Character conflicts throughout text : Jordan Stewart


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Mrs.Dawson ELA 6th Period Project.

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Character conflicts throughout text : Jordan Stewart

  1. 1. Character Conflicts Throughout Text By: Stewart, Jordan October 17, 2012 Language Arts/6th
  2. 2. The Giver: Jonaso In the book Giver, Jonas adversity is that he was not called when it was his turn to received his job in the community.o This information was told in chapters 7-8 (8th chapter told how he persevered. In this a picture where Jonas faced the adversity of the 12th ceremony.
  3. 3. The Giver: Jonaso Jonas overcomes his adversity by getting his career selected and he becomes the new receiver.o This information was mainly told in chapter 8.
  4. 4. Zebra: Adam “Zebra”o In this story the main character name Zebra, Zebras adversity is that cannot run anymore because he was hit by a car.o Zebra still has a swollen arm from the crash and that has never healed a bit.o Zebra one day sees a strange man holding his arm in a trash bag. (has no arm)
  5. 5. Zebra: Adam “Zebra”o Zebra perseveres when he is persuaded to join the art club at his school.o In the text between lines 110- 330 is many parts were Mr. John Wilson tried to convince Adam to take art class.
  6. 6. It’s Not About the Bike : LanceArmstrongo In this short story, Lance Armstrong goes through the adversity of cancer.o Lance Armstrong was diagnosis with cancer.o Within the first paragraph, this information was told about Lance being diagnosis.
  7. 7. It’s Not About The Bike: LanceArmstrong  Lance Armstrong receives proper treatment and get a cancer diagnosis for his cancer.  Lance Armstrong later goes on to win Tour de France , 7 times.
  8. 8.  All three of this characters deal with there adversity in different ways, some got a new talent,Reflections for it and some faced up to it. some got treatment In the Giver, Jonas faced his adversity because it was the only way he could overcome it. In the short story about Lance Armstrong, he received treatment for his adversity which help him in the future a lot. The character Adam in the short story “Zebra” just simply got a new hobby or talent, which open his true potential.
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