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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship: How I Cope 7 Years In


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Entrepreneurship is one of the toughest, most lonely jobs ever. I share the ways I seek to maintain good mental health over the last 7+ years. #WCDENVER

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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship: How I Cope 7 Years In

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship & My Mental Health: How I Cope 7 Years In Cory J. Miller iThemes @corymiller303
  2. 2. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Anger, Stress, Frustration, Jealousy, Competition, Conflict, Loss, Insecurity, Criticism, Failure, Fear, Breakups, Divorce, Loss, Family, Problems, Loneliness, Depression, Money Problems, Burnout
  3. 3. @corymiller303#WCDENVER The toughest, often loneliest job
  4. 4. @corymiller303#WCDENVER 7 Beliefs That Change(d) My Life aka Things I Say To Myself, Over and Over and Over
  5. 5. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “Sometimes I need help & that’s OK.” BELIEF #1
  6. 6. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Disclaimer: I’m not a counselor
  7. 7. @corymiller303#WCDENVER My counselor’s name is Kyle 5 Years ~4 times a Year
  8. 8. @corymiller303#WCDENVER • Dump my garbage on someone 
 I don’t see at Thanksgiving • Talk/work through tough situations privately • Get outside expert opinions & perspectives on relationships • Regular mental health checkup
  9. 9. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “I’m not alone.” BELIEF #2
  10. 10. @corymiller303#WCDENVER I'm not the only one dealing with these issues or feelings
  11. 11. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Same problems, different names
  12. 12. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Find a Like-Minded Peer Group on Similar Journey to Walk With
  13. 13. @corymiller303#WCDENVER By the way, YOU’RE NOT ALONE EITHER!
  14. 14. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “My health & happiness comes first.” BELIEF #3
  15. 15. @corymiller303#WCDENVER If I’m miserable, everybody else will be too
  16. 16. @corymiller303#WCDENVER What 8 months of misery taught me
  17. 17. @corymiller303#WCDENVER If you’re not happy, change it.
  18. 18. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “Ultimately, I’m only responsible for my own happiness.” BELIEF #4
  19. 19. @corymiller303#WCDENVER YOUR happiness is not MY job
  20. 20. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Clear boundaries = More Happiness I decide what I will & won’t allow in my life & biz
  21. 21. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor & “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud
  22. 22. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “The only thing I can truly control is myself.” BELIEF #5
  23. 23. @corymiller303#WCDENVER … my actions, my reactions, my thoughts, my feelings
  24. 24. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Positive & productive vs. negative & pessimistic
  25. 25. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Anger and frustration come from unmet expectations
  26. 26. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “My worth isn’t measured in dollar signs.” BELIEF #6
  27. 27. @corymiller303#WCDENVER Likes, Follows, Awards, Cars, Company Size, House, etc.
  28. 28. @corymiller303#WCDENVER I refuse to play puerile games
  29. 29. @corymiller303#WCDENVER I value my life by the people I love & who love me & the lives I impact for good
  30. 30. @corymiller303#WCDENVER “I can’t WON’T do this by myself, ever again.” BELIEF #7
  31. 31. @corymiller303#WCDENVER My pride put me in 6 months of solitary confinement
  32. 32. @corymiller303#WCDENVER I need people. You need people. We need people.
  33. 33. @corymiller303#WCDENVER The people who make the difference for me
  34. 34. @corymiller303#WCDENVER 1. It’s OK to ask for help
 2. You’re not alone
 3. Your health & happiness comes first
 4. Control only the things you can control
 5. Other’s happiness is not your responsibility
 6. Your worth shouldn’t be measured in things
 7. Don’t try to do this alone
  35. 35. Thank you! @corymiller303 FINDING A COUNSELOR Ask your physician for a referral Ask trusted friends/family Contact Health Insurance 1-800-NEW-LIFE