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Gt Intergage Seminar Presentation Dec 2011


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Google+ presentation on the recently launched Google+ Pages

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Gt Intergage Seminar Presentation Dec 2011

  1. 1. Welcome & Introduction • Gary Trudgett – Member of CSV – MM on demand – Intergage’s Google+ & LinkedIn expert • Social media tools • Browser of Choice – Chrome
  2. 2. A questionIs Google+ important toyour online marketingstrategy?
  3. 3. Statistic One“….since the launch of Google+ Pagesfor Business, Brand and Places on the7th November 2011, 61% of the top 100brands worldwide created a Google+Page within 10 days" (source e-marketer)
  4. 4. Statistic Two
  5. 5. +1 Button Public Web recommendations  See Intergage blog post for examples & how to guide
  6. 6. + 1 Button
  7. 7. Google Search…..
  8. 8. 10 Quick Facts About G+ Pages
  9. 9. Creating a Google+ Page
  10. 10. Google+ Page’s
  11. 11. Hints & Tips• Local Business or Place • Google will compare to Google places for location• Page Circles • Default ‘Following, Customers, VIPs, Team Members’
  12. 12. Google+ Direct Connect• Allows visitors to find your Google+ page and add it to their Circles, directly from Google search results.• Google+ badge connected to your website
  13. 13. Live Example
  14. 14. Summary, Conclusions & Next StepsGOOGLE+
  15. 15. Next Steps1. Create a G+ profile & G+ page – Single administrator (currently) – Verification & sub-pages2. Create engaging content – +1 , share’s & comments3. Encourage & gain follower’s4. Enable share buttons on your website5. Follow the Intergage blog for G+ updates
  16. 16. Statements & Missions• Google+ is not to kill Facebook, but to make it more open!• Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected (• Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (
  17. 17. Targeting Facebook advertising targets an audience Google targets a need  Different but relevant What am I Who are What I Who am interested my need? I? in? friends? NEED IDENTITY INTEREST NETWORK PERFECT TARGETING!
  18. 18. Ask the question again???Is Google+ important toyour online marketingstrategy?Answer: only if searchis important to you!!
  19. 19. Any questions?
  20. 20. Google+ Blog Posts• Google+1 button helping people discover relevant content• Goggle+ what is it and do I need it?• Google+ latest updates & developments• Google+ launched for business & brands
  21. 21. Contact Details @garytrudgett @intergage Gary Trudgett Intergage Ltd Gary Trudgett Intergage