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2016 April Announcements


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2016 April Announcements

Published in: Spiritual
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2016 April Announcements

  1. 1. Friday April 15 at 7:00 PM Blackheath United Church “CHARIOTSOFFIRE” TO “THELASTRACE” AREVIEWofERICLIDDELL’SLIFEandCONNECTIONTO BLACKHEATHUNITEDCHURCH • In 1908 Blackheath Chalmers Presbyterian, now Blackheath United, sponsored Agnes Hall of Blackheath as a missionary to China. She married Hugh MacKenzie in China. He was at that time in charge of Finance of the Presbyterian Church in China. • The two of them served the United Church of Canada until 1943. • The eldest of their 7 children, Florence, a nurse, married Eric Liddell. • Eric Liddell was the Olympic gold and bronze medalist for Scotland in • 1924 and portrayed in the movie “Chariots of Fire”. His gold medal was a record time which stood for many years. • After the Olympics he went to China as a missionary and served there until 1945. In 1942 he was interred in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in China until his death in 1945. • Two of Eric and Florence’s daughters Patricia Liddell Russell and Heather Liddell Ingham will tell of their visit last summer to that P.O.W. camp. • It was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp. • While there, Patricia and Heather unveiled a ‘larger than life’ statue of their father, Eric Liddell. Presentation by Eric and Florence Liddell’s daughters, Patricia Liddell Russell & Heather Liddell Ingham Good Will Offering for WUM Syrian Refugee Fund
  2. 2. Call for Tickets 905-659-7679 ROAST BEEF DINNER Saturday, APRIL 30th 5 pm STRABANE UNITED CHURCH Heritage Hall 1565 Brock Road - N of Conc 8 W
  3. 3. Freelton United Church 155 Freelton Rd., Freelton •F I S H F R Y• • Saturday, May 7th, 2016 • 4. - 7 p.m. Fish – Salads – Buns Dessert – Coffee, Tea or Juice Tickets – Adults $12, Children under 12 - $5 Call Marie at 905-659-1021 “Good Food - Good Company - Good Times”