Monetizing blogs effectively
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Monetizing blogs effectively



Monetizing blogs effectively.

Monetizing blogs effectively.



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Monetizing blogs effectively Monetizing blogs effectively Presentation Transcript

  • Blogging Superstars :How to monetize a blog effectively? Presenter Mohit Maheshwari
  • 1
    • Professional bloggers
    • First time bloggers
    • Part time bloggers
    • Non Bloggers
    • Others
    Lets size up the audience
  • 2 Bloggers are Superstars and…………… Superstars blog !!!!! Look who’s blogging…….
  • 2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 2 Superstars need to be paid well….. 3 Examples of Blogs making Money
  • 2 - $12-$15k per month
  • 2 = $40K –$80K per month
  • 2 MARIO ARMANDO LAVANDEIRA JR., better known as Perez Hilton
  • 2 = Sold To AOL for $25 million
  • 2
    • Direct
      • Sell advertising directly
      • Sell advertising via Search based ad networks – Google Ad sense
      • Sell your services/products
      • Affiliate Programs
      • Sponsorship
      • Become part of a Blog channel on an AD network
      • Donations
      • Merchandising
    • Indirect
      • Blog Consulting
      • Blog Guest Writing
      • Non-Blog Writing
      • Speaking engagements
    Some ways to Make Money From a Blog
  • 3
    • Sales talent is scarce , expensive and on the move
    • Advertiser Target market and domain identification needs market research
    • Too small to be significant and worth time of advertisers and media planners
    • Networking , credibility with advertisers , agencies important
    • Too many choices – Physical sales team, Multiple Ad networks, Affiliate networks
    Challenges in business development for independent bloggers
  • 4 The online challenge Enterprise publishers, media agencies and brand advertisers are facing two major challenges: Fragmentation and inventory limitations. Why small can be BIG in today’s Internet
  • 5 Why small can be BIG in today’s Internet
    • Fragmentation
      • With the rise in popularity of UGC and the increasing sophistication of internet usage, users are visiting more sites.
      • 5 years ago you could of reached 40% of the total online audience with just the top 5 websites.
      • Today the same top 5 websites will only reach an average
      • 15% of the total online audience
      • Publishers are losing market share, whilst media agencies
      • and advertisers are finding it harder to reach their audience
  • 6 Why small can be BIG in today’s Internet
      • Inventory Limitations
      • Online advertising budgets are growing internationally by @20 – 30% per annum
      • Established websites page views are only growing by 5 – 10% pa
      • Enterprise publishers have established media sales operations and great relationships with agencies and big brand advertisers.
      • Where publishers regularly ‘sell out’ of certain sections,
      • advertisers would buy more inventory, if it were available
      • Up until now publishers have faced the choice of either: Creating more very expensive content ‘in house’, buy competitors websites or be satisfied with the current level of advertising revenue.
  • 9 Revenue Generation Options
    • Appoint Site representation agency – CPM , Exclusive time based Slot buys , CPC
      • Exclusive , Semi Exclusive ventures
      • Extended / Outsourced sales force
      • Personal touch
      • Usually meets set targets
      • Great for regional publishers and with limited sales network
  • 10 Revenue Generation Options
    • Major Search engines and their content network – CPC Based:
      • Google Ad sense , Yahoo! Search Network ,MSN Ad Center
      • Widely used and almost a default option for web publishers
      • Many success stories have been built using Google Ad sense
      • Sometime does a poor job in monetizing premium blog content and web applications / services .
      • For Eg Premium blogs , websites get high revenue by consolidating together in an ad network and which does ad sales – Federated media , , Gawker media blogs
  • 11 Revenue Generation Options
    • Join Geography , Vertical specific Ad networks – CPM , CPC
      • Indian ad networks market is set to grow and time is right to consolidate fragmented Indian traffic.
      • New ad networks focusing on Verticals are coming up –
        • Travel ( a leading agency from India),
        • British Asian Audiences ( a leading dot com group from India)
        • Technology ( Tonic Tag)
      • Still early days in the ad network market in India
      • Right time to partner since more attention span by networks
      • Builds alternate revenue streams which can be forecasted over a period of time
  • 12 Choosing the right ad sales partner
    • Check experience and background of top management
    • Current advertisers and advertiser relationships in the marketplace
    • Business plan and model
    • Sales team and quality of business developers
    • Establish Trust
    • Long term relationship essential for success
  • 2 Indian bloggers need to come together and grad the advertising pie !! Blogger needs a Federated India 
  • 13 We are partnering with technology bloggers and websites in India Call / SMS : 9811334576 Email :