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The Click Publish Moment - WordCamp DFW Keynote


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How to click publish on your dreams, ideas, work, projects, using your time, talent and treasure to make a difference in the world.

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The Click Publish Moment - WordCamp DFW Keynote

  1. 1. The Click Publish Moment Releasing Your Work Into the World by Cory J. Miller
  2. 2. “The tragedy of life is what dies within a man while he lives.” ! —Albert Schweitzer #WCDFW @corymiller303
  3. 3. What Click Publish means #WCDFW @corymiller303
  4. 4. Big BOLD steps to offer something of value, from yourself, to the world #WCDFW @corymiller303
  5. 5. Three Click Publish moments that changed my life and others #WCDFW @corymiller303
  6. 6. June 2006 I clicked Publish #WCDFW @corymiller303
  7. 7. I also wore pleated khakis
  8. 8. February 2007 Released my first theme #WCDFW @corymiller303
  9. 9. RockinBlue Theme I really liked the color blue and the word “rockin”
  10. 10. January 2008 Started iThemes #WCDFW @corymiller303
  11. 11. “I’ve decided that this [is] the course of action I’d like to go in, now all I need is a name.” #WCDFW @corymiller303
  12. 12. We know it as WordPress
  13. 13. You have a gift to share #WCDFW @corymiller303
  14. 14. A dream, a vision, an idea, a solution, a cure, a remedy #WCDFW @corymiller303
  15. 15. Time, Talent, Treasure Art, music, design, code, writing, teaching, speaking, experiences, expertise, energy, effort #WCDFW @corymiller303
  16. 16. The Problem Most are reluctant to share it with the world #WCDFW @corymiller303
  17. 17. Imagine if your hero hadn’t shipped #WCDFW @corymiller303
  18. 18. Two biggest reasons we don’t Click Publish #WCDFW @corymiller303
  19. 19. FEAR #WCDFW @corymiller303
  20. 20. I’m not good enough. I don’t have ________. I haven’t done ________. What will ________ say? What if ________ happens? #WCDFW @corymiller303
  21. 21. BTW, if you talked to me like you talk to yourself, we wouldn’t be friends. #WCDFW @corymiller303
  22. 22. Fear of Failure Fear of Criticism Fear of Embarrassment Fear of Loss Fear of Mistakes Fear of Unknown Fear of Not Being Good Enough Fear of Not Knowing Enough Fear of Not Being Qualified Fear of Success #WCDFW @corymiller303
  23. 23. My biggest fear is REGRET #WCDFW @corymiller303
  24. 24. There are no refunds in this life #WCDFW @corymiller303
  25. 25. Try and fail and be criticized, then never try and live with regret #WCDFW @corymiller303
  26. 26. If you don’t try, you guarantee failure #WCDFW @corymiller303
  27. 27. I say, Ship and See #WCDFW @corymiller303
  28. 28. "Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo." ! —Jon Sinclair #WCDFW @corymiller303
  29. 29. It becomes a tattoo if you don’t learn, grow, improve & move on #WCDFW @corymiller303
  30. 30. And yes, vampires and trolls are real #WCDFW @corymiller303
  31. 31. Good work will always be opposition, conflict #WCDFW @corymiller303
  32. 32. Test the sugar & sunshine by them #WCDFW @corymiller303
  33. 33. Just don’t let them smother your dream #WCDFW @corymiller303
  34. 34. “They don't erect statues to critics.” ! —Zig Ziglar #WCDFW @corymiller303
  35. 35. “Do you love your idea? Does it feel right on instinct? Are you willing to bleed for it?” ! —Steven Pressfield #WCDFW @corymiller303
  36. 36. PERFECTIONISM #WCDFW @corymiller303
  37. 37. Perfectionism is EVIL #WCDFW @corymiller303
  38. 38. Masquerades as “excellence” and “quality” #WCDFW @corymiller303
  39. 39. Traps, suffocates, stifles, distorts, distracts, deceives and ruins #WCDFW @corymiller303
  40. 40. Perfectionism is a THIEF, robbing the world of the good your work will bring #WCDFW @corymiller303
  41. 41. Perfectionism is also an EXCUSE #WCDFW @corymiller303
  42. 42. It’s a PLAQUE for designers, developers, writers, artists #WCDFW @corymiller303
  43. 43. Finished work that sits on a shelf is simply a narcissistic art sculpture #WCDFW @corymiller303
  44. 44. Roll it out into the light of day #WCDFW @corymiller303
  45. 45. Your first release is NEVER your best OR final #WCDFW @corymiller303
  46. 46. Do the work. Finish the work. Ship the work. Improve the work. (Rinse & Repeat) #WCDFW @corymiller303
  47. 47. Ship a Version 1, but ship something #WCDFW @corymiller303
  48. 48. Your good is someone else’s awesome #WCDFW @corymiller303
  49. 49. Allow the world an opinion #WCDFW @corymiller303
  50. 50. To say: “Your work changed my life.” #WCDFW @corymiller303
  51. 51. So … what do you need to Click Publish on today? #WCDFW @corymiller303
  52. 52. What can you offer the world of your time, talent, treasure? #WCDFW @corymiller303
  53. 53. What are you holding back? #WCDFW @corymiller303
  54. 54. “Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them!” ! ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. #WCDFW @corymiller303
  55. 55. Ship. Launch. Release. #WCDFW @corymiller303
  56. 56. “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” #WCDFW @corymiller303
  57. 57. Take ONE big, bold step off the sidelines and into the arena #WCDFW @corymiller303
  58. 58. Click Publish #WCDFW @corymiller303
  59. 59. Thanks. #WCDFW @corymiller303