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Topic for next week.

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For next class

  1. 1. Does the apartment have a view?Vocabulary Nouns Nouns Verbs ExpressionsHomes/ Rooms Furniture Armchair Move inApartment / Flat Bed Bookcase Need Guess what!Basement Chair Clock No problemBathroom Coffee table Computer Only What else…..?Bedroom Desk Dresser Next weekend What is like…?Closet Lamp Microwave oven That sounds greatDining room Mirror picture Some any RightFamily room Refrigerator sofa Of courseGarage Stove table There´sHouse television There areKitchen There’s noLiving room There aren´t any…RoomSwimming poolView
  2. 2. Practice:
  3. 3. There is / there areConversation There´s a table in the kitchen. There´s no sofa in the living room.Chris: This apartment is very nice. There are some armchairs in the living room.Linda: Yes, but I need some furniture There aren´t any chairs in the kitchen.Chris: What do you need?Linda: Well, there´s a table in the kitchen, but there aren´t any chairs.Chris: And there’s no sofa in the living room. There are twenty desks in the room.Linda: Right. There is only yard sale next weekend. There aren´t any pictures on the wallLinda: That´s a great idea!