Getting Your Message Across: Exploring New Online Website Editors


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Slides for our ISTE NECC 2010 presentation on Web 2.0, cloud computing, and the tools Wix, Squarespace, Doodlekit, Jotform, Prezi, and Google Sites.

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  • Getting Your Message Across: Exploring New Online Website Editors

    1. 1. Getting Your Message Across: Exploring New Online Website Editors Anastasia Trekles & Helen Jancich Purdue University Calumet Hammond, IN, USA
    2. 2. What the heck is “the Cloud” anyhow? Internet based computing All resources, software, and information is available on-demand on the Internet Few or no files are needed or kept on your personal computer, meaning that you can work from anywhere
    3. 3. The Cloud can give you some great tools for publishing online... Google Sites
    4. 4. The Cloud and the Classroom Workspace and publishing for Working with cloud resources student work, portfolios to create and publish concurrently improves digital Provide a place to aggregate literacy skills classroom resources, documents Gives teachers an opportunity to teach students important, Individualize educational fundamental, and lifelong resources and instruction lessons about Internet safety, Provides nearly unlimited data security, privacy (and the lack storage and access to a wealth thereof), and ethics of information from anywhere See
    5. 5. SquareSpace Easy to use blog and website tool Very customizable with many sophisticated templates and galleries Can aggregate data from social networks (i.e., Flickr, Twitter, RSS feeds) Able to import existing blogs iPhone/iPod/iPad app available
    6. 6. SquareSpace The down side: Cost No free version although 14-day trial is available Basic account: $8/mo (use offer code TWIT or TECH to receive 12% monthly discount) Custom domains, more storage, and additional stylesheet options available in the $14/mo and $20/mo accounts
    7. 7. Editing a SquareSpace page control/
    8. 8. iPhone/iPad Post and preview your site from your mobile device
    9. 9. Creative or traditional... SquareSpace has a template for everyone
    10. 10. Google Sites Free service allowing the publishing of sophisticated websites Choose from a variety of starter themes and edit everything from text and graphics to tables and more Blog-like format allows for full integration of other Google products, including search, Picasa (images), Maps, Calendar, and Docs Many available extra gadgets and widgets
    11. 11. Google Sites The down side: Not for very young students or computer beginners Requires some exploration to get used to navigating and editing your site See Sites-Tutorial or sitestutorial.html for a good tutorial on using Google Sites
    12. 12. Our Site on Google
    13. 13. Edit Text and Objects Edit the Sidebar and Navigation of Your Page All with this little toolbar!
    14. 14. Create beautiful Flash-based websites without knowing anything about Flash, ActionScript, or programming! Simple drag-and-drop interface Many attractive templates to choose from, or you can create your own Each website contains a great deal of built-in functionality for that “professional” look and feel
    15. 15. The down side: Not many templates for education, not ADA compliant Primarily designed as a tool for personal homepages, artists and photographers showing off their work, and small businesses advertising their products, does not “cater” to education users Flash by its nature is not fully accessible to users with disabilities or users of mobile devices like iPad and iPhone
    16. 16. Visit Our Wix site!
    17. 17. The Editor Screen
    18. 18. DoodleKit Creates fun, attractive websites and content management (blogs, news pages, etc.) with many useful features Available in both free and paid versions, each with different features Those who understand HTML and CSS code can create their own code, or use the Advanced Editor (extra free download)
    19. 19. DoodleKit The down side: Free version contains some ads, does not work well on a Mac Advanced editor can crash Firefox and does not appear to open correctly in Safari Despite problems that will surely be rectified over time, Doodlekit is a very attractive, easy-to-use blog and web publishing tool
    20. 20. JotForm Only for forms, including contact sheets, polls, signup entries, quizzes, and more Many extra features, including survey and rating tools, password and signup tools, and even options for having users pay you through PayPal or Google Responses come to you via email Share forms via a JotForm URL or by copying and pasting code into your website
    21. 21. JotForm The down side: You must have a website before you can use JotForm forms JotForm also cannot store responses in a database - you may only receive responses in email, where you can then copy entries into your own spreadsheet or database
    22. 22. JotForm’s main interface - note the tabs along the left with different tool options. Simply drag and drop items from the left menu into the content area
    23. 23. Prezi Primarily for presentations only Provides a rich, attractive visual aide for any presentation - a unique alternative to PowerPoint Relatively simple, intuitive interface Free education account provides additional storage space and option to download and view your Prezi offline
    24. 24. Prezi The down side: Not ADA compliant The only problem with Prezi is that it is Flash-based, and thus not accessible to users using screen readers or some mobile devices Otherwise, it is an excellent service! For an example Prezi, check out Staci’s recent presentation on the digital divide at SITE 2010: http://
    25. 25. The Prezi interface uses this wheel to add items, change the presentation path, and run your Show When you want to edit an item on the page, click on it and use the wheel to resize, move, edit, or delete. You can copy and paste text, videos, links, and insert pictures or PDFs from your computer.
    26. 26. Other Favorites Jing (Flash-based screen capture software): http:// Weebly (free blog with discussion and other tools): http:// Glogster (online posters): SurveyMonkey (surveys and forms): MapMash (map mashups and data visualization: http:// Slideshare (presentation sharing):
    27. 27. Summary In the end, it’s the not the tool but the message Teachers and students can publish their messages online easily in lots of ways: e-portfolios, assignments, WebQuests, reports, inquiry-based projects, stories, and more! Many tools out there do the same things slightly differently - some may meet your needs at any one time better than another The key is to build a list of your personal favorites and choose the tool that can best get the particular job at hand done!
    28. 28. Thank you! Staci Trekles - Helen Jancich - Slides on Slideshare: http:// Purdue University Calumet - http:// education