. Statement of Work2.1 PurposeThe purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) process is to invite vendors to submit theirproposal to provide Public Relations agency services. This document contains the businessrequirements necessary for a successful engagement.2.2 ScopeOutline the scope of services, such as:  Ongoing strategic planning and creative consultation  Content creation (press kit, press releases, blog posts, etc.)  Media relations – international, national, trade, business, local  Analyst relations  Awards  Product reviews  Speaking engagements  Special events such as press conferences & media tours  Metrics, budgets and monitoring2.3 Project ScheduleThis schedule is based on our current timelines, but is subject to change. Project Milestones Deadline RFP Delivered to Agencies June 1, 2012 RFP Question Period Ends July 15, 2012 RFP Close Date July 31, 2012
  6. 6. Conduct Agency Evaluations September 1, 2012Award Contract to Agency September 30, 20123. Proposal Submission Procedure3.1 Vendor RFP ReceptionBy responding to this RFP, the agency agrees to be responsible for fully understanding therequirements or other details of the RFP, and will ask any questions to ensure suchunderstanding is gained. [Insert your company name] retains the right to disqualifyagencies that do not demonstrate a clear understanding of our needs. Furthermore, theright to disqualify an agency extends past the contract award period and [insert yourcompany name] will be at no fault, cost, or liability.3.2 Good Faith StatementAll information provided by [insert your company name] is offered in good faith. Specificitems are subject to change at anytime based on business circumstances. [Insert yourcompany name] does not guarantee that any particular item is without error. [Insert yourcompany name] will not be held responsible or liable for use of this information or for anyclaims asserted therefrom.3.3 Communication & Proposal Submission GuidelinesCommunications shall not be effective, unless a specified procurement executive who isresponsible for managing the RFP process formally confirms these communications inwriting. In no case shall verbal communication govern over written communications.Please submit your proposal by [insert RFP Close Date].Please send questions related to this RFP, and agency proposals to: [Insert your company name] [Insert department name] [Insert mailing address] Attention:
  7. 7. [Insert contact name & title] [Insert phone/email/fax contact information]3.4 Evaluation CriteriaAll proposals will be evaluated systematically, based on the following key criterion. Thepurpose of this section is to identify agencies with the interest, capabilities, and financialstability to provide services as defined in the Scope of Work.Following is a list of our key evaluation criteria: 1. Insert Criteria 2. Insert Criteria 3. Insert Criteria 4. Insert Criteria 5. Insert Criteria3.5 Short-list SelectionAgencies who have demonstrated their capacity to meet our needs will be contacted viaphone and/or mail to be notified of their selection to move forward in the RFP process.Agencies, who have not been selected, will not be contacted.3.6. Term of ServiceCOMPANY wishes to engage agency for a/an ____-year term with a ____-day cancellationprovision by either party.3.7 Conflict of InterestProposing agencies are asked to certify that they have no conflicts of interest in servingCOMPANY.Principal competitors are: LIST COMPETITORS. Additional companies may also beconsidered competitors, and we ask that you email any questions on competitors if youhave them.3.8 Proposal Presentation PointsTo keep the presentations focused, we ask that you focus on how you are going to help usachieve the three priorities of our 2012 program, listed below:
  8. 8. 1. Priority #1 2. Priority #2 3. Priority #33.9 Reference AccountsThree client references should be provided at the time of your presentation,including: Current contact name, address, phone number and email. o Client Reference #1  Contact Name  Address  Phone Number  Email o Client Reference #2  Contact Name  Address  Phone Number  Email o Client Reference #3  Contact Name  Address  Phone Number  Email4. Agency InformationAgencies must submit the following information to be considered:  Corporate Overview – legal name; year of incorporation; number of employees; income statement if available.  Products & Services – description of all products & services supplied.
  9. 9.  Markets Served – description of geographic/industry markets & % of share.  Partners – list of current business partners and roles in ecosystem.  Customer References – provide references of customers in our industry.5. Estimated Budget & Resources RequiredAll Agencies must provide a breakdown of costs related to the services provided. Costsinclude, but are not limited to, fixed pricing & deliverables, billable hours (time & materialsbased pricing), travel expenses, etc. Agencies must agree to keep the quoted pricing intheir proposals for a minimum of 90 days after proposal submission.Finally, all proposals must include a project schedule & work breakdown structure, whichidentifies timelines, key milestones, project phases, or other project plan information.