Humber feb 2014
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Humber feb 2014



A presentation of Seneca Mathcasting given for the Mathematics Share and Learn Community at Humber College on Feb 4, 2014.

A presentation of Seneca Mathcasting given for the Mathematics Share and Learn Community at Humber College on Feb 4, 2014.



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Humber feb 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. HUMBER 2014 Students as Teachers: Screencasting for Learning Foundational Mathematics Carol Carruthers February 4, 2014
  • 2. PROGRAM  Providing a strong foundation in mathematics, science, technology and communication
  • 3. PROBLEM/POTENTIAL SOLUTION Problem: Some students do not like to learn mathematics. Solution: Collaborative/interactive/learner-directed use of technology can re-engage students.
  • 4. HOW TO WRITE ON A WINDOWS BASED TABLET  Windows Journal  Microsoft Word>Review>Start inking pdf  OneNote  Tablet PC Input Panel  Math Input Panel
  • 5. HANDWRITTEN /SHARED/ SOCIAL POSTING:  - Draw something and share it  Scribblar – Collaborate instantly  DyKnow Vision – Interactive learning software
  • 6. WHAT IS SCREENCASTING? Two reviews: 11/16/what-is-screencasting.html?page=1
  • 7. WHY USE INSTRUCTOR SCREENCASTING? In classroom mode:  Student-directed learning In flipped/mixed mode:  Content is covered outside of class time  Connection to instructor The solution is to screencast!!
  • 8. INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPED SCREENCASTS: PROS  Students choose when/where/how often learning occurs  Capitalize on ‘out of class time’ learning  Provides review for exams/tests/quizzes CONS  Time required to produce  Teaching style the same (videos are copies of lessons)  Passive (not active) learning BIG IDEA - STUDENT DEVELOPED MATHCASTS!!
  • 9. CONNECTING COLLEGE TO CAREER (C^5): Project Goal: 3  To develop a categorized library of mathematics and application videos (AODA compliant) produced by and for students “This initiative has received funding through the Seneca Pillar Sponsorship program”
  • 10. C^3 FEATURES:  All levels and disciplines of mathematics  Students, tutors, Learning Centre staff, alumni, faculty, industry professionals and administration  Application of fundamental mathematics concepts used in daily work situations  Initiate connections and stimulate discussion
  • 11. SENECA MATHCAST SITE: Learning mathematics from your fellow students
  • 12. CURRENT METHOD - SCREENCAST-O-MATIC Advantages:  Free, multi-platform  Extremely simple interface  Save as a variety of file types, edited in free software  Browser-based version requires no installation Disadvantages:  Adds a small watermark, yellow circle to cursor (removable with paid version $15)
  • 13. IOS AND ANDROID DEVICES:  A video describing use of non-windows based devices:
  • 14. SOFTWARE IN VIDEO AirServer  Allows iOS devices (iPads, etc.) to share their screen wirelessly to a PC or Mac Droid@Screen  Allows Android devices to share their screen with a PC or Mac via USB QuickTime Player  Preinstalled on all Macs since 2008
  • 15. INK APPS IN VIDEO iOS   Paper Inkflow Android  SketchbookX  Big Fat Canvas
  • 16. MOZILLA/SENECA POPCORN MAKER: Enables anyone to enhance/remix a video by:  adding text comments, popups, hyperlinks, images  pausing, looping, skipping sections  linking to Twitter feeds, Google maps, Wikipedia, etc.
  • 17. STUDENT VIDEO:  A student using his technology to develop a mathcast  Samsung SGH-i717m with Snote app and Samsung phone stylus  p56FGmJdCyQ&
  • 18. THANK YOU AND MORE INFORMATION:  Email: @mathtech (twitter) @ewan_gibson (twitter)  Seneca Mathcasts