Everything You Need to Know About Google +1
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Everything You Need to Know About Google +1



In this informative session, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Google +1.

In this informative session, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Google +1.



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Everything You Need to Know About Google +1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Everything You Need to Know About Google +1
  • 2. Welcome David Mynatt - Host Web Solutions Consultant Dealerskins Aileen Ott - Facilitator Marketing Director Dealerskins
  • 3. Guest Speaker Ryan Pryor Director of Search & Analytics, Dealerskins
  • 4. Audience Participation – To reduce background noise, audience members have been muted. – We encourage your questions. – Use the Questions text box on the GoTo Webinar side panel.
  • 5. Housekeeping• All questions will be answered during webinar or offline• PowerPoint will be distributed after the webinar• Available anytime for additional information – Contact information will be posted at the end of the webinar
  • 6. An Intro to
  • 7. Overview• Quick Look: “Google +1” vs. “Google+”• Understanding the Google +1 World• Quick Look: Google “+1” vs. Facebook “Like”• Ok, so what do I DO with “Google +1”?• Watch out for “+1 Predators”
  • 8. “Google +1” vs. “Google+”
  • 9. “Google +1” vs. “Google+”Biggest Mistake Google’s Made in this whole “Plus” thing: Poor naming of Products! (what were they thinking?!)
  • 10. “Google +1” Audience Poll
  • 11. “Google +1” vs. “Google+” • Google +1 • Button displayed on the SERPs and now websites • Shows preference for your website / webpages • Google+ • Google’s new social network (Facebook rival) • Create friend / contact groupings – “circles” - and send messages to the “circles” of friends you choose • Start chat groups and watch “news feeds” • NOT for businesses…. Yet…
  • 12. “Google+” • More like FaceBook, really… Just look at that page layout… “Share” status updates (tweets ?)
  • 13. “Google+” Different than Facebook: • Designate friend “Circles” • Video streaming • Start chat “rooms”
  • 14. What is Google +1? Let’s figure this thing out…
  • 15. “Google +1” • Shows preference of your website (and pages) • +1 Button appears on SERPs and websites • Released for SERPs in early April • Released for websites on 6/1 • And now rolling toward mobile devices and YouTube, etc… although not there just yet. • Only appears on SERPs if you are logged into your Google account
  • 16. “Google +1” • Repeat: Only appears on SERPs if you’re logged into your Google account: Gmail, AdWords, Analytics, etc. • Easy to “+1” then, just click and confirm! • Note: Google designed this to be very easy
  • 17. “Google +1” • But WHY must you use your Google Account?! • The value of “+1” is entirely in the relationships it can show between you, your contacts, and your common interests (via search results)
  • 18. “Google +1” • This may eventually enable Google to increase the relevance of your site to your contacts when it appears in the search listings by: • Increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) for your Paid and Organic listings • Increasing trust, interest, and engagement of your potential customers
  • 19. “Google +1”
  • 20. “Google +1”Organic PPC changes @ click
  • 21. Google +1 Button SERPsHere’s what theSearch EngineResults Pages(SERPs)should startappearingover time…
  • 22. Google +1 Button WebsitePlace it next tospecific contentOr with othersocial buttons
  • 23. Google +1 Button Website“+1” ButtonShamelessPlug Alert !Check out theDealerskinsBlog!Dealerskinsblog.com
  • 24. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1
  • 25. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1• Similarities – Both show preference of something • Google = site; Facebook = anything – Both are attached to an individual person / profile• Differences (search or not) – Google +1 affects only the Google world (maybe) – Facebook “Likes” influence the Facebook world (well… maybe in the Bing world too)
  • 26. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1 • “The ‘Like’ button has allowed Facebook to spread its reach across the internet – but there’s a difference between simple site exposure and site ranking.” --Rimm-Kaufman Group Meaning: • Facebook promotes itself via others’ websites • Google promotes everything across itself and its other properties
  • 27. “Google +1” Audience Poll
  • 28. What Now…? • If you don’t have it on your site... Put it there! • Pretty quick and easy code • A few button styles available • Place it with any other social signal buttons • Is your site experience a good one? Make it better!
  • 29. What Now…?• Adding the Button • Different button sizes • Including counters… or not Find the code and button options here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/
  • 30. What Now…? • Don’t get carried away (yet)! • Not going to change the world this week  • Timothy Jordan, Google Developer, “Yes, +1’s may be a signal we use in ranking… and it would be among over 250 other signals we use in ranking.” • Not affecting actual ranking yet • Make sure you have Google Webmaster Tools setup on your site (Analytics)
  • 31. “+1” and “+” Sharks
  • 32. “+1” and “+” Sharks • Businesses offering to provide # of “+1’s” for a fee • Snake Oil !! • The same will happen soon with Google+ • Note: Google+ is currently NOT available to businesses • Similar to the companies that will provide you with # of FB “likes”
  • 33. “+1” and “+” Sharks • If you want to spend money on Reputation Management there are places for doing that… but this is NOT one of them • If you have questions about such “businesses” check with your site providers first!
  • 34. ? ? ? ? ? ? Questions ? ? ? ? ? ?34
  • 35. Contact InformationRyan Pryor Aileen OttDealerskins Dealerskins615-627-9767 615-627-9794ryan.pryor@dealerskins.com aileen.ott@dealerskins.comDavid MynattDealerskins713-494-5389david.mynatt@dealerskins.com