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Geocloud Blue Raster Web Mapping Cloud Deployment - Lessons from the Field 2010-09-21

Geocloud Blue Raster Web Mapping Cloud Deployment - Lessons from the Field 2010-09-21






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  • First week media hype, administrators, executives, lots of $ on the line, everyone procrastinates, project high use at the end- grant writers using the system. 75days of activity at a trough.
  • Automanagement is early in maturiry- requires being able to deal with risk of big bill, still requires babysitting , humans
  • Have not used Amazon support

Geocloud Blue Raster Web Mapping Cloud Deployment - Lessons from the Field 2010-09-21 Geocloud Blue Raster Web Mapping Cloud Deployment - Lessons from the Field 2010-09-21 Presentation Transcript

  • Web Mapping Cloud Deployment- Lessons from the Field
    Presented by:
    Michael Lippmann
    Blue Raster
    Applications Moving to the Cloud
    Location Intelligence GeoCloud 2010
    September 22, 2010
  • Challenge- Develop/Deploy in 30 days
    Health and Human Services - HRSA
    Health Care Reform 2010
    Presidential initiative
    Double the number of Community Health Centers nationally from 1200 to 2400
    90 day window to submit grants for a pool of >$1B
  • Web Mapping Requirement
    Deploy a web mapping application to assist with grant process
    Non-negotiable - System must be online when grant period opens
    Week 1- significant utilization
    Middle Weeks- use, but not at peak
    Approaching deadline- last minute use spike
  • Requirements
    High availability application
    Downtime not an option-Redundancy
    High Performance
    Subsecond performance for maps
    Grant applicants will depend on system
    $1B+ being applied for
  • Why we went “Cloud”- Perishable App
    • Ability to scale to immediately- Day 1
    • Ability to deploy 5 load balanced map servers for peak demand
    • Managed services for scaling based on use
    • Lower demand = turn servers off
    • ESRI Cloud allowed peak use for short period of time
    • On Day 90- system may be turned off.
  • Old Way, Cloud Way
    • 5x Servers
    • order, setup, deploy, maintain
    • 5x Licenses
    • $300k capital
    • After 90 days not needed!
    Cloudy – Web Mapping
    • 10x Servers
    • Deploy – right click, wait 5 minutes
    • 168 Hours x $6/hr = ~$1000
    • Peak -$1000/week
    • Non-peak – $250/week
    • $30k for grant period
    • Bottom line- allows for scale up/down with much lower capital outlay
  • How we did it- Hybrid Solution
    ArcGISServer -Cloud Infrastructure
    ESRI ArcGIS Server for web mapping
    Map tile cache hosting
    vCloud hosting (using VMware)
    Adobe ColdFusion
    Microsoft SQL Server
  • Load Estimation
  • Registrations
  • UDSmapper.org
  • What we Learned-Moving tiles into the cloud-
    • Trying to upload 45 Million map tiles = #FAIL
    • Simply copying that many files takes >1 day
    • Load with Amazon Import/Export
    Use fastest HD you can find- WD 10k SATA
    Took 20 hours to load files
    Within 48 hours files are online and ready to use
    • Manage with CloudBerry
    Change permissions/setup CloudFront
  • Hybrid Choices
    Hosting.com Managed Services- Windows 2008 R2
    Servers online is not as immediate as Amazon- but you have a person to call
    Machines setup and has 24/7/365 team to monitor and assist as needed
    Both flavors of Cloud are important in the future.
  • Launch Day- Plan for Anything
    • You will have DOWNTIME, need to manage it
    • Launch Day- 2 events caused unplanned downtime
    Amazon S3 Outage- extremely rare but it happens
    Datacenter – Cisco switch failure
  • Health Check your Site
    Setup tools to watch all of your servers
    Recommend Pingdom- found it when Twitter had an outage
    SAAS Monitoring service
    Uses global array of servers to test and notify of issues
  • Amazon Health Check http://status.aws.amazon.com/
  • If we did it again… we might:
    Use even more Amazon S3/CloudFront to cache repeatable operations
    Geometry request for boundaries- states/counties/HPSA
    Gzip/cache speeds load
    Cache directly in Amazon- avoid transfer
    CloudFront- now has immediate expiration
  • Risks of Cloud
    • Amazon is great…but many cannot handle unknown risk of elastic pricing
    • Need team that can administer
    • Technical saavy – new paradigm
    • Changes rapidly – must keep up
  • Conclusions/Questions
    • Deployment was successful, next one will be easier and better
    • Cloud for web mapping cannot be ignored
    • Hybrid solutions work very well
    • Focus on your business requirements, outsource all of the rest
    • Simple is always best
  • For more information:
    Michael Lippmann
  • Diagram on top of UDS Mapper