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Iste13 carruthers


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ISTE2013 - Carol Carruthers - Students as Teachers: Screencasting for Learning Foundational Mathematics

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Iste13 carruthers

  1. 1. ISTE 2013Students as Teachers: Screencastingfor Learning Foundational MathematicsCarol CarruthersEwan GibsonJune 25, 2013
  2. 2. SENECA COLLEGE largest communitycollege in Ontario eight campuses inGreater Toronto Area approx 100,000 fulland part timestudents
  3. 3. PROGRAM Providing a strong foundation in mathematics,science, technology and communication
  4. 4. Problem:Some students do not like to learn mathematics.Solution:Collaborative/interactive/learner-directed useof technology can re-engage students.PROBLEM/POTENTIAL SOLUTION
  5. 5. COMPARISON OF PEN-INPUT WINDOWS DEVICES Comparison chart: Multiple reviews: Wacom tablets:
  6. 6. HOW TO WRITE ON A WINDOWS BASED TABLET Windows Journal Microsoft Word>Review>Start inking OneNote Tablet PC Input Panel Math Input Panel
  7. 7. HANDWRITTEN /SHARED/ SOCIAL POSTING: - Draw something and share it Scribblar – Collaborate instantly DyKnow Vision – Interactive learning software
  8. 8. WHAT IS SCREENCASTING?Two reviews:
  9. 9. WHY USE INSTRUCTOR SCREENCASTING?In classroom mode: Student-directed learningIn flipped/mixed mode: Content is covered outside of class time Connection to instructorThe solution is to screencast!!
  10. 10. FLIPPED AND MIXED MODE LEARNING: Peer instruction (Eric Mazur) Flip Classroom Mixed mode
  11. 11. INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPED SCREENCASTS:CONS Time required toproduce Teaching style thesame (videos arecopies of lessons) Passive (not active)learningPROS Students choosewhen/where/howoften learning occurs Capitalize on „out ofclass time‟ learning Provides review forexams/tests/quizzesBIG IDEA - STUDENT DEVELOPED MATHCASTS!!
  12. 12. CONNECTING COLLEGE TO CAREER (C^3):Project Goal: To develop a categorized library of mathematicsand application videos (AODA compliant)produced by and for students“This initiative has received funding through the SenecaPillar Sponsorship program and the generous support ofJohnson Insurance Inc.”3
  13. 13. C^3 FEATURES: All levels and disciplines ofmathematics Students, tutors, LearningCentre staff, alumni, faculty,industry professionals andadministration Application of fundamentalmathematics concepts usedin daily work situations Initiate connections andstimulate discussion
  14. 14. SENECA MATHCAST SITE:Learning mathematics from yourfellow students
  15. 15. A FIRST ATTEMPT – JINGAdvantages: Free Multi-platform Extremely simple interfaceDisadvantages: Output format (.swf) is limited Can‟t be edited, uploaded to YouTubeor viewed on mobile devices
  16. 16. A SECOND ATTEMPT - CAMSTUDIO Advantages: Free, simple interface Creates video files (.avi) Edited in Windows Live movieMaker, uploaded to YouTube,viewed on a tablet/smartphoneDisadvantages: PC Only Length of set up time Inconsistent results
  17. 17. CURRENT METHOD - SCREENCAST-O-MATICAdvantages: Free, multi-platform Extremely simple interface Save as a variety of file types,edited in free software Browser-based version requires noinstallationDisadvantages: Adds a small watermark, yellowcircle to cursor (removable withpaid version $15)
  18. 18. IOS AND ANDROID DEVICES: A video describing use of non-windows baseddevices:
  19. 19. SOFTWARE IN VIDEOAirServer Allows iOS devices (iPads, etc.) to share their screenwirelessly to a PC or MacDroid@Screen Allows Android devices to share their screen with aPC or Mac via USBQuickTime Player Preinstalled on all Macs since 2008
  20. 20. INK APPS IN VIDEOiOS Paper Inkflow SketchbookX Big Fat Canvas
  21. 21. MOZILLA/SENECA POPCORN MAKER:Enables anyone toenhance/remix a video by: adding text comments,popups, hyperlinks,images pausing, looping,skipping sections linking to Twitter feeds,Google maps,Wikipedia, etc.
  22. 22. STUDENT VIDEO: A student using his technologyto develop a mathcast Samsung SGH-i717m with S-note app and Samsung phonestylus
  23. 23. THANK YOU AND MORE INFORMATION: Email: (twitter) (twitter) Seneca Mathcasts
  24. 24. WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!There are 3 ways to provide feedback on this session.Mobile AppMobile WebsiteConference Website