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Gsca fulldome intro_v1.0


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This slideshow was presented by Ed Lantz (Vortex Immersion) and Paul Fraser (Blaze Digital Cinema Works) at the 2010 Dome Day session of the Giant Screen Cinema Association in March 2010.

This slideshow was presented by Ed Lantz (Vortex Immersion) and Paul Fraser (Blaze Digital Cinema Works) at the 2010 Dome Day session of the Giant Screen Cinema Association in March 2010.

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  • 1. Digital Dome Production & Market Overview GSCA Film Expo Dome Day RH Fleet Science Center February 25, 2010 Ed Lantz Paul Fraser
  • 2. Fulldome Display Growth Markets Events Domes Themed Entertainment Digital Planetariums Giant Screen Digital Cinema
  • 3. Sampling of Fulldome Theaters Volkswagen Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany Morrison Planetarium California Academy of Arts and Sciences San Francisco, CA Hayden Planetarium Papalote Museo del Niňo Bibliotheca Alexandrina Rose Center for Earth and Space Mexico City Alexandria, Egypt American Museum of Natural History New York, NY
  • 4. Stereoscopic 3D Digital Domes Images Courtesy Sky-Skan • ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center: • Foundation for the Hellenic Hilo, Hawai’i World: Athens, Greece • Infitec 3D Stereo • Infitec 3D Stereo • Opened Jan. 2008 • Opened 2007 • Integrated by Sky-Skan Sky- • Integrated by SEOS
  • 5. Portable Domes VORTEX Mobile Dome SciDome™ • Portable Planetariums, Art Exhibits • Events, Tradeshows, Festivals, Screening Rooms • Geodesic, Inflatable, Negative Pressure Screens
  • 6. Themed Attractions $40M Bubble Theater at City of Dreams Casino in Macau, China • Immersive projections becoming more pervasive • Scalable without limit • New wave of innovation
  • 7. Dome Master Format Longitude 0º - +90º +90º 90º 0º Polar Fisheye (Equidistant Polar) - 90º 180º
  • 8. Spherical & Panoramic Photography Panoscan Digital Spherical Fisheye Panoramic with Pano Bracket Camera GigaPan Multigigapixel Panoramic Photography
  • 9. Spherical Live Action 4K Time Lapse Fisheye RED Camera w/Fisheye Immersive Ladybug®3 Media’s Spherical Digital Dodecahedral Video Camera Video Camera
  • 10. Spherical Projection Formats Single Projector Edge-Blended Projectors Single Frame Sub Frames Fed by Separate Servers (Fed by one or more servers)
  • 11. DLP Projector Edge-Blend Edge- 6-Projector Edge- Blend (DLP) 2880 x 2880 Dome Master 6.5M pixels on dome 16 pixels/degree 29,250 lumens >1800:1 contrast 6 projectors (DLP) 6 channels @ 1400 x 1050
  • 12. Dual 4k Fisheye with Edge-Blend Edge- Dual Fisheye System 4096 x 4096 Dome Master 13M pixels on dome 22.7 pixels/degree 14,900 lumens 1800:1 contrast 2 projectors (Sony SXRD 4k) 8 channels @ 2k x 1k
  • 13. A New Medium… • 4K x 4K Immersive Cinema Productions (up to 8K) •30 fps typical, 60 fps available on most systems • Spherical rendering & editing tools • Real-Time 3D Performances • Growing libraries of datasets • Audience interactivity • Surround Audio •Up to 23.1 audio channels • Industry Standards Emerging
  • 14. Fulldome Theater Compendium • Voluntary worldwide digital dome compendium • Operated by Loch Ness Productions • Best available industry data • IMERSA initiative underway to expand database
  • 15. Fulldome Theaters Worldwide 700 600 Number of Theaters 500 400 LF Film Theaters IMAX Theaters 300 Digital Domes 200 100 0 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Year Opened
  • 16. Fulldome Theater Breakdown • 622 Digital Screens Worldwide •Half in U.S. •36% are in Museums & Science Centers •37% are in Universities and School Districts •35 million annual attendance • 63% are Single-Lens Fisheye Systems •Small and portable domes • 3300 Planetariums Worldwide •110 million annual attendance • 157 Unique Show Titles Mark Petersen, “State of the Dome 2009,” DomeFest 2009
  • 17. Theaters by Dome Diameter
  • 18. Leading System Providers
  • 19. Most Widely Distributed Shows
  • 20. Leading Show Producers
  • 21. Digital Planetariums Real- Real-Time Navigable, Scientifically Accurate Astronomical and Astrophysical Datasets Images Courtesy SCISS AB
  • 22. Real- Real-Time SciArt Productions Prof. Tom Duscher’s ICH2 J.Walt Adamczyk live interactive performance Real-Time 3D Kiel Planetarium, Germany Visual Music Performance Glendale Community College c-the speed of light Bella Gaia phase7 Kenji Williams Berlin, Germany & Dr. Kachun Yu Denver Museum of Nature & Science Real-Time Interactive SciArt Performances
  • 23. Immersive Cinema Productions
  • 24. Immersive Cinema Productions • 24-minute 4K animation can cost $150K to $1m+ 24- • Most are between $300k to $600k = $15-$25K/min • Annual license fees: • Large domes $25K+ • Medium domes $15K - $25K • Small domes $5K - $12K • Portables $2K - $5K • Distribution fees 25%
  • 25. Immersive Cinema Productions Children’s Programs Music Programming
  • 26. Immersive Cinema Productions Digitized Giant-Screen Films
  • 27. Immersive Cinema Productions Shows Marketed on Theater Websites 2007 2008 2009 67 77 117* (* of 157 unique titles available)
  • 28. Immersive Cinema Productions Most Active Show Producers: Vendors Planetariums/ Independent Museums Producers E&S/Spitz Houston MNH Mirage3D Sky-Skan Clark Planetarium Loch Ness AMNH, NY NSC, UK Denver MNS
  • 29. Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts IMERSA is an international non-profit professional organization that celebrates and promotes immersive and full-dome media for education and entertainment in planetariums, schools, museums, cinemas, events and themed attractions.
  • 30. Founding Sponsors
  • 31. Giant Screen Film vs Fulldome # Screens/Shows GS Domes Fulldome Diameter >60’ 100+ 70 Diameter <60’ 5 550+ Cinema Quality All A Few Science Centers Nearly All 36% Live Action Prod. Nearly All A Few Real-time Prog. None Most All Shot for Dome Few Nearly All
  • 32. Giant Screen Digital Standards Efforts • IMERSA – Scalable specification up to cinema quality dome. • DISCUSS – Digital Immersive Screen Colloquium for Unified Standards and Specifications •Led by John Jacobsen of White Oak •Seeking NSF Funding • GSCA Technical Standards Task Force •Led by Andrew Oran of FotoKem
  • 33. Thank You! Ed Lantz Paul Fraser