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Google patent submission; KISS- streamlined formula for virtual reality and augmented reality with 10X10X10X formula --- cheaper, better, more user friendly; Solution for STEM: form STEAM TEAMS: place (A) art into STEM

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MetatonZ: Troyer Patents Elevator uptodate 60614

  1. 1. Page1 Overview: MetatronZ Project Submitted by Diane Troyer 818-795-2407 Popular Mechanics: June 2014: Virtual reality is the next digital revolution. MetatornZ is the missing link for KISS: streamlined virtual realties. MISSION: deliver HIVE platforms for global sustainability through an infrastructure we help support. MetatronZ laser canvas is linchpin for HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environments/ engine/ edutainment (tool chest for content production; performance staging; backsets; virtual and augmented realities and simulations) Index:  Problem, Solution, Troyer Statement  Terms  Patent Questions and Answers (Google submission)  Elevator; Pitch; Problem; Solution; Money; Competitors; Capabilities  Slide Share: Getting over 50 hits a day--- (Over view and mission)  Examples Venues: dimensional dome HIVE platforms  MetatronZ history: Disney – blog  Committee and Endorsements and Support Team Problem, Solution, Troyer Statement Problem: Virtual and augmented realities, telepresence, the CAVE have all been stymied for years. Missing is an efficient simple way to provide vivid bright dimensional images in curved space. Digital 3D flat screen cinema is muddy & dull & produces headaches Solution: In early 2000 Troyer introduced her disruptive patented MetatronZ laser projection/ camera solution to the industry. Troyer proved to the industry that digital images could be comparable to film and that full color spectrum is possible. She provided the formula for creating real time vivid dimensional images (w/o glasses). These images are more photorealistic (like the eye sees nature). MetatronZ makes possible an evolved CAVE (holodeck playpen). Troyer’s designs are open architecture (can be upgraded). Immersive interactive worlds are intensified and become even more realistic as sensors and cameras evolve. Troyer Statement: MetatronZ provides the missing link for immersive virtual reality/ augmented reality/ simulation and training, etc. Troyer believes that for best effect, it is imperative that the
  2. 2. Page2 participant is able to move freely, interacting in the HIVE worlds (game players, small children, brain injured, elderly, disaster relief trainees, simulation & training, designers, architects, etc.). MetatronZ laser camera/ projector --the keystone for the HIVE. The HIVE is an evolved CAVE (holodeck playpen). Sensors change the game. Players with Xbox and Kinect don’t need a helmet or goggles. No helmet needed in the HIVE —less paraphernalia; Google glass can help with situation awareness. The participant has to stay seated when wearing a virtual reality helmet (Oculus Rift—Facebook). HIVE platforms: advanced KISS- streamlined tool chest; efficient interoperability, enhanced ecosystem interconnectivity: Tools for depth sensors; 3D scanner cameras; physics measurements; rendering ; VFX graphics; content production; performance; staging; augmented & virtual realities; telepresence. Immersive gamification, situation awareness; simulation & training; holodeck playpen; command & control, scientific, medical, instrumentation, edutainment modules, etc. (helmets/ goggles not needed) The participant moves in the HIVE world, interacting with the surrounding visuals. Maybe he/she will be wearing glasses like Google glass for situation awareness and communication with the HIVE (engine). The Kinect (sensor) allows movement and provides situation awareness w/o a lot of extra paraphernalia. Sure, kids will be excited with an Oculus Rift helmet under the Christmas tree to be immersed in VR play. The younger kids should probably wear a seatbelt to keep them in their chair. All need to stay seated or have guard rails while wearing a helmet immersed in the deep virtual Oculus worlds. Troyer has been working for years to develop the right tools for a true immersive VR experience w/o glasses. The base need was to have the best most photo-realistic images. Today sensors are keeping up with Moore’s law, thus making possible more realistic imaging. Dimensional images are captured on Mars but still not displayed with their captured clarity on earth. Look at 3D in the home. Does the viewer want to wear glasses as he/she watches TV, peers at second screens (tablet or mobile) and talks to their kid? And then 3D glasses provide a limited field of view. You often have to peer from just the right angle for focused 3D images. _b_5064886.html Facebook purchased Oculus Rift for 2 billion. Microsoft is investing $150 million in another helmet company/ patents. Sony is working on theirs. Helmets have been a niche area for virtual reality for more than a decade. Much work has been done for military use. Claiming the helmet as the solution for VR is a very limited approach. We present MetatronZ as a simple immersive world solution (w/o glasses). We alert the progressive savvy technologists, the government and military, medical, and themed edutainment companies looking for another approach to dimensional experiences. It is imperative for the participant to move freely in immersive worlds. The MetatronZ laser apparatus projector camera (sensor) is a missing link, making possible new HIVE devices, tools and platforms for virtual worlds for gaming, themed venues, edutainment, etc.
  3. 3. Page3 MetatronZ laser projector/ patents are being infringed, so we have a set of issues to resolve. Companies that actually signed NDA and attended demonstrations of the MetatronZ Laser Projector are infringing. These companies are able to assemble laser projectors following the Troyer patented map, mainly because the parts/ modules are mature (off the shelf—COTS). Brokers and NPE (non-practicing entities) are offering deals. MetatronZ Vision is a new company formed for monetizing and licensing the patents. Astute technologists will immediately grasp the disruptiveness and importance of the MetatronZ technology. It is imperative that this project is now implemented. The patented MetatronZ is the linchpin for the convergence revolution bringing on the new digital ecosystem. The laser printer was the linchpin for the desktop publishing revolution. The 3D scanner is the linchpin for the Maker movement. Troyer acronym: HIVE-EE  Holographic immersive virtual Environment  Holographic immersive virtual Engine  Holographic immersive virtual Edutainment with tool chest  HIVE toolkit: content creation/ VFX graphics/ situation awareness software/ sensors; performance: MetaShell sound stage; backset studio/ telepresence, virtual realties, augmented realties, cameras, lighting, sound, screens, etc. Terms MetatronZ: patented laser imaging apparatus with projector and camera HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Engine/ Environments/ Edutainment Keystone: MetatronZ is linchpin/ keystone/ missing link for HIVE platforms Holodeck Playpen: Immersive HIVE world; stories, games, training, etc. Immersive Simulation & Training: HIVE platforms; holodeck playpen HIVE platforms: Virtual Reality (VR); Augmented Reality (AR); Telepresence; IF IT IS: Infinite Focus; Instant Transfer; Innate Sharpness (MetatronZ laser images) Z Factor: spatially modulated depth into each pixel (possible because of IF IT IS) STEAM TEAMS: Place Art (A) into STEM—science, technology, math, engineering Zeons: Those trained in art of HIVE platforms (creating apps; content; systems) ZELF Lab: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion; create themed edutainment HIVE innovation KISS Formula: Keep it Simple—Streamline with 10X10X10X 10X10X10X: 10 times better image, 10 times more user friendly, 10X less costly Patent Questions and Answers (Google Questionnaire) Patent Portfolio Submission for Evaluation April 2014 What is your name? Diane Troyer What is the name of your company? MetatronZ Vision
  4. 4. Page4 What is your email address? If you are an attorney or authorized representative, who is the patent owner? What is your relationship to the patent portfolio? I am the patent owner. Number of Issued US Patents 4 Number of US Applications 4 Number of Foreign Issued Assets 3 Number of Foreign Applications 3 What patents and/or applications within your portfolio would you like us to focus on? Canada CA: 2,372,833 January 15, 2013, Diane Troyer US: 8,113,660 B1 February 14, 2012, Diane Troyer Laser Projection Apparatus with camera and dimensional full spectrum colored sharp images US: 7,055,957 B2 June 6, 2006; Diane Troyer US: 6,910,774 B2 June 28, 2005; Diane Troyer Laser Projection Apparatus with Liquid-Crystal Light Valves and Scanning Reading Beam Mexico MX: 224274 PCT/US99/09501 November 18, 2004; Diane Troyer India IN: PCT/2000/00676/MUM; August 25, 2004, Diane Troyer US: 6,183,092 B1; February 5, 2001; Diane Troyer Laser Projection Apparatus Please review my patent claim infringement charts and Troyer Patent portfolio US: 8,113,660 February 14, 2013: The laser apparatus camera projector is the keystone for the next platform. I call this HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environments/ engine/ edutainment (tool kit for content production, performance staging, virtual & augmented realties and simulations). Comment: the Google Tango lab is working on depth enhanced 3D scanning. How will these captured environments be displayed? On a flat screen? MetatronZ projects the images in curved dimensional space. These sensors would be great integrated into the MetatronZ mobile (Z-Case) with pop up immersive screens from 6 ft. to 12 ft.-- next big market after mobile phone and tablet. Have any patents in the portfolio been involved in litigation (currently or in the past)? No If yes, please identify the patents.
  5. 5. Page5 The major US patent (2001) was abandoned for not paying the 11 year maintenance fees. It has been paid and reinstated. The Mexican patent and Canadian maintenance fees have been paid. 2006 patent maintenance fees are being paid and will be reinstated. Does the portfolio contain any standard-essential patents? Yes If so, please list the standards and standards setting organization. Standards: DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative); formed March 2002: Howard Lukk (DCI head of technology) evaluated & wrote the Metatron Laser Projectors specifications in 2002. The DCI committee based the mandates for digital cinema on the Metatron specifications: full spectrum colors, adding additional blue green nm. wave lengths (cyan) for vivid blacks and whites (contrast). Troyer’s demonstrations of the Metatron Laser Projector (2000 -2004) proved these attributes possible. Also shared was the ability for any feed to always be in focus (real time without manipulation) on any surface - (domes, simulation, immersive, Cinerama). No other digital projector's images had the color spectrum and contrast (DCI mandates) until 2012 when the Kodak laser projector was privately demonstrated. Arc lamp digital projectors are not capable of full color spectrum and high dynamic range-- vivid blacks (contrast). Troyer’s patent claims cover these processes and standards: full spectrum color (red: 635 nm or over), expanded laser beam spatially modulated by reflective light valve; additional wave lengths in blue and green added (cyan -near 488 nm) to create deeper blacks and better whites and reduction of speckle. LIPA Laser Projector Consortium: 2012: Standards are full spectrum color, high contrast. They attempt to get rid of blurriness in stereo 3D images. Troyer teaches how this is done in her patented process. The LIPA Consortium’s digital cinema group was stating they were the developers of laser projection with the above specifications. Troyer wrote a letter which is on her Metatroy blog. Since receiving the letter, the LIPA focus has changed. The entire management team has been replaced and now LIPA is promoting the attributes of laser projection. See Troyer patent charts page 12 for more standards information Have you or anyone else to your knowledge submitted this portfolio to Google (or Motorola) previously? No If so, when? NDA with Symbol (worked with their laser projector; problem with brightness and images; my patented process provided the solution). Motorola purchased Symbol. Motorola corporate transferred NDA to Motorola with my permission. . Discussed proceeding with laser projector; Rob Whittle, point person (now with GE business development and licensing). Google purchased Motorola, so no further negotiations.
  6. 6. Page6 Please indicate a primary technology area. Hardware -laser apparatus: Laser projector camera device-auto dimension, immersion-- key to holodeck playpen and toolkit for Virtual/ Augmented realties. Please identify up to two other technology areas that are particularly relevant. Linchpin device needed for bringing "coherence" to the digital ecosystem. Patented laser projector/camera is vehicle for many applications. Example: The Tango depth sensor & 3D scanning-- laser camera device. MetatronZ projects captured environments in dimensional space instead of a flat screen. Do you have any additional information that would require an NDA for disclosure? If so, please provide a high level description (so we can decide whether to pursue an NDA with you). Available: White papers, vendors, provisional next step patents. Another aspect of the patented process: creating auto dimensional images (without glasses). So far infringers are not accomplished in this arena. Solution to the RFI (request for information) for KISS-- streamlined/ less expensive/ user friendly simulation & training. Military, government, medical, industry, gamers, educators, performers, -- all seek the immersive more realistic experience. MetatronZ (MTZ) is the keystone for the HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environments/ engine/ edutainment (also tool chest needed for content creation, performance, staging and immersive simulation). MetatronZ is the keystone to the HIVE. HIVE platforms will be an integral part of the convergence revolution. Targeted designs: Pico, suitcase (smart mobile TV/ camera/sensors) to big dome imaging. Layouts for the HIVE platforms (Holodeck playpen) with situation awareness. Google Tango labs. Depth sensor and 3D scanning are an integral part of situation awareness. MetatronZ supports creating projected virtual dimensional environments. Is there any other information you would like us to consider? The military, government, medical, edutainment all seek a less costly (KISS-- streamlined) solution for simulation & training. Audiences, gamers, home theater owners want an immersive best experience with realistic images. We plan to fast track a solution for these groups. More about the RFI (request for information) is on the last pages of Troyer Patent Charts, starting on page 23. Slide Share: Getting over 50 hits a day--- (explains over view/mission) After a thorough study, it is apparent that a strong strategic partner would provide a safe space to prepare and deliver the HIVE platforms. Needed is a research & development lab that brings together best technologists and technology, preparing for the future, building apps and devices and sensors that will work with the HIVE. MetatronZ is to the HIVE what the laser scanning printing was to modern publishing.
  7. 7. Page7 Going out into the meat market with this “killer app” invention has not worked. It is imperative, however, that MetatronZ and the HIVE platforms are delivered to the hungry waiting customers. Needed is support for the MetaSite community portal where the HIVE platforms evolve. The HIVE platforms evolve as the themed venues are designed and user generated content is created. Tools are designed that progress content creation and the MetaShell HIVE where performance staging, sound stages evolve (holodeck playpen). Note: This was attached to the note that a women from Google sent me on google mail: So that when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace☮. Elevator Pitch Elevator; Problem; Solution; Money; Competitors; Capabilities Elevator Pitch: Displays have not yet left the dark ages. Viewers want to have more immersive experiences, escaping the flat screen realties. They are sick of 3D glasses with the same blurry dim stereo with limited viewing angles and limited dynamic range (good whites and black blacks). Home viewers, gamers, and scientists want more realistic images. Audiences long to be immersed in vivid dimensional worlds. Troyer teaches to combine projector with camera sensors in her patented apparatus. Sensors have evolved light years. Sensors have evolved with Moore’s law (exponentially). Sensors capture realistic dimensional images and make possible new tools such as 3D depth and 3D scanning. Thus Troyer’s patented MetatronZ presents the most photorealistic images available. The eyes see images with depth that are always in focus. MetatronZ (MTZ) replicates and amplifies the image, transforming any feed (movie, sports, mobile) to vivid full color realism. Images automatically adjust to curved screens and domes. MetatronZ is a building block for the HIVE-EE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments with engine and edutainment (Included with tool kit for creating content and performance staging and immersive simulations). The HIVE paves the way for virtual and augmented reality and the holodeck playpen. Participants do not need helmets or glasses to interact. What problems are you solving? The next obvious big trend is creating immersive experiences. We yearn for the holodeck playpen where we heal, train, learn, and get rid of phobias. Be happy. Gamification, augmented /virtual realties, telepresence, simulations and training work best in immersive curved space. Silent to sound, black and white to color: what formula transforms flat screens to realistic immersive worlds? Governments and industry seek how to simplify and reduce costs for realistic immersive simulation & training for military, medical, education, security, etc. No matter how hard the pundits try, stereo 3D flat screens are not effective in creating immersive realistic worlds. Surgeons need to view endoscopic images as captured instead of distorted on a flat screen? Costly and time consuming projection mapping (computing) is needed for images to adjust to irregular & curved surfaces. Arc lamp projectors fade unevenly (hard to merge and match). Millions are invested in virtual realities with helmets or glasses. Facebook purchased the Oculus Rift helmet company
  8. 8. Page8 for $2 billion. Oculus Rift is covered by one design patent. The Silicon Valley venture capitalists might be missing the next paradigm (immersive HIVE space). Zuddites (modern Luddites) thwarted MetatronZ so that the projectors were not commercialized. Twelve years of contentious battling and bloodbaths has ensued. Thus audiences still endure blurry dim stereo 3D and are denied experiencing planetarium star fields and vivid realistic dimensional images: digital cinema, gaming, medical, scientific, simulations, themed edutainment, extravaganzas, etc. There is a new KISS (streamlined 10X10X10X – 10 times cheaper/ better/ more user friendly) method that can be used for immersive simulation and training that is the next convergence platform. Troyer’s patents cover Pico to domes; suitcase (Z-Case), home, gaming, scientific, digital signage, Z*Rama (dimensional Cinerama), etc. The infringing companies are missing an important opportunity: replicating captured images in curved space; creating immersive realistic canvases. Using depth imaging in curved space for more dimensions. Technologists are still in flat world 3D stereo mode. Describe your solution: A vivid photorealistic dimensional immersive canvas w/o glasses is presented using the current digital ecosystem. Experts attending dome demonstrations call the images most like film. MetatronZ laser projector makes possible HIVE interoperability that is efficient, streamlined and cheap. MetatronZ replicates captured images in curved space. MetatronZ projects captured 3D scanned depth images providing participants realistic immersive worlds in which to play and interact. Themed Venues take on a whole new excitement. Simulation & Training use KISS 10X10X10X formula. MetatronZ laser camera/ projector apparatus is the keystone for the streamlined HIVE making possible best realistic imaging and interoperability with advanced tools for efficient, cheaper, user friendly themed venues, gamification, situation awareness; simulation training; command & control, scientific instrumentation, best capture and projection of art/ slides/microscopic samples/ etc. HIVE interconnectivity provides holodeck playpens with depth sensor tools, 3D scanner cameras, perspective measurements/ content creation/ staging/ augmented & virtual realities/ telepresence, etc. HIVE edutainment evolves by placing (A) art into STEM. Inspired Z generation teens form STEAM TEAMS and Holodeck playpen applications (apps). MetatronZ depth images correlate landscapes with virtual information. Participant’s gestures are conveyed (sensors). Google glasses can be used for situation awareness and communication. Throughout the HIVE multi-person training games are played. Large dome digital cinema; vivid images on water screens, fog, weather balloons and particle screens. Ultimate hardware: MetatronZ (Z-Case). Tasks: Road map; develop strategic partner relationships; license patents; deliver HIVE platforms: Immersive virtual environments, engine and edutainment tool kits. Provide dimensional images for digital cinema, gaming, medical, scientific, simulations, themed edutainment, extravaganzas, etc. IF IT IS: Infinite focus; Instant transfer; innately sharp images with full viewing angles. Z depth is spatially modulated into each pixel. The simplified IF IT IS depth chip/ sensor enhances auto dimension. Reflected expanded laser beams images are eye safe.
  9. 9. Page9 How do you make money? Roy Disney and Michael Jackson were MetatronZ advocates. The Griffin Group financed the proof of concept and prototype. Experts proclaim Troyer patents a gold mine (lucrative licensing potential). HIVE platform applications have huge potential markets. The Z-Case (mobile smart TV) is catalyst for next mobile stampede -after smart phone and tablet. MetatronZ Vision oversees patent monetization and licensing, ensuring platform interoperability and fast tracking. Good offers have been made (NPE, brokers, investors) to purchase and license. MetatronZ industry demonstrations proved that best digital images are possible (full spectrum filmic colors). John Doerr (VC) predicts 2014 will be the year of hardware, health, and education solutions. Cameron states that the home markets will solve the 3D auto stereo (w/o glasses) dilemma. The Z-Case mobile portable presents the solution. There are many HIVE seekers: military, medical, security, health providers, educators, designers, architects, human factor workers and the list goes on. The more realistic the training the more savvy first responders, the safer the oil rig guy, the more precise the surgery. Burn victims heal faster in iceberg surroundings. PTSD suffering is mitigated by re-experiencing/ readjusting. Dementia and Alzheimer’s, brain injury and autism: it has been shown moving and interacting in virtual worlds helps spark and reprogram the brain. Babies that don’t crawl are statically worse spellers (brain development). Edutainment provides enhanced learning/ play. Z generation teens have higher comprehension levels participating in visual surroundings. They probably have more balanced R/L brains from texting. Who are your competitors and how are you better? Frantic Zuddites stopped the MetatronZ installations for Griffith Park Planetarium, Williams Air Force base, Universal City Walk dome and 40 plus cinema screens. Many dome venues (planetariums, themed venues, simulation, signage, digital cinema) wait. Clients want HIVE tool chests for labs, simulation, training, industry, science, etc. The industry finally proclaimed lasers produce best images (2013). Arc lamps are not capable of producing full color. Troyer has a strong laser patent portfolio covering her process. Troyer’s basic claims: Laser projector; laser red 635 nm or over for full color spectrum; lasers addressed to reflective light valve (DLP, LCoS, MEMS, LED, etc.). Digital cinema, simulation, planetarium, signage, event companies, themed dome venues using reflective light valves and having broad colors are infringing the Troyer patents. Laser projectors by Sony, Kodak, IMAX, Christies, NEC, Barco, Digital Projection, JVC, Rockwell Collins all follow the Troyer patented formula. Metatron Inc. was JVC OEM from 1999 – 2003; Rockwell Collins signed NDA (2004); Troyer introduced Rockwell Collins to JVC. They proceeded to work together, infringing on the Troyer patents (using Troyer design formula). Laser Projection and Cockpit Simulation: Video of laser projector (2013) based on Troyer’s patents for simulation: 2013 video: JVC laser projection with Rockwell Collins at JVC booth at I/ITSEC. Rod Sterling presents the demonstration (engineer who worked with Metatron Inc. laser projector--1998 – 2005). Companies spent approximately 10 million on R&D and building prototypes, finally realizing that Troyer’s patented approach produces streamlined/ best dynamic range images. LIPA digital cinema laser consortium gears toward flat screens with stereo glasses for current theaters. Prediction: Audiences will demand auto-dimensional Cinerama, Z*Rama domes and Z-Case smart TV.
  10. 10. Page10 Some infringement areas: Pico/ holographic vehicle windshield images/ short throw/ Telecine/ Digital Intermediary: JVC, Sony, LG, BenQ, Accer, Axxatech, Microvision, Pioneer, etc. IF IT IS with Z Factor Depth: Infinite Focus; Instant Transfer; Innate Sharpness (MetatronZ laser images). Spatial depth is modulated into each pixel. This is only possible with IF IT IS attributes in the images. Gamification: MetatronZ KISS images make possible extreme gamification, themed venues, immersive simulation & training, extravaganzas, etc. Z Rama (dimensional Cinerama without glasses) is the next cinema experience. Z Rama domes become HIVE platforms. MetatronZ KISS formula: 10x10x10x: 10 times better images; 10 times less costly and more user friendly. Goal: MetaSite local community conclave centers: provide tools for content creation/ HIVE platforms. This includes Maker’s Movement lab tools. Today vendors are mature and ready for prime time (2014). Web Site: Manifesto: Troyer 2003 EarthLink web site (not changed): MetatronZ at lab demonstrations were held in early 2000 in Hollywood and the Silicon Valley. The Web Site on MetatronZ was introduced in 2003. Troyer described a process that includes tools such as the Kinect sensor process and 3D depth scanning (Google’s Tango project). Predicted: HIVE for simulation/ performance staging; The MetaShell playpen is user friendly and streamlined. The Big frame evolved to the PC. Play Station did magic with image processing. This new model allows the young Spielberg or Laurie Anderson to have access to the tools to create. These evolving platforms are upgraded in virtual space. A software engineer at Purdue University works on a specific solution for infrared sensor tracking with a computer programmer in India. The assignment: Place the Artist on stage by a mountain stream shown on the large backset. Off the shelf- math and physics software programs are expanded to create computations for the entities movement and interaction with the environment, creating the right perspectives in that space. Performance Artists make a wish list. I want to do this! The imagination is the limit. If the concept is not doable in the system, a call is sent out for the virtual realist in different participating sites to work on providing a solution. Thus the artist/engineer provides the ongoing evolution of the MDT- P space (Meta dimensional transfer platform (playpen). Troyer note: We now call this the HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environment EXAMPLE OF HIVE PLAYPEN TECHNOLOGY AND SOFTWARE a. Broadband virtual network between MetaShells, MetaStar, MetaTronics, MetaSites. b. Augmented realties intersecting data with real time and/or real life manipulated images. c. Sensors detect points in space where the artists/ actors occupy in the playpen. d. Computer vision software recognizes video outlines, shapes, 3D models in real world. e. Ability to capture 3D in real world in real time; auto stereo imaging and positioning. f. Computer visualizations; advanced vision system outlays; real time exports. g. Extending these to real time stage performance and simulation and training. Holographic Laser Projector (HLP) Video: very descriptive: Light Blue Optics (LBO) founders raised $150 million on a Pico laser projector device not realizing the process was patented. They left LBO after discovering they were infringing. LBO created a costly well done video that describes brilliantly the Troyer patented process with depth infrared sensors. The diffraction patterns not depicted correctly. Troyer’s claims teach open architecture. Any sensors (camera) can be used in the laser apparatus
  11. 11. Page11 projector/ camera. LBO uses a near infrared (NIR) sensor. Kinect uses NIR sensor also. Suggested is to read the Troyer Feb. 14, 2012 patent claims to understand the value of combining projectors and sensors in her 2003 website: Why is your team suited to tackle this problem? Troyer’s background is film, TV, producing, directing, mixed multi-media (hands on) interoperability. She designed a nightclub, performance, TV studio that was called the best club they ever played by Muddy Waters and Leon Russell. She was asked to design a studio of future sets for the Hollywood Palladium, which was the impetus for her innovation. She wanted the most realistic real time curved backsets. Needed was to produce the most photo realistic depth images. Curved “dome” vivid backset screens would portray more realism and “being there” immersion. Providing this canvas has been Troyer’s life work. The MetatronZ canvas makes possible the HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environments (w/o glasses). She realized that needed was a projector that was able to project real time images in curved dimensional space. She used the TRW laser projector developed for the air force war rooms as a base for her research. Video: TRW war room laser projector’s transformation to the Troyer patented prototype. 1994 (TRW upgrades) and 2000 (patented prototype). The lasers are turned way down in the small room. See how the images are in focus on each side of the corner of the room. Other projectors would be out of focus (blurry). See how the engineer can stare into the lens (eye safe). This power point provides the story of the transition Roadmap: Hired experts handle licensing & infringements. Negotiations are the rule- not lawsuits. Strategic partners help manage HIVE platform franchises. Examples: ZPA La La (sports healing/ laser light therapy / get rid of your phobias, etc.); MetaZone /WarpZone (gaming theater/ advanced arcade); Bucket of Dreams (evolved Chucky Cheese); MetaStation dome 5D train rides; Teen Green Screen; MetaSphere regional/ MetaSite local “meta mash” club performance TV studio venues: big dome staging music tours & extravaganzas. MetatronZ: set up as cookie cutter modular (Just in time delivered parts); lasers mature/ less expensive. Approved Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) components are available. The MetatronZ (Z-Case) is in development (compact mobile display). Mobile market creates a perfect storm for COTS (off the shelf) miniaturized components: CPU, graphics tools, sensors. Alignment with a digital cinema company to deliver best dome images is being discussed. Much of the heavy lifting has been done. Aligning with smart savvy business entrepreneurs who have played in these domains is mandatory. The technology is mature and ready for prime time. Laser printers: catalyst for desktop publishing. MetatronZ: HIVE-EE convergence revolution catalyst. IF IT IS formula is the convergence glue. Troyer teaches how best to achieve full color best auto dimensional images; keeping laser coherence, collimation, polarization in images to the screen; spatially modulating Z depth into each pixel creating real time curved screen/ dome dimensional images. What are next phase plans: Design (prototype) of the smart Z-Case (suitcase MTZ). HIVE platforms will provide open architecture and are 10 times more streamlined and efficient and 10 times less costly than
  12. 12. Page12 other approaches. Laser apparatus projector camera configurations are explored: HIVE platforms will be developed for government, military, medical, edutainment, industry, etc. The MetatronZ (MTZ) Company monetizes and licenses the patents. Strong strategic partnerships are needed to make sure interconnectivity is retained (venues, staging, content creation tools). Professionals are hired to negotiate strategic licensing instead of using the NPE (non-practicing entity) model and gearing up a bidding war. Model: MetaZone gaming; Z generation Teen Green Screens; job creation; simulation and training platform evolution, etc. Deliver auto-dimensional COTS modular mobile smart suitcase Z-Case (next big digital mobile stampede). Provide MTZ designs for MetaSphere dome venues (museums, planetariums, government labs, municipalities, institutions, communities, sports arenas, themed edutainment, etc.). Provide dome staging and backsets for performances and sound stages. Slide Share: 50 hits a day--- (Over view and mission) Examples Venues: dimensional dome HIVE platforms Motion Control Immersive Themed venue for Paul Allen: page 16 (Three Jays for Experience Museum); MetaStation Dome Train Ride: Essence of Wood example scripts Canada’s Niagara Falls seven themed venues with dome train ride, etc. After Hours Live: exciting formula TV show with MetaShell staging. Artists utilize real time changing sets (MetaShell) to create their interactive immersive TV shows with a live participating audience. “MetaShell holodeck playpen” only possible with MetatronZ HIVE platforms. OutDoor Music Tour Projection Designs with HIVE Platforms Lease costs are listed on last page; they stand true today; Compared to other staging/ sets/ turnkey projection, this plays the KISS 10X10X10X rule: keep it simple – streamline. 10 times better image, 10 times cheaper and 10 times more user friendly that other installations. MetatronZ Blog describes Troyer’s Invention background Roy Disney: In 2000 Troyer was working with Roy Disney and Paul Holliman. The Metatron Laser video projector was demonstrated on the 85 ft. IMAX dome in San Jose, thus comparing to the IMAX dome film images. Roy Disney (with Holliman’s help) was transferring Fantasia and other Disney films for IMAX dome showings. Dome big frame IMAX film is expensive. Each film frame has to be digitally adjusted to be in focus on the dome and then transferred back to film. Magic: Metatron automatically adjusted to the dome without any artifacts, with full spectrum color. They were delighted with the Metatron laser video potential to substitute for film and save Disney a fortune. (Contentious battle ensued and the Zuddites won—stopping Metatron and the partnership with Roy Disney).
  13. 13. Page13 Committee Members who have provided support These industry experts are members of a support committee that is online to help. Please let Troyer know to set up a 3 way conference or for an introduction. Adam Drobot (physicist and inventor) and a technology expert; VP of Technology at Telcordia (former Baby Bell labs) which was owned by SAIC; FCC committee member. He endorsed the Troyer demonstration and patent in 2002 stating “long awaited solution for CAVE” —immersive environments. Also he states the prototype Metatron laser projector had the best digital image (broader color spectrum, high contrast— good blacks, no ghosting and blurring in fast moving images, sharp focused images on any surface – domes). In 2007 Troyer traveled to Telcordia (New Jersey) to meet with a group of technologists (laser optic physicists; 3 engineers) that Dr. Drobot had gathered to evaluate her upgrade designs. Drobot endorsed the Troyer patented process in 2007 evaluating the upgrade model and solid state lasers she had custom made in China. Telcordia helped prepare for the Rockwell Collins contract (which did not happen). Telcordia appointed Sarry Habiby as point person who introduced Troyer to Symbol. Troyer helped redesign the Pico laser projector according to her patented designs. Symbol was purchased by Motorola, who canceled the Pico laser projector project. Dr. Drobot is now supporting Troyer in making sure her invention is commercialized to its fullest potential. To whom it might concern: I would like to introduce you to Diane Troyer. When I was with SAIC we considered investing in the technology she has been championing - The Metatron Laser Projector, through our Las Vegas Venture Capital Corporation. I got a chance to see an early prototype and can say that the functionality and picture quality was astounding - not quite ready for commercialization but still a wow! Since then Diane has continued to build up a nice patent portfolio - including some fundamental IP. At the same time I feel that the underlying technology has matured to the point where it is ready for prime time. I feel that there are many options for exploiting what she has. Diane is looking for someone to help her do two things - help monetize the patents and bring the technology to market. Her strength has been enthusiasm and vision which now needs to be harnessed in a practical plan that can be aggressively executed. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Best regards, Adam Drobot, Chairman OpenTechWorks, Inc. (O) 214-358-2822 (M) 201-323-2771 (E) Robert Whittle VP Business Development & Licensing at GE (Albany, New York). Whittle specializes in International Trade and Development. Prior to GE, Whittle was with Motorola. Troyer’s patented process solved the problems presented when Whittle was in charge of delivering a small laser
  14. 14. Page14 projector developed by Symbol. Troyer signed NDA with Symbol. Motorola purchased Symbol and her NDA went to Motorola. Motorola corporate’s legal team explored Troyer’s patents and the Symbol Projector. The project was canceled before Motorola Enterprise was sold to Google. Whittle endorses Troyer on LinkedIn: digital imaging, product development, integration, entrepreneurial, optics. Gene Dolgoff: CEO at 3-D Vision, Inc. The 3D Source, Inc. New York City; Father of the Holodeck: Taught Star Trek Roddenberry about holodeck: Dolgoff LinkedIn endorses the Troyer patents: Gene Dolgoff is definitely on the team when it comes to delivering the Holodeck playpen. Call Dolgoff and ask about the Troyer patents/ innovation. He has grilled Troyer about the technology and knows she knows her stuff. He understands why MetatronZ is disruptive and why the Zuddites attacked. John Mosley: Astronomer; Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), NASA (retired); MetaSphere Consultant: Was head of refurbish for Griffith Park Planetarium (Hollywood) and opening show; John Mosley attended the Metatron Laser Projector Burbank demonstration (early 2003) when Troyer and team got control of their lab again. He recognized that the Metatron Laser Projector was the Griffith Park solution for their planetarium refurbish. No other projector could portray starfield blacks (contrast) and real time NASA & Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) 3D captured images. Mosley and Troyer planned an extravaganza Griffith Park Planetarium’s opening. Troyer made arrangrements to use the space sounds recorded by University of Iowa’s Dr. Donald Gurnett. JPL/ NASA dimensional space 3D images would be in sync with Dr. Donald Gurnett's space “quad “sounds recorded aboard the space shuttles. Planned installation for Planetarium was thwarted. Metatron projector, optics for 10 projectors, tools, equipment, lasers stolen from Burbank labs (IVC: International Video Convergence). A Burbank police theft report was made. IVC is the Warner Post house and most secure building in Burbank (inside job). John Mosely and others (Spock- Leonard Nimoy contributor) in the $93 million refurbish) were greatly disappointed! No extravaganza with JPL, NASA 3D, Dr. Gurnett's space sounds. Griffith Park Planetarium had to use Evans & Sutherland costly projectors (dull, not infinite focus, no 3D). Mosely supported NASA/JPL/ Gurnett show in Iowa. Troyer signed NDA with Rockwell Collins (2004) who agreed to support a MetaSphere (Cinerama/ Planetarium/ Performance Venue) in Cedar Rapids- Iowa City corridor. This would provide University of Iowa branding motif to finally give credit to the Van Allen/ Gurnett space projects: Dome cinema, performance, planetarium “being there” . MetaSphere mashup venue: Cinerama, Performance, Sound Stage, TV tools, Conferences, TED talks, etc. David Woolfson: partner and investor (since 1994); Lawyer in a community-based Law Practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; ‘World Futures Actionist' with organizations and initiatives working toward
  15. 15. Page15 a peaceful, sustainable world and future including; AERIEL Channel, Worldshift 20 Council, The Club of Budapest Canada, World Wisdom Council, World Wisdom Alliance, Worldshift 2012, and many others. Mark Collins (VP of technology—Marcus Theaters): Marcus owns the former Blank Midwest theaters chain (Iowa City theaters). Mark Collins is a great advocate of laser projection. Collins also understands the business and the struggle with disruptive technology. Collins supports MetatronZ meeting the DCI approval (Digital Cinema Initiative). First run and second run Hollywood movies (2D legacy features), big ten basketball tournament, extravaganzas in real time on auto dimensional Cinerama (dome) screens. Watch the best National Geographic and Metropolitan Opera on 3D domes screens. Mark Collins would be glad to speak to you about MetatronZ. Randal James Knize: Ph.D. Physics; Harvard University. Princeton: plasma / atomic physics. Troyer & Knize collaborated in early 90’s (assistant professor of Physics at USC). Knize wrote Troyer’s first patent (US 1994) Solid State Laser Projector for Troyer. He was expert in solid state lasers. Troyer hired USC grad students to work in the Metatron lab. Knize teaches at U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs; Director Laser and Optics Research Center; Taught at Moscow State University, University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University: Microelectronics. Knize advices Troyer from long time perspective with project (Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules). Dr. Fred Skiff:; Supports MetaSphere. Air Force R&D Expert: Works with lasers, optics, projection, auto stereo and outside military associated experts. He endorses Troyer’s patented laser apparatus (projector & camera) as missing link the CAVE (HIVE) -- the keystone for the platform needed for streamlined simulation & training. Roadmap: CRADA agreement with strategic partners utilizing the Metatron Z*TV patented process to make possible HIVE platforms and advanced simulation and situation awareness. (Contact information on request) Tom Peterson: Consultant, Philanthropist, MIT gifts, Advisor-- mentor to Troyer John Shors has been supportive and worked far beyond the bounds of duty on this project. Cannot represent Troyer in Iowa because of conflict of interest with the Rockwell Collins infringement.
  16. 16. Page16 Dean Lyon worked with Troyer since 1980’s. Lyon is genius computer graphics hardware/ VFX artist. Studio of Future design and content; Lyon is known for his work on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002). Great Interview:; Robert Sofia: Jeopardy Game Show Award; Main player with Watson  Coordinating producer of Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy • Former partner with Troyer (Griffin Group: Metatron LLC (Delaware) • Supported Troyer’s invention: building prototype proof of concept Metatron • Griffin Group was interested in creating an Event Company to lease Metatron Projectors. • Robert Sofia was to set up and manage that company. (thwarted by Zuddites)
  17. 17. Page17 Troyer Disclaimer Some of the statements contained in this proposal, including information incorporated by reference, discuss future expectations, or state other forward looking information. Those statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, several of which are beyond the author’s control, which could cause the actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the statements. The forward looking information is based on various factors and was derived using numerous assumptions. In light of the risks, assumptions, and uncertainties involved, there can be no assurance that the forward looking information contained in this proposal will in fact transpire or prove to be accurate. The author makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information in this proposal or found by following any link in this proposal. The author will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The author will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.