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Present simple : English Language


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This slideshow is about the Present Simple. I hope you like it.

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Present simple : English Language

  1. 1. past now future I do
  2. 2. Present Simple Clue words always usually often sometimes
  3. 3. Present Simple Clue words never every day once (a day,…) twice (a week,…)
  4. 4. Subject + verb (present form) Affirmative Present Simple
  5. 5. 3rd person –singular: Regular verbs: + s read- reads like - likes Consonant + y: + ies study - studies Ending in ss-x- ch-sh-zz-o : + es wash - washes watch - watches go - goes she, he, it
  6. 6. They usually play in the playground. Present Simple 3rd person -singular She plays at home.
  7. 7. Present Simple Subject + do, does + not + verb Negative
  8. 8. Present Simple Subject + do, does + not + verb Negative
  9. 9. They don’t play tennis. Present Simple 3rd person -singular He doesn’t play chess.
  10. 10. Present Simple do, does + subject + verb Interrogative
  11. 11. Do they usually play basketball? Present Simple 3rd person -singular Does she usually play golf?
  12. 12. Present Simple 3rd person -singular Yes, they do. Yes, she does.
  13. 13. 1.1. Present Simple The Present Simple tense is used to describe an action or state that happens regularly, sometimes or never. past now future I do
  14. 14. Present Simple Jane takes her dog for a walk every morning. take
  15. 15. Present Simple They usually go toschool on foot. go
  16. 16. Present Simple Peter usually rides his bike. ride
  17. 17. Present Simple She doesn’t usually go to bed late. go
  18. 18. Present Simple Does he brush his teeth every day? brushYes, he does.
  19. 19. 1.2. Present Simple We use the Present Simple to describe a permanent situation. past now future I do
  20. 20. Present Simple She is French. She lives in Paris. live
  21. 21. Present Simple I’m a doctor. I treat people. treat
  22. 22. Present Simple Jane speaks four languages. speak Hello Olá Ciao Hola
  23. 23. Present Simple Uncle Robert wears glasses. wear
  24. 24. Present Simple He is a mechanic. repair He repairs cars.
  25. 25. 1.3. Present Simple The Present Simple tense is also used to state facts. past now future I do
  26. 26. Present Simple Penguins don’t fly. fly
  27. 27. Present Simple Dogs love playing in water. love
  28. 28. Present Simple turn The earth turns 360º every day.
  29. 29. Present Simple boil Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
  30. 30. 2. Present Simple The Present Simple is normally used to talk about thoughts, feelings and states happening at the moment. past now future I do
  31. 31. Present Simple I don’t believe it! Is that really true? believe
  32. 32. Present Simple seem She doesn’t seem very happy at the moment.
  33. 33. Present Simple taste It tastes good.
  34. 34. Future meanings Present Simple
  35. 35. 3. Present Simple The Present Simple is used when we talk about an official arrangement such as a timetable or programme. past now future I do
  36. 36. Present Simple Mary starts school tomorrow. start
  37. 37. Present Simple What time is the match on Sunday? It starts at seven o’clock. be/start
  38. 38. Present Simple The train leaves Manchester at 11.30 and arrives in London at 14.20 p.m. leave/arrive
  39. 39. We can also use the Present Simple for facts.
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