The First 6 Critical Partners for Your Business

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Learn the people you need to build your business so that you have the best opportunity for success.

Learn the people you need to build your business so that you have the best opportunity for success.

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  • 1. Your First Critical PartnersThe Key People You Need For Success
  • 2. 1. Significant Other
  • 3. First, most valuable,most influential partner in biz
  • 4. S.O. can make orbreak your startup
  • 5. Startup is a babyyou’re raising together
  • 6. Biz should be ashared compelling visionyou have for your lives
  • 7. Before you start,get away together
  • 8. 2. Accountant
  • 9. Help with managing cashflowand paying taxes
  • 10. Cash is oxygen for biz
  • 11. Too many fall or fail here
  • 12. A financial partner helpsmanage this essential aspect
  • 13. Questions to Ask- What will I need to do or plan for this year? (Taxes, etc)- What financial software do you use or recommend?- Where do you bank and why?- What services do you typically provide businesses?- Do you understand my business?- Do you have clients doing similar things to what I’m doing?- What advice & tips do you have for me to ensure maximum success?
  • 14. 3. Attorney
  • 15. First, to setup your legalbusiness entity
  • 16. Second, to have someone tocall when an issue comes up
  • 17. 4. Team
  • 18. Whoever you needto build & ship
  • 19. The Team Could Be ...- Volunteer Team Members- Paid Team Members- Financial Partners- Equity Partners- Vendors / Suppliers- Collaborators / Joint Venture Partners- Consultants / Contractors
  • 20. 5. Mentors
  • 21. Outside counselExperienced truth tellerNot compensatedNot a team member or partner
  • 22. 6. Customers
  • 23. Everything in a startupis an experiment to test
  • 24. The ultimate test isif someone will giveyou $$$ for it
  • 25. Never ever forget:Customers are key partnersin your entrepreneurial dream