Wiseman Belknap Using Web 2.0 Research Tools in ESL Classes


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Using Web 2.0 in ESL Classroom TESOL 2012

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Wiseman Belknap Using Web 2.0 Research Tools in ESL Classes

  1. 1. Cynthia S. Wiseman Asst. Prof., BMCC, CUNYJoshua P. Belknap, Director, BMCC ESL Lab
  2. 2. Features of Web 2.0•Speed• Web-based software and applications• Platform-based services• User generated content• Rich media content• Complex social interactions
  3. 3. How is Web 2.0 valuable in the classroom?•Collaboration•Socialization•Authenticity•Creativity•Sharing
  4. 4.  Qrafter Penzu Listen & Write Forvo Wordle Wallwisher 280 Slides Comic Life Wikispaces Xanga
  5. 5. Generate & Scan Generator & Qrafter Barcodes, Inc. Generator http://www.barcodesinc.c om/generator/qr/ Qrafter (iTunes) http://itunes.apple.com/u s/app/qrafter-qr-code- reader- generator/id416098700? mt=8
  6. 6. PenzuSimple online tool for creating apersonal journal http://penzu.com/Entries are automaticallydatedEasy editing: Ss can addtitles and text as well asimagesRegistration required tosave entries requiring onlyemail address.Sharing by email and/orprinted.
  7. 7. How to use Penzu with students Online presentation Listening and viewing tasks Student video projects (pro) Student-created materials
  8. 8. Listen and WriteListening & dictation tool. http://www.listenCreate your own -and-write.com/dictation.Ready-made dictationexercises in a number oflanguages.Track students progressCreate homework tasks.Competitions: keep aclass scoreboard to showwhich students are doingbest.
  9. 9. How to use it with studentsSet listening for homeworkLet students select the listeningCreate your own activities, e.g., yourown dictation activities
  10. 10. Forvo•A multilingual user-generatedpronunciation dictionary.•Search for the pronunciation of http://forvo.com/words•A range of languages.•Add words and record pronunciation•Add words to find pronunciation forand wait for someone to record theword.•Additional information about thenationality, ethnicity, geographicalorigin of the speaker•Multiple pronunciations of words tocompare different accents.•Input from such a range of sources.
  11. 11. How to use this with studentsPronunciation researchRequest pronunciationsDemonstrate different accents
  12. 12. Wordle•Create colorful graphicrepresentations of texts based http://www.wordle.non word occurrence from any et/given text.•Feed in the text either bycopy and paste or byspecifying a URL•Analyze text and creates acolorful representation withmore frequently occurringwords appearing much largerthan less frequent words.•Adjust colors and designs tosuit your taste.
  13. 13. How to use this with studentsReview/Summarize/Retell textPredictionDialogue reconstructionShort poems / HaikuText comparisonPersonal informationTopic research tasksLearner training
  14. 14. Wallwisher•a virtual sticky notice-board, http://www.wallwisher.com/ wall/teachersweb20•post stickies with textimages, links to websitesand even videos.•simple to use•set access rights•easy to create a wall•collaboration verysimple and quick too.
  15. 15. How to use this with studentsVideo tasks Treasure huntTheme based walls Fan wallsShare resource links Image-based tasksCreate debate Grammar wallsWishing walls
  16. 16. Quia•Create web-based http://www.quia.com/webinteractive quizzes &games, e.g., concentration•Create multiple-choicequizzes•Online grade book•Track students results
  17. 17. 280 SlidesA web-basedpresentation tool http://280slides.com/Editor/Create presentationswith a series of slidesEmbed rich web-basedmedia into theDeliver presentationsonline, embed them intoblogs or websites ordownload them to acomputer hard driveintegrate media intoonline presentationsw/out downloading it
  18. 18. How to use this with studentsOnline presentationListening and viewing tasksStudent video projectsStudents created materials
  19. 19.  www.wikispaces.com Wiki Collaborative projects Repository of materials Discussion boards Announcements
  20. 20. Q&A