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Deconstructing delight

Deconstructing delight






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    Deconstructing delight Deconstructing delight Presentation Transcript

    • Deconstructing DelightPleasure, Flow,& Meaning
    • Marketing QA tester Call center UX designer DevelopmentProduct manager
    • Usable = = noDelightful yes Capital One
    • Delight Flow Meaning Pleasure
    • USAToday weather
    • Swackett.com
    • Swackett.com
    • iPhone versionof Swackett
    • Houdini’sbirthday
    • Anniversary ofthe Eiffel Tower
    • Matt Groening’sbirthday
    • Swackettextendedforecast
    • Pleasure • Shows consideration • Anticipates users’ needs • Responsive to context • Users feel it • Much can come through visual design
    • Sharing Aware of user TreatsBits of thoughtfulness
    • Extra goodness TripIt.comAnticipates needs
    • Virgin America
    • Virgin Americain-flightentertainmentsystem
    • Virgin Americasafety video
    • If I were to take care of thiscustomer, how would I do it?
    • Evidence of Pleasure✤ Smiling✤ Exclamations, “Nice!” or “Got it!”✤ Behaving with infatuation
    • Cautions of Pleasure Habituation decrease in response after repeated exposure Distraction dividing attention Disruption interrupting the user’s activity Don’t force it
    • PleasureAnticipates needs and wantsProduces positive affectUses visual design and voice
    • word processor
    • ...sit down and startmaking the clackity noise.If I make the clackity noiselong enough every day,the “writing” seems to takecare of itself. -- Merlin Mann
    • Ommwriter
    • Flow • Immersive • Empowering • Behavioral, automatic • Plays on mastery and control
    • Flow • Subtle motivation cues • Psychological cues • Language (or lack of) • Social cues • Reinforcement
    • Conversation Quora.com
    • Tags feed curiosity Related Question questions support serendipity Answers Outlets demonstrate knowledge People
    • 36Quora.com Smooth, frictionless Supports serendipity Tangents are useful, meaningful Feeds curiosity Users demonstrate knowledge
    • Heft. Handling. Fit for purpose.
    • Flow by design✤ Affordances and feedback are clear, obvious, invisible✤ IA matches users’ mental models✤ Perception of responsiveness✤ Clutter is minimized✤ Appropriate for context✤ Benefit to user is clear
    • Evidence of Flow✤ Gratification✤ Feeling productive✤ Focused concentration✤ Energized✤ Empowered✤ Stop talking✤ Key strengths tapped
    • Cautions of Flow Could translate as either engagement or frustration Analytics data won’t reveal this User control is key Tangents must be useful acts of autonomy
    • Assessing flowWhen you are using it, do you feel a greaterawareness?How much does it increase your ability toaccomplish new things?How much does it expand your owncapabilities?How much do you feel you have a largerperspective because of using it?
    • FlowImmersiveFrictionless, essentialfunctionalityUses subtlety in design
    • Zipcar.comless wastesaving moneygood for Earth
    • Zipcar.comdoing good
    • Zipcar.comhaving funstrengtheningcommunity
    • 46Zipcar.com
    • Zipcar.comattachmentresponsibilityaccountability
    • Meaning • Flourish through purpose • Connectedness • Making a difference • Belonging • Virtuousness
    • Meaning • Plan the emotional effects • Plan the behavioral effects • Clarity, simplicity, funneling, modeling
    • Wardrobe Refashion
    • Culture of generosity After: ShortsBefore: Gauchos
    • 52Kiva.org
    • Authenticity Effort confirmed Values supported
    • Meaning by design✤ Effort is encouraged and confirmed✤ Involvement subtly rewarded through support and values✤ Site and interactions feel secure and safe✤ Branding is authentic, built in to business model
    • Evidence of Meaning✤ Connected, yet selfless✤ Virtuous and altruistic✤ Compassion and empathy✤ Expansiveness, openness✤ Devoted, engaged
    • Cautions in meaning Not just a tagline: must be authentic Must come from the business model, out Can’t be layered on
    • Meaning =EngagementGallup CustomerEngagementassessment CE11
    • Meaningdesign with purpose,from mission to fulfillment,not just touch points,but through culture
    • MeaningMust be genuine, from themission, outPurpose comes through on allchannelsResults in belonging,generosity
    • DelightPleasure Flow Meaning
    • Where does your design fit into abeautiful day?
    • Where to learn more about thepsychology of happiness TED Talks: The psychology of happiness - Martin Seligman TED Talks: Play is more than fun - Stuart Brown TED Talks : Happy design - Stefan Sagmeister Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things, by Donald Norman Happiness: A History, by Darrin M. McMahon Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki
    • Where to learn more about thepsychology of happiness Anything written by all of these people: Aaron Walter Stephen Anderson Nathan Shedroff Bill Scott Jane McGonigal Clay Shirky
    • 64Where to learn more Dana’s blog: http:// usabilitytestinghowto.blogspot.com/ Download templates, examples, and links to other resources from www.wiley.com/go/usabilitytesting
    • ThankYou.Dana Chisnelldana@usabilityworks.netwww.usabilityworks.net@danachis