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Business Continuity in The Cloud


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What is the best disaster recovery strategy for your business? In this webinar, we compare three disaster recovery strategies -- in-house, DRaaS, and cloud-based -- and show how the cloud enables enterprise-grade disaster recovery at a lower cost and with added benefits such as easy testing and scalability. We also highlight the crucial differences between "backup" and "disaster recovery."

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Business Continuity in The Cloud

  1. 1. Why It’s Time to Move Your Disaster Recovery to the Cloud September 2016
  2. 2. Enterprise-Grade • Low RTO/RPO • Data Consistency Assurance • Failback Low Total Cost of Ownership One-Touch Deployment & Maintenance Easy Testability Easy Scalability Disaster Recovery Checklist: What You Should Look For
  3. 3. The Evolution of Disaster Recovery Generation 1 On Premise 1970s Generation 2 DRaaS 1990s Generation 3 Cloud-Based 2014
  4. 4. 3 Approaches to Disaster Recovery On Premise DRaaS Cloud-Based Enterprise-Grade Total Cost of Ownership High Medium Low One-Touch Deployment & Maintenance Easy Testability Easy Scalability Self-Service DR Flexibility Between Infrastructures Software-Defined DR Site
  5. 5. Backup vs. Disaster Recovery Backup Disaster Recovery Objective Data Retention Business Continuity RPO Hours Seconds RTO Days Minutes Price Low Low-High Long-Term Data Retention Yes Optional Impact on Performance High Low Data Consistency Assurance No Yes
  6. 6. All Platforms Mobilize your workloads from physical, virtual, cloud-based, and hybrid infrastructures to any cloud platform. All the Time Keep your business running without downtime or data loss using our continuous, block- level, real-time replication. All Automated Bring up your servers in minutes with our fully automated machine conversion and cloud orchestration engines. Disaster Recovery & Live Migration to the Cloud
  7. 7. Some of Our Customers and Partners
  8. 8. Questions? +1-650-360-0717 THANK YOU