The present simple


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The present simple

  1. 1. The Present SimpleThe Present SimpleBy:Hossen Aoynat & Yosef SlmanAmran Shemaly
  2. 2. USE 1: Repeated ActionsUSE 2: Facts or GeneralizationsThe Usages of the Present SimpleThe Usages of the Present Simple
  3. 3. Use 1Use the Present Simple to express the idea that an actionis repeated or usual. The action can be a habit, a hobby,a daily event, a scheduled event or something that oftenhappens. It can also be something a person often forgetsor usually does not do.USE 1: Repeated Actions
  4. 4. Examples- I tennis.- She play tennis.- The train every morning at 8 am.- The train leave at 9am.Subject + (Verb) + (s, es) + Objectplaydoes notleavesdoes not
  5. 5. USE 2:USE 2: Facts or GeneralizationsFacts or GeneralizationsThe Present SimplePresent Simple can also indicate the speakerbelieves that a fact was true before, is true now, andwill be true in the future. It is not important if thespeaker is correct about the fact. It is also used tomake generalizations about people or things.
  6. 6. .-Cats milk.- Birds like milk.-Windows made of glass.- Windows made of wood.ExamplesSubject + (Verb) + (s, es) + Objectlikedo notareare not
  7. 7. Present Simple, third person singularNote:he, she, itin the third person singular the verb, always ends in: sshe want ss she need ssGrammatical ViewGrammatical ViewA:
  8. 8. Add eses to verbs ending in:ssx shchhe passshe catchhe fix it pushB.oeses eses eseseses He go eses
  9. 9. Verbs ending in yy ;the third person changes the to iesiesfly fl cryC: yyiesies criesiesException:If there is a vowelvowel before the: yys prayplay play prays
  10. 10.  Negative and questionNegative and question forms useforms use DOESDOES (=the third(=the thirdperson of theperson of the auxiliaryauxiliaryDODO) + the infinitive of the verb.) + the infinitive of the verb.He wantHe wantss.. DoesDoes he want? Hehe want? He doesdoes notnot want.want.
  11. 11. . 1.Third person singular with ss or esesa. He goes to school every morning.b. She understands English.c. It mixes the sand and the water.d. He tries very hard.e. She enjoys playing the piano.Examples:
  12. 12. Affirmative Interrogative Negativethink I ?Do I think .I do not thinkthink You ?Do you think .You dont think)s)hinkt he, she, it ?Does he, she, it think .He, she, it doesnt thinkthink we ?Do we think .We dont thinkthink you ?Do you think .You dont think2.Present Simple, form:Example: to think, present simple
  13. 13. The present simplepresent simple is express habits, general truths, repeated actionsor unchanging situations, emotions and wishes:I smoke )habit); I work in London )unchanging situation);London is a large city )general truth)..-He drinks tea at breakfast-She only eats fish.-They watch television regularly
  14. 14.  You walk for two hundred metres, then you turn left.B. to give instructions or directions: -You take the No.6 bus to Watney and then the No.10 toBedford.-Open the packet and pour the contents into hot water.
  15. 15. -Your exam startsstarts at 09:00.c. to express fixed arrangements, present or future:-The bell rings at 8:00.The bus arrives at 7:00
  16. 16. express future time, after some conjunctions: after,when, before, as soon as, until:-Hell give it to you when you comecome next Saturday-His mother arrives tomorrow. -Our holiday starts on the 26th March.-Shell see you before she leaves.
  17. 17. Time expressions1.Every day, every Friday, every week, every month, every summer,every month, every year, always, usually, etc..2.All the timeThere are time expressions that we use only with thePresent Simple and they are:I go to school every day.He visits me, every summer.
  18. 18. 1. Ask your friends questions about what they do atdifferent times. Also ask about their families.- "What time do you get up?" - "When do your brothers goto bed?"Write down the questions and give them to your teacherfor checking.Activities
  19. 19. Write the questions for the following answers. (Present Simple(.?__________________________________1.I work in a bank._____________________________________?2.My brother is an engineer.3?___________________________________.He lives in an apartment building.
  20. 20. .Put in : do/dont/does/doesnt1.Excuse me, _____________ you speak English?..Wheres Ann? I _____________ know.2George is a good tennis player but he ___________ play veryoften.3