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The Uniquely You Course


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Leader.Team - lean into your strengths and uniqueness as a leader

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The Uniquely You Course

  1. 1. It’s all about YOU & leaning into you & your uniqueness
  2. 2. If you know who you really are, your strengths, what you value … you can lead from them naturally, authentically, powerfully.
  3. 3. –Oscar Wilde “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”
  4. 4. More effective than Copy and Paste Leadership
  5. 5. On Self-Awareness • One of the core components of emotional intelligence and essential for effective leadership • Underutilized & neglected from my perspective • Leveraging your natural strengths, experiences and values to develop your authentic leadership style & approach • Find sidekicks, team members who compliment you & your strengths • More meaningful, more satisfied, more engaged, more effective … and it’s just EASIER • Finally … better communication & collaboration with others
  6. 6. I Found 3 Key Tools to Help Me
  7. 7. Caveats & Disclaimers • There is only ONE of you • Not a measure or grade • Focused on Strengths, not Weaknesses • These are just best & most helpful discovery tools that have helped me get started and grow as a leader to be more uniquely me • There are hundreds of personality & strengths assessments, BUT these are the BEST ones I’ve found & used prolifically
  8. 8. StrengthsFinder • Great place to start, based on Gallup Research • Talent (natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving) X Investment (time spent practicing, developing your skills and building knowledge base) = Strength (ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance) • Out of 34 strengths you get your Top 5 - What I’m naturally really really good at • Helpful ideas for leveraging your strengths & others (i.e. find an Activator partner)
  9. 9. VIA Character Strengths • 24 Character Strengths - Virtues of You • “… the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave and are the keys to you being your best self.” • Character Strengths have colored in how I lead • Helped me draw out some Core Values as a leader • Exercises for more meaning but also your approach and style • New Book Out: The Power of Character Strengths
  10. 10. 5 Languages of Appreciation • Appreciation, recognition and praise are critical for engaged team members AND for your own motivation • Based on the 5 Love Languages (where I originally started at and still use) • Learn how you give and receive appreciation (love)
  11. 11. I want to help you apply them to your leadership style
  12. 12. Uniquely You New Guided Course w/ Personalized Feedback
  13. 13. How It’ll Work • Take each assessment one at a time and not in one sitting. Spread it out a couple of days or even weeks. • Read your report, reflect and take notes. • Answer the questions I give you & post your answers to private Member area. • Let it simmer. Then go to the next one.
  14. 14. How It’ll Work • For each assessment, I’ll have a short video to introduce the tool and share personal experiences & examples with it. • Once you’ve completed all the assessments, posted your results, done the assignments … we’ll schedule a 30- minute call to discuss, provide feedback.
  15. 15. Have questions? Email me at Ready to go? Signup at https://Leader.Team