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Deconstructing delight

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Deconstructing delight

  1. Deconstructing Delight Pleasure, Flow, & Meaning
  2. Marketing QA tester Call center UX designer Development Product manager
  4. Usable = = no Delightful yes Capital One
  5. Delight Flow Meaning Pleasure
  6. USAToday weather
  9. iPhone version of Swackett
  10. Houdini’s birthday
  11. Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower
  12. Matt Groening’s birthday
  13. Swackett extended forecast
  14. Pleasure • Shows consideration • Anticipates users’ needs • Responsive to context • Users feel it • Much can come through visual design
  15. Sharing Aware of user Treats Bits of thoughtfulness
  16. Extra goodness Anticipates needs
  17. Virgin America
  18. Virgin America in-flight entertainment system
  19. Virgin America safety video
  20. If I were to take care of this customer, how would I do it?
  21. Evidence of Pleasure ✤ Smiling ✤ Exclamations, “Nice!” or “Got it!” ✤ Behaving with infatuation
  22. Cautions of Pleasure Habituation decrease in response after repeated exposure Distraction dividing attention Disruption interrupting the user’s activity Don’t force it
  23. Pleasure Anticipates needs and wants Produces positive affect Uses visual design and voice
  24. word processor
  25. ...sit down and start making the clackity noise. If I make the clackity noise long enough every day, the “writing” seems to take care of itself. -- Merlin Mann
  26. Ommwriter
  27. Flow • Immersive • Empowering • Behavioral, automatic • Plays on mastery and control
  28. Flow • Subtle motivation cues • Psychological cues • Language (or lack of) • Social cues • Reinforcement
  29. Conversation
  30. Tags feed curiosity Related Question questions support serendipity Answers Outlets demonstrate knowledge People
  31. 36 Smooth, frictionless Supports serendipity Tangents are useful, meaningful Feeds curiosity Users demonstrate knowledge
  32. Heft. Handling. Fit for purpose.
  33. Flow by design ✤ Affordances and feedback are clear, obvious, invisible ✤ IA matches users’ mental models ✤ Perception of responsiveness ✤ Clutter is minimized ✤ Appropriate for context ✤ Benefit to user is clear
  34. Evidence of Flow ✤ Gratification ✤ Feeling productive ✤ Focused concentration ✤ Energized ✤ Empowered ✤ Stop talking ✤ Key strengths tapped
  35. Cautions of Flow Could translate as either engagement or frustration Analytics data won’t reveal this User control is key Tangents must be useful acts of autonomy
  36. Assessing flow When you are using it, do you feel a greater awareness? How much does it increase your ability to accomplish new things? How much does it expand your own capabilities? How much do you feel you have a larger perspective because of using it?
  37. Flow Immersive Frictionless, essential functionality Uses subtlety in design
  38. less waste saving money good for Earth
  39. doing good
  40. having fun strengthening community
  41. 46
  42. attachment responsibility accountability
  43. Meaning • Flourish through purpose • Connectedness • Making a difference • Belonging • Virtuousness
  44. Meaning • Plan the emotional effects • Plan the behavioral effects • Clarity, simplicity, funneling, modeling
  45. Wardrobe Refashion
  46. Culture of generosity After: Shorts Before: Gauchos
  47. 52
  48. Authenticity Effort confirmed Values supported
  49. Meaning by design ✤ Effort is encouraged and confirmed ✤ Involvement subtly rewarded through support and values ✤ Site and interactions feel secure and safe ✤ Branding is authentic, built in to business model
  50. Evidence of Meaning ✤ Connected, yet selfless ✤ Virtuous and altruistic ✤ Compassion and empathy ✤ Expansiveness, openness ✤ Devoted, engaged
  51. Cautions in meaning Not just a tagline: must be authentic Must come from the business model, out Can’t be layered on
  52. Meaning = Engagement Gallup Customer Engagement assessment CE11
  53. Meaning design with purpose, from mission to fulfillment, not just touch points, but through culture
  54. Meaning Must be genuine, from the mission, out Purpose comes through on all channels Results in belonging, generosity
  55. Delight Pleasure Flow Meaning
  56. Where does your design fit into a beautiful day?
  57. Where to learn more about the psychology of happiness TED Talks: The psychology of happiness - Martin Seligman TED Talks: Play is more than fun - Stuart Brown TED Talks : Happy design - Stefan Sagmeister Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things, by Donald Norman Happiness: A History, by Darrin M. McMahon Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaki
  58. Where to learn more about the psychology of happiness Anything written by all of these people: Aaron Walter Stephen Anderson Nathan Shedroff Bill Scott Jane McGonigal Clay Shirky
  59. 64 Where to learn more Dana’s blog: http:// Download templates, examples, and links to other resources from
  60. Thank You. Dana Chisnell @danachis