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Glen maberly symposium presentation

  1. 1. 2nd ILSI-CHIP Symposium Dec 7-8th 2011 Community Health and Wellbeing Through Multi-Sectoral PartnershipsHealth Reform Prevention is Everyone’s Business Plenary 4: Building a Healthy Workforce Committed to Prevention What are the Core Competencies for Prevention in a Health Workforce? Professor Glen F. Maberly, Director, CHIP
  2. 2. Hippocrates A physician is skilled in treating andcertainly not harming their patients – a master physician is skilled in treatingwhole populations – translated annotation
  3. 3. Moving from Clinical Medicine to Public Health PractitionerPatient becomes PopulationFamily & social history becomes Cultural, Socio- economic and Political environmentMedical History/Assessment becomes Epidemiology profile & activities of potential partnersDiagnosis/Problem List becomes Burden of DiseaseManagement becomes– Multi-sector interventionsFollow-up - Evaluation
  4. 4. Components of Community Health and Wellbeing Programs BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE Advocacy/ Politics Communication/ Media Education/Marketing MANAGEMENT Human Resources Training/Skills Information MULTI SECTOR INTERVENTION Networks Councils/Planning/Design/ ASSESSMENT Financial Resources ServicesBaseline and follow-up Survey Other Resources Food production & SupplySituation AssessmentInspection and Enforcement Schools/EducationProgram Monitoring Government InstitutionsEvaluation Recreation/Sports Transport Social Services
  5. 5. Skills for Modern Health Worker Basic skills set Enhanced skill set Strong/ up-to-date medical  Innovation and knowledge and experience entrepreneurial Specialised procedural,  Finance and business diagnostic and other  Partnering technical  Advocacy, education & Strong communication skills marketing with patients, carers, staff,  Epidemiology, colleagues monitoring & evaluation eHealth savvy if you don’t have it rent it
  6. 6. Commonwealth / State Health ReformCOAG has agreed to work in partnership on National Health Reform with the followinginitiatives that have opportunity to strengthen investments in prevention.National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health The Australian National Preventive Health Agency is committed to conducting a national audit of our current workforce and developing a new strategy to strengthen it.The NSW Government committed to strengthening preventative health initiatives Minister’s PresentationLocal Hospital Network To have a prevention roleMedicare Local To have a population focus and a prevention roleNational Aged Care System, including Home and Community Care (HACC) New initiatives for District Programs for Aged Care and Healthcare to support healthy aging (Dec 23)Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) Information systems to support coordinated care and health coachingWorkforce Development  Training more GPs and medical specialists, and better supporting nurses and allied health professionals Let’s harness these reforms to also build the prevention workforceFor more Info:
  7. 7. Public-Private-Civic Partnership Prevention is everyone‘s business Sharing Culture – bring your partnership skills to the table Share the Vision - everyone can see and share the big picture Satisfy Needs – “what’s in it for me” recognised for each partner Specialise Contribution – each party brings recognised unique value Streamline – change what you do a little to benefit the whole Shared Risk and Reward - there is enough sunshine for everyone Stay optimistic – many reasons to say no, stay focused on the “why not”