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Fa12 w200-w3-part5


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Fa12 w200-w3-part5

  1. 1. Teacher Websites Week 3
  2. 2. WEBSITES• A website or web site is the same thing as a web page. o True or False o Terms are often used interchangeably  Website is actually a collection of webpages• In W200, one of the big projects is creating a teacher website.• As a teacher, why do you need a website? Let’s see why…
  3. 3. Students, teachers, administrators and parents are increasinglyrecognizing the value of social learning in both their personal andprofessional lives. (Source:
  4. 4. WHAT DO THEY(e.g., admin, principals, students) WANT?
  5. 5. IS MAKING A TEACHER WEBSITE WORTH THE TIME? • School (and class) information is shared more effectively and efficiently with parents. • Helps to extend the learning beyond the school… • Increases parental engagement in the learning process and student achievement • COMMUNICATION • ACCESSIBILITY • PARTICIPATION
  6. 6. VARIOUS COMPONENTS OF A TEACHER WEBSITE Design Content Site infoMenu
  7. 7. VARIOUS COMPONENTS OF A TEACHER WEBSITEDESIGN: Make your own brand as a professional teacher. • Consistency of design elements • Fonts, colors, decoration themes, etc. • Contrast to distinguish between foreground and background elements. • Proximity & Alignment of relevant materials • Adding space, indentation… • Spacing • Some space helps viewers to read and focus on the content.
  8. 8. Compare…(& Think about the goals of teacher website: to communicate, share... )Consistency Proximity & Alignment pages/teacher-sites.php SpacingContrast*Explore other teacher websites at Most importantly… NO BROKEN LINKS!!!
  9. 9. How To Vote via TextingTIPS 1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20) 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
  10. 10. How To Vote via PollEv.comCapitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
  11. 11. How To Vote via TwitterTIPS 1. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do 2. Since @poll is the first word, your followers will not receive this tweet
  12. 12. Embedded polls only work in PowerPoint for Windows This object is the polls placeholder To view the poll live, enter slideshow mode by pressing F5