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Diane Troyer Laser MetaZtron HIVE

  1. 1. MISSION We introduce holographic full color laser images globally, through an infrastructural we help support. MetaZ Tron Vision is the “linchpin” application for this decade .HIVE platform applications for anytime, anywhere: mobile, suitcase, home,industry, scientific, government, institutions, municipalities, communities. We help support a global Edutainment infrastructure through the introduction of the HIVE Holodeck Playpen.HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments Presented by Diane Troyer Inventor
  2. 2. STATEMENTMovies and TV have been the same for quite some time----delivering images to flat screen surfaces.Audiences want a new kind of entertainment – a more immersiveExperience -- allowing each person to be a participant.We are reconfiguring entertainment on a grander scale.Special processes like dimensional auto stereo images,interactivity, and hemispherical screens, create anImmersive space for celebration and enjoyment.The eye sees images dimensionally in curved space.MetaZtron Vision blends depth with vivid colored depth spatial images.Saturated laser colors cover the full spectrum of visual light.Realistic images. Natures deep purples and violets and honey mustards .Lasers produce realistic images in curved space.Arc lamps in digital cinema cannot produce the full color spectrum. 2
  3. 3. Troyer: Patented MetaZ Tron VisionCanada granted Troyer a patent February 28, 2011for Laser TV with reflective light valve and scanning lasers
  4. 4. WHAT DOES TROYER BRING TO THE EQUATION?Patents and approved proof of concept prototypes forMetaZtron Vision.MetaZtron Vision is the linchpin for the HIVE:Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments thatprovide the base for a new network for Edutainment.MetaZtron Vision is to the HIVEwhat the Printing Press was to Publishing.
  5. 5. WHY HAVEN’T YOU EXPERIENCED?• 3D Avatar on a Cinerama or IMAX dome screen?• Themed Dome rides where dimensional images surround you.• Planetariums where you are immersed in dimensional space. (Mars and NASA cameras capture dimensional images)• Immersive gaming interactive theaters.• Teen Green Screen: Cinerama, content and performance space.• Endoscopic medical dimensional images not flat screen distorted.• Boxing match transformed with dimensional images– no glasses.• Sports as they happen in true visual capture quality.• Hand held projector images that are bright, large, and dimensional. 5
  6. 6. CAVE DREAM MetaZ Tron Vision transforms Flat Screen Reality toDimensional Space reality as dramatic as when talkies replaced silent film and color transformed black and white.Networking, promotion, content creation transform.Cross fertilization of disciplines creates a new paradigm.Realistic immersive environments in real time– the holodeck.Social networking is the global rage – structured withsavvy platforms. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter.Chinese under 30 billionaires are taking multi-playergaming to the next level. Asian Internet Cafes transform --Needed: Portal space for participant to Congregate, Create, Collaborate, Celebrate
  7. 7. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPSMost important is creating the best MetaZ tronVision models from Pico to large dome screens. Weplan to introduce MZTV platforms globally.We are now in the process of locating the rightstrategic partners that bring savvy “know how”experience to the enterprise.We want to work with strategic partners that are infor the long haul – with a global reach.
  8. 8. METAZ TRON VISION AMPLIFIES IMAGES• In real time to dimensional space• Auto stereo (without the need of glasses)• Full spectrum infinite depth of focus• Saturated film like broadband colors• Scalability with image enhancement• FDA approved: reflected scanned laser lines• Reflected scanning does not harm eyes• Lasers scanning lines create bright images• Enough laser power: bright as a slide projector• Bright as 80 ft. screen IMAX arc lamp film projector
  9. 9. MetaZtron Patent Situation• Troyer was issued a Canadian patent: Feb 28, 2011• Canadian patents verify/validate US patent 2001, 2005, and 2003. Also India and Mexican patents.• Troyer’s MetaZtron Laser Projector innovation and patents are endorsed by International experts.• MZTV: streamlined linchpin approach for mobile, suitcase, home, industrial and big dome 3D theater applications.• Kodak demonstrated a laser projector to industry leaders in late 2010. Kodak is using the patented Troyer approach.• Kodak’s justification is that they are not licensing projector but licensing their optic train path.• Kodak uses the DLP reflective light valve. The Troyer claims for US patent 2006 and Canadian patent cover all reflective light valves: LCoS, DLP, MEMS, or any to be invented.• The Troyer published white paper 2000 and SBIR 2005 discuss using two channels for stereo. Kodak and HDI and any other company that uses two stereo channels is writing around the Troyer patents.
  10. 10. Zuddites (Modern Luddites)• Troyer and team held demonstrations of the patented Metatron Laser Projector in California 2000 -2003• IMAX dome (San Jose Tech Museum) projected boxing match and DVD of Fifth Element• The customers jumped up shouting. They had no idea that amplification of the images without pixels was possible on an IMAX dome– in real time.• Metatron automatically adjusts to dome screen; Image depth (front separates from background).• Experts from Kodak, Disney, IMAX, Sony, etc. attended Troyer Metatron private demonstrations.• Zuddites (modern Luddites) stopped the Metatron delivery of the 11 assembled projectors to clients (stole projectors – never recovered).• They attempted to stamp out Metatron progress and take over technology. The Troyer patents saved the Technology.
  11. 11. LIPA• LIPA (Laser Illuminated Projector Association) http://www.lipainfo.org/• Non-profit consortium to promote digital cinema laser projection• IMAX, Sony, Kodak, Nec, Disney, Barco, Christies are members of the Technology.• LIPA promotes the Kodak demonstration design as the prototype to show proof of concept for lasers and reflective light valves projectors.• Troyer has been issues 8 patents on laser projectors, 7 being on lasers and reflective light valves, the lasers keeping the polarization to the screen.• None of the above have patents for laser projector with lasers directed on a reflective light valve (spatial modulator) with full color spectrum– 635 nm. red and above – keeping the polarization/ coherence (Laser inherent beam quality) through out the optic system to the screen.• Troyer receiving the Canadian patent February 28, 2011 makes infringement not as feasible, in the fact the courts would automatically show that there was no prior art and that the Troyer claims stand.• Other infringements: Light Blue Optics, HDI LTD, AaXatech, Microvision
  12. 12. ESTIMATED WORTH Licensing, Assignment, Strategic Partners EVALUATORS ACCESS MZTV PATENTS AS “STRONG” Demonstration models show ‘Proof of Concept’If the business model is handled correctly and the patents arecarefully monitored for infringement, a great deal of income canbe received from strategic partner licensing and building newFranchise companies and sub-companies.NOTE: Industry is frustrated: there are no laser projectors on theMarket (Evans & Sutherland mothballed – was not bright and didnot have infinite focus). Many companies have placed hundredsof millions into development of laser displays and have failed. Thus, the Industry is waiting in anticipation for auto dimensional HIVE laser imaging.
  13. 13. MANY COMPANIES ARE WORKING ON LASER PROJECTORS (KODAK: demonstrating digital cinema Laser Projector)• Kodak is stating that they will sell the stereo optic train design to clients.• IMAX is now partners with Laser Light Engine group to flood reflective light valve with laser light instead of arc lamp light. This is not an efficient use of laser light and causes ghosting artifacts, so will not work.• Sony has developed a laser module. Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and many others are working on laser displays.• Troyer patents: US, India, Mexico and Canada: full motion picture color with lasers addressed to a reflective light valve. The laser images are spatially modulated with Z factor depth and keep the collimation to the screen for infinite depth of focus and dimensional images.• MZTV (approved by global experts as the laser projector solution).• MZTV has open architecture patents on the whole projector.• We use reflective light valves that works best for us: DLP, LCOS, etc.• Troyer 2006 patent and Canada covers all reflective light valves.• MZTV is assembled for the application with best light valve device.• HIVE ZELF platform applications are developed in open architecture environments by chartered clients.
  14. 14. More On Kodak Using Troyer’s Patented Processhttp://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100007852LASER ILLUMINATED MICRO-MIRROR PROJECTORwww.kodak.com/go/laserprojectionDLP is a micro-mirror (reflective light valve).The 2006 Troyer patent claims cover laser scanning and modulation by any/ allreflective light valves (claims broadened from liquid crystal reflective light valve)Kodak refers to the Troyer patents in at least 3 of their patents.Kodak states they are not manufacturing or selling lasers projectors.Kodak is selling optic path plans to other companies who wish to assemble lasers.Kodak uses lasers, keeping the polarization and coherence for their 3D.Kodak presents two channel stereo using the infinite focus attribute.This is a described process in Troyer white papers including 2005 SBIR.MetaZtron experts feel that auto dimensional (without glasses) is a better approach tostereo– using the infinite sharp focus as described in the 2005 SBIR white paper.Kodak Prototype model uses the claims from Troyer patents• Lasers with reflective light valve; 635 nm red or above for full color spectrum mix.• Infinite sharp depth of focus images retaining laser beam coherence, collimation and polarization to screen to create full color dimensional (with depth) images.• Other claims (patent claim study on request)
  15. 15. REFLECTIVE LIGHT VALVE (RLV)• Troyer MZTV patents are for a laser projector with a reflective light valve.• Troyer patents are for a full projector, not just a vendor part or an application.• Troyer patent granted in 2006 broadens the 2001 claims: Any reflective light valve meaning DLP, MEMS, LCOS, or any other to be invented.• The Sony, Kodak, and Silicon Light Machine (SLM) patents are for a reflective light valve –not a full projector.• All high end Digital Cinema projectors (approved to show Hollywood studio movies) use a Reflective Light Valve (RLV).• Kodak and IMAX are using the DLP mirror for their laser projectors.• HDI uses the LCOS. Light Blue Optics uses a LCOS.• Microvision uses a MEMS which modulates the image and reflects light.MZTV DELIVERS TURNKEY (INTEGRATED DISPLAY SOLUTION) ----ZELF— Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (Platform licences) .
  16. 16. LASER DISPLAY LICENSING HISTORY MANY TAKE WRONG PATHS; FOLLOW IMPOSSIBLE DESIGNS SILICON LIGHT MACHINE (SLM) GRATING LIGHT VALVESony and Evans and Sutherland invested near a billion in the SLM.Companies attempting to build laser projectors with the SLM light valveSony: Entertainment: $30M licensing; $400 million in developing prototypesEvans & Sutherland: $10M Planetarium domes and SimulationRockwell Collins: (Simulation)- 2007-- $76 million –purchased simulationfrom Evans & Sutherland (counted buildings and engineers)SLM projectors mothballed by all including Sony, E&S and Rockwell. .MANY DO NOT HAVE PATENTS FOR PROTECTION : Kodak, IMAX (laser digital cinema): DLP RLV not patented HDI (Home 3D): LCOS RLV not patented Light Blue Optics (Mobile): LCOS RLV not patented Microvision (Mobile): MEMS RLV questionableJust with the digital cinema market, the licensing returns could beimmense, depending how the license platforms are set. (see past licensing)Digital Cinema license history (3 companies): $30 million (2000)DLP licensed to IMAX (Digital Projection), Barco, and Christies
  17. 17. PAST LICENSING HISTORY JUST FOR LIGHT VALVELIGHT VALVE: DLP (Texas Instrument) and Silicon Light Machine (SLM)Licensee designs and assembles a projector around the licensed light valveTEXAS INSTRUMENTS DLP LIGHT VALVE: received near one billion dollars in DLP licensingrights since 2000: Pico, home, industrial, digital cinema, etc. Three companies paid $10million each for licensing for digital cinema: Barco, Christies, IMAX (NEC/ Digital Projection).REVIEW: SILICON LIGHT MACHINE (SLM) LIGHT VALVE (mothballed 2009)Not optically efficient – not bright; Cannot adjust to curves in real time (no infinite focus)Sony paid $30M for entertainment licensing. Evans & Sutherland (E & S) paid $10 M for theSLM dome, simulation and planetarium rights. Rockwell Collins purchased simulation rightsfrom E&S. The E&S laser projector (SLM light valve) for $76M (counts buildings/ engineers)TROYER PATENT LICENSES: Full projector (not just a vendor part). Thus most often theclient will license the assembled projector and turnkey platforms.
  18. 18. Some Licensing Negotiating AreasMobile Suitcase/ stand alone: medical, disaster-security, gaming, etc.Signage (short and long term lease territory)Sports (circular video score boards for domes, walkway signage, etc.)Simulation (Turnkey); Holodeck PlaypenCockpit displays with synthetic vision (Strategic partner)Medical imaging: sub-company R&D for 4K dimensional imaging(Instrumentation)MetaOwn Lease business model is created with the landscape that exists.Private/ Public/ Non-Profit Long Term Lease CompanyMetaOwn Holding; 20 ft. – 80 ft. wide Z*Rama screens (dimensionalCinerama)Planetariums/Omnimax/Cinerama club/ Planetarium/ Studio/ PerformanceChartered MetaStar Global Network: MetaSphere, MetaSite, etc.MZTV (large): Short term lease for ADS: sports, specials, etc.MZTV Long Term Lease: Wholesale: $250,000; 5 year turnkey @ $650,000MZTV & ZTV short term lease (Panavision and U Haul model).
  19. 19. Some Suggested FranchisesMetaSphere hub: Z*Rama Dome screen and ZELF Lab: Regional Z*Rama Dimensional Cinerama and planetarium Performance, Sound Stage, TV studios, Meta-Mash ClubMetaSite: Local community Z*Rama ZELF Lab: Zone Enhancement Location Fusion MetaZtron platform applications. Clients: Companies and institutions require HIVE platform applications. HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments. Ex. Holodeck Playpen (Edutainment: immersive training)Teen Green ScreenMetaLite: Signage –balloons, monitors, buildings, water screensZpa La La: Social clubs for health and healing (petBucket of Dreams: Franchise – evolved Chucky Cheese for kidsMetaZone Gaming Theaters/ WarpZone ( first private placement)
  20. 20. Public/ Private/Non-profit Long Term Lease CompanyMETA-OWN Holding owns projectors for long term lease chartered clients20 ft. – 80 ft. screens and HIVE ZELF platforms. Clients: Museums, Science Centers, Planetariums, Government, Labs, Institutions, Municipalities, Communities Centers, etc.MetaSphere: Meta-Mash-Up Venue: Planetariums/Omnimax/Cineramaclub/ Performance TV studio, working lab for HIVE platform innovation.MetaSite: Community meta-use portal with HIVE platformChartered MetaStar Global Network: MetaSphere, MetaSite, etc.MZTV Long Term Lease: Wholesale: $250,00 Motion picture brightness: 20,000 plus lumens 4K horizontal resolution; good blacks (star field quality)Estimate: 5 year turnkey lease @ $650,000 (screen, sound, TV equipment,studio). MZTV short term lease (Panavision and U Haul model).
  21. 21. Tech TV smackdown Silicon Valley players vying for control of TV sets Claire by Atkinson Sept. 4, 2010 http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/tech_tv_smackdown_SWkYo8AIsQJ6MXxE5IC61NSilicon Valleys biggest players are battling to bring the TV setinto the 21st century. This fall, tech companies, including Google,Apple, Amazon and Sony, are laser-focused on breaking into theliving room, using advanced devices and services that marry thetelevision and the Web.INSIGHT Display Daily – 11/ 23/2010 - Moving Toward a Ubiquitous SoftwarePlatform‫ ‏‬research paper INSIGHT MEDIA .doc :Set top box wars (STB): Apple TV, Droid (Google), MicrosoftGaming will be catalyst--- for best auto stereo immersive display and STBThen the Kinect was introduced and the game plan is changed!
  22. 22. Laser TV: predict 2 billion a yearJuly 26, 2011: Robert Dwilinski, Ammono’s president andfounder, told IEEE Spectrum. “Laser projectors will probably oustbig, energy consuming and expensive LCD TVs. It is estimatedthat the demand for laser TVs will reach up to two billion a year,”adds DwilinskiDigital Cinema: Lasers will replace arc lamps. Kodak describedtheir ground-up approach with many clear and obvious benefits,which theater owners, as represented by Dave Castelli, agreedwere very appealing to them. Theaters are running their lampslonger and dimmer and creating poor 3D experiences becausethe costs are killing them. Castelli said one theater chain justincreased its operating budget for a 14-plex significantly - tocover high lamp costs - even with the above shortcuts, costs arehigh so reducing operating expense is a big deal for them.
  23. 23. MZTV SUITCASE AND PICO PROTOTYPESGroups Infringing Prove the MZTV Patented Claims and Designs Work• Light Blue Optics, Microvision, AaxaTech, etc.• HDI LTD (Las Gatos): use Troyer patented process with two channel 3D.• HDI engineer worked with Troyer’s group as engineer so knew process.MZTV will be presented with auto dimensional 3D (without glasses).• Light Blue Optics: Troyer’s patented designs and published 05 SBIR paper.• Light Blue Optics raised $26 M in a week stating they discovered this process. Then another $15 million (without patents on basic projector)• Troyer uses a simpler more direct approach with her patented designs: KISS: streamlined and less expensive.• Example: Light Blue Optics raises money (same process as Troyer patent)The Troyer patented approach is the answer to the basic premise design.• Costs mapped out according to expert help & support/ assembly house.• Strategic partnership with “in kind” support.
  24. 24. SUPPORT FROM TRW• We have accomplished much, even with severe interference from competitors who stole the first 11 projectors assembled for clients and perpetuated other criminal acts to suppress the patented innovation.• Many companies have nothing to show after spending 100’s of million; This is because they started from the wrong premise – the wrong architecture—the wrong design.• They do not have the luxury of having almost 20 years of R&D with platform support from TRW in designing the laser projectors for the room command and control war room walls.
  25. 25. EXPLANATION HOW TROYER UNDERSTANDS LASER PROJECTIONTroyer is trained hands on multi-media designer and producer.Troyer was hired to design studio and staging for Hollywood Palladium.She wanted a realistic display for rear projected real time curved backsets.(Full color, high resolution and contrast, adjust to curve, dimensional images).Troyer scoured labs; Found no solutions; but GE Telaria had good colors.Troyer discovered TRW laser projector used for war room walls.Troyer tested with white board moved in image path (image always focused)Troyer understood instantly: infinite focus missing link for “CAVE” realities.War Room displays flat screens: TRW found the infinite focus a distraction.Troyer representative: TRW projector to the Hollywood Studio theme parks.TRW only laser projector that has been successfully launched: Ran 24/7 for 3 years; 97% up time. Over $500 million invested in R&D. Sold for $360,000 each.
  26. 26. STREAMLINED LASER DISPLAY APPROACHTRW contract was over: projectors were mothballed right before Desert Storm.(No room for laser battery backup 6 floors underground) SAC, MAC, NORAD.Troyer purchased at auction at SAC base in Omaha the 8 laser projectors.Troyer opened lab in Los Angeles; Hands on experience/ many upgradesTRW supported with boxes of studies, R&D and drawings, engineering advice.Studio demonstrations: Great feed back and suggestions from experts.TRW laser projectors delivered laser beams directly out of the lens (not eye safe).TRW design was not optically efficient. More than 40 optics in the optic train.Upgrades made obvious the defects and limitations of TRW design.Patent: 1994: solid state laser projector to replace gas lasersPatent: 2001: Broad colors (Troyer had mixed red dyes for best whites)Broadband and more light efficient: Modulation with reflective light valve.The art before was to modulate with acoustic optic modulation (RF).Troyer proved what experts said impossible (infinite focus with reflective light valve)Troyer design streamlined lasers projectors (8 optics for better light efficiency).Eye safe with reflected laser beam line scanning (instead of direct laser beams)
  27. 27. MetaZ*Kit, Suitcase, Engine• MetaZ*Kit software adjusts for different applications.• Different MZTV designs and laser power needed for signage (still based on Troyer patents)• Sports Video Circular Scoreboard : Stacked and merged small Z*TV• SUITCASE: larger mobile model for big screens and command & control on the ground. Suitcase plugs into MetaZ*Kit, Lap top, study smart phone, etc.• Front or rear projected; concave or convex pop up screens: 3 ft. to 12 ft.• Glorified laser projector (We know of no competition in prototype -- none on market).• SUITCASE: Vivid--Twice the color/ curved screens/dimensional images.• SWAP: Small footprint, weight, little power ---but with Big image:• Signage --smaller screens, Gamers, Industrial, smaller holographic images• Smaller Z*TV for holodeck playpen platforms developed by gamers and ZEON’S.• Gamers and on the ground disaster command and control and medical (4K resolution).• The suitcase Z*TV is a big market and is a logical use of the Troyer patents.DESIGN/PROTOTYPE/ MANUFACTURING VENDORS• Third party? Bring the manufacturer to the table. Apple, Dell, Microsoft, others• Prototype/ assembly/ strategic partners/ licenses
  28. 28. ENDORSEMENT BY MILITARY EXPERTS• Laser Display experts in R&D in the Army and Air Force• Need streamlined inexpensive solution for 3D in curved space.• Command & Control on the ground with situation awareness.• Immersive battle and training• Real time simulation with realistic curved CAVE screens• Ability to see real time satellite dimensional captured images• Sturdy mobile suitcase for fast set up• Military experts state that Troyer patented process• Finally delivers streamlined low cost real time immersion• Works with existing infrastructure• HIVE: Long awaited solution for immersive platforms (CAVE).• Cuts costs; creates a new game plan for Immersive training, command and control walls and sturdy suitcase on the ground, sturdy handheld, etc.• They have seen too many attempted failures: wrong designs.
  29. 29. Now Technologists Realize Lasers With Reflective Light Valve Modulation Streamlines Displays• DUAL USE: fast track -- work with gamers to design platforms.• Keep strong handle on the model designs, Apple style.• R&D Wright Patterson and Troyer Team: Set up Cooperative R&D agreement to develop C2 walls and on the ground (command & control) and Immersive training; transforming flat wall CAVE to the HIVE.Note: Troyer has found that the Air Force R&D engineeris the expert with dimensional imaging and laser displays.She feels his guidance would be greatly beneficial in thisprocess.
  30. 30. INFINITE SHARPNESS (IF IT IS) Adjusts to the projection media in real time without the need of algorithm manipulation ZTV in real time Fig. 31: interior of a dome—ellipse• Fig. 32: ZTV projects on water, steam, fog, etc.• Fig. 33: Images go through different scrims (always In focus) creating A wonderful dimensional reality. Also the image can be seen on each side of a scrim or captured by camera for special effects
  31. 31. COMPONENT DESIGN ON TRACK• MZTV streams video: Cinerama auto dimensional• Small laser projector head• MetaZ*Kit computer engine server/ evolved blue ray/ set top box.• Many are working on boxes. chips, boards, servers, storage/image enhancements.• Streamlined: we chose our off the shelf parts.• Choose 2D to 3D best software and adjust for infinite focus (NVidia offers support).• Streamline virtual labs with expert support to build the MZTV models.• Cookie cutter and stacked parts (small or larger) same design and material.• All MZTV models fall under this umbrella except the Pico (miniature world).• Troyer patented process: through working with Symbol-- found new way to approach the Pico that is a much brighter eye safe model.• No one has approached the Pico this way -- far better dimensional image.THIS HAS BEEN A BOOTSTRAPPED PROJECTIt is time to work with the best strategic partners and bring in the MZTV models.It is time to create a ZELF Lab to test new HIVE platforms– the Holodeck Playpen.
  32. 32. BE READY TO DELIVER THE BEST IN VOLUMEMissing Linchpin Display Kinect, X BOX, Gaming devices, Smart Phone, --• Set up bidding for best manufacturer with support.• Troyer has tested and wants to implement another break through to increase image quality for mobile- suitcase, etc.• Volume prices need to be more favorable.• Streamline implementation (Apple style).TECH TV SHAKE UP• Right design for application. MetaZ*Box is the computer/ sever/• JVC LCOS might be perfect for models home/ gaming models with server.• This is all about streamlining to be competitive in the world market.• We need to be prepared for volume orders.
  33. 33. INDEPENDENT R&D LAB FOR MZTV DISPLAY INTEROPERABILITYIndependent R&D Lab With Participation From Clients• Grants and contracts; government, corporate, foundations• Mission in this lab is to build MZTV integrated platforms• ZELF: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (interoperability between venues).• Open architecture: platforms evolve with infrastructure• EDUTAINMENT: Environments such as CAVE, Virtual Reality,• HOLODECK PLAYPEN: content production with studio backsets (staging)• HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments (CAVE)Focus:• One channel dimensional 3D imaging: IF IT IS• Suitcase design and prototype; Hand held design and prototype• MetaZ*Kit software (SOC) system on chips: one channel stereo 3D• Content production tool kits for multi-mix venues and gamers/ home• Best design/ simple/ inexpensive simulators: industry, institutions/games• Medical display devices: Doctors participate in design• Prototype turnkey venue; HIVE: Studio of the Future holodeck playpen.• Studio of Future back set and staging for performance. Opera/ theater
  34. 34. MULTI-USE PLATFORM R&D• MetaSphere: Omnimax type Cinerama (NASA, JPL, Planetary)• MetaSite: community out reach portals: health/ security/ Education• MetaZone: Gaming theaters/ Cafes – games created by local Zeon’s.• Bucket of Dreams (an evolved children’s space --with Edutainment)• Teen Green Screen– using content creation tools• Holodeck playpen TV studio: Cinerama back sets, studio stagingIndependent lab support: Corporate contracts, grants, giftsVirtual spaces for clients to get rid phobias training (fear if heights).Learning crafts and processes, gaming; simulations for teaching.MZTV platforms incorporate commercialization of sonar sound,dimensional walls, synthetic vision, situation awareness, virtualhumans, game interaction, testing process, more realistic simulation,many forms of screens developed, etc.
  35. 35. Some Goals: MetaZtron Vision LabFast track implementation of MZTV models and platforms• Apple model for streamlined style: prototype, cad drawings.• Choose the best house to assemble; best vendors to provide parts.Global MetaSphere dome network: sharing EDUTAINMENT NASA and JPL space images with Dr. Gurnett’s space sounds.ZELF lab and platforms: Location Based Entertainment (LBE)HIVE (holographic immersive virtual environments) Holodeck playpen .ZEON: Visionary technologists/ artist with the Virtual Studio of FutureZ*Pod: platform pod with dome screen cover – holds 9 travelers.Pilot steers pod to explore time period (history); gamers fight battlesin Star War crafts; Burn victims heal faster immersed in ice berg worldsImplementation -- open design architecture for evolving platformsMetaZone Mini Immersive gaming theater global franchise.Z*Tron Vision industrial, suitcase and home theater models etc.SUPPORT FROM OTHER LABS, GOVERNMENT, INSTITUTIONS, ETC.
  36. 36. Virtual Reality; CAVE, SimulationSlide show-- HIVE: Z Factor with MetaZtron – auto dimensional imageshttp://www.slideshare.net/metatroy/metaztron-holographic-z-depth-factorMilitary Contracts: Example of how John Deere works with clientsArmy: John Deere (model 200) evacuator operative training (EOTS)John Deere Simulation and Virtual RealityOhio Lab: great web site to understand next step centersBlue Collar Virtual Reality SimulationExample of potential dome theaters and virtualizationGiant Screen Cinema Digital New Special-Venue-DomesKodak demonstrates laser 3D projector (two channel stereo)Kodak laser projector uses the Troyer process (patent claims)Kodak statement (delete intro) About laser projectionKodak, IMAX, Sony, Disney, NEC, BARCO, Christies, etc.The big companies have aligned to deliver laser video projectors to theaters.Laser Illuminated Projector Association launched 2011 36
  37. 37. Edutainment Macro model: Global MetaStar CharterMarket PsychologyDeliver the MetaSphere with ZELF lab attached (All else will follow: Build it, they will come)Built in sustainability model for edutainmentCross fertilization for disciplinesEdutainment development theoryScience/ technologists/ artTEAMS STEAM for Edutainment Place A (art) into STEM STEM: science, technology, engineering, mathHIVE: Holodeck Playpen --- TV studio, staging, content creation,immersive gaming, situation awarenessHolographic Immersive Virtual Environment
  38. 38. FUNDING MODEL FOR WORLD ISSUE SUPPORTFamous personalities lease the studio andstaging to create their specialty shows. Theypay for the lease and own their TV shows.Corporations receive promotion and tax writeoff for supporting content delivery.Famous Artists and other leasers pledge toprovides 30% of their revenue to their chosencause.
  39. 39. MetaStar Edutainment NetworkGlobal Interconnected chartered venues: Create EdutainmentContent, Jobs, Live Shows, etc.Regional MetaSphere: ZELF labs: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion. MetaSite local venues -- content creation tools Opens new vistas.MetaStar takes social networking, promotion, content creationto a new level – with portals for participants to Congregate, Create, Collaborate, CelebrateMetaZtron Vision streamlined auto dimensional (3D)images platform solutions create a place to play.
  40. 40. STEAM TEAMS Innovation, Passion, Edutainment, Sustainability• STEAM TEAMS: Places A “art” into STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math• New Art Form: Immersive Edutainment; Participation ; User designed content• Exciting interaction with hands on participation and learning• Sustainability Model (Income Producing) for Edutainment• Many local high end jobs created-- stimulates science -engineering , math• Global MetaStar Charter (Macro Model)• Market Psychology: Deliver Communities ZELF platforms• Content creation tool kits (Build it, they will come)• Content Development Theory: Edutainment• MetaSphere: Scientists/ Technologists/ Educators. Artists• Bucket of Dreams – Chucky Cheese type franchise Model• Teen Green Screen franchise model• MetaSite Immersive Gaming Theaters• New philanthropic model for funding world issues• Holodeck Playpen (MetaShell)• Cross Fertilization of Disciplines• ZELF Platforms: Cookie Cutter Concept: Reshuffle and Restack
  41. 41. METAZ TRON VISION DEVELOPMENT• 1990 Troyer promotes TRW Laser Projector Hollywood: Disney - Al Marabella -- lead• 1991 Troyer purchases TRW laser projectors from air force (Command & Control)• 1992 upgraded military projector and demonstrates for studio theme park heads• Roy Disney/ Tim Disney state answer for Virtual Reality; Want for theme parks and domes.• 1993 -1994 Studio excitement (infinite focus; Seven orders received for theme parks• Disney (Al Marabella), Universal (Lester), Warner head (Jim House), Vegas• IMAX new owners (preferred stock IPO): sign 3 month option to purchase Metatron• IMAX cancels, stops Metatron, takes 7 projector orders for IMAX film• Troyer and Crone design Captain Eo Theater: Eccesne of the Wood• 1994 Solid-state laser patent received; Design theme park and location based entertainment• 1995 moved from Hollywood to Lexel Lasers (Silicon Valley); upgraded Metatron• 1996 Metatron declared best high definition image by group promoting digital cinema.• (World Vision, Alcatel, Dean Witter III, HD Vision)• 1996 Samsung visits lab and makes offer to purchase• 1996 - 1999 Griffin Group support: Metatron LLC partnership (Delaware)• 1999 Patent pending for light-valve laser projector; Published Feb. 2001• 1999 Proof of concept Z*Tron Vision laser projector: Companies express interest:• Kodak, Evans & Sutherland, Panavision, Nocturne, Spitz, Universal, Disney, Sony, etc.• Air Force evaluates MetaTron; declares best for simulation and open architecture. 2000 Raytheon/ Williams AF Base: want Metatron: state design breakthrough
  42. 42. METAZ TRON VISION DEVELOPMENT CONTINUED• http://www.slideshare.net/metatroy/diane-troyer-ztv-themed-entertainment-gallary2010• 2001 MZTV Demonstration (Omnimax dome), San Jose Tech Museum• Boxing match hovered on dome; Famous Players clients jumped up—awed.• 2001: Famous Players (FP) 8 IMAX screen orders/ 46 for European screens.• Carmel Development CEO Alan Williams offers help to deliver to clients/developing business• Carmel Development pays lab rent for year (IVC- International Video– Burbank)• Locked Troyer team out of lab with collusion with Ken Holland –IVC owner• Stopped demonstrations: investors, Nintendo, Roy Disney, Universal City Walk, etc.• Strong patents stopped take over attempt by Wasserstein Bank consoritium (own IMAX)• Dr. Drobot (CTO of Telcordia hired by investors as evaluator of patents and proof of concept Metatron model. Dr. Drobot endorses patents: MZTV ― missing link for CAVE‖• Griffith Park Planetarium (John Mosley) wants MetaZtron for their refurbish.• MZTV stolen from very secure IVC Lab. Burbank Lab; Burbank Police report.• 10 assembled projectors for Famous Players stolen; Lexel Laser/ lab destroyed• Corporate espionage-- California team dissolves; Troyer works from Iowa.• R&D: Design small Z*TV, auto stereo, consumer, medical, prepare for assembly• Patents: India and Mexico; Canada. Patents received: 1994, 2001, 2005; 2006, 2011.• Patent pending: Camera and projector. Z*TV Telecine, digital intermediary (others)
  43. 43. SOME MIDWEST DEVELOPMENTSJohn Shors; Des Moines attorney documenting patents/ technology “clean”.Legal papers: Carmel Development does not have rights to patents/ technologyNew designs (mobile MZTV) –upgraded MZTV cinema; strategic vendor deals.Patents: 2005, 2006 issued: Four patent pending, ProvisionalTroyer had custom solid state lasers made in China (according to design).Lasers -RGB (5 watts each); 10,000 hours guarantee; wall plug in; air cooled.Lasers tested; MZTV is miniaturized, less expensive, ready to assemble.Softronics relationship: engineering: Sternowski and Peterson do upgrades.Telcordia consultants evaluate and endorse upgraded designs: MZTV (large)Non-disclosures and discussion, white papers, etc. Rockwell Collins: designedcock pit displays/simulation, Dell, Symbol, Motorola, Telcordia, etc.Meetings, white papers, discussion with Rockwell, John Deere, Dell, others.Global MetaStar strategy: David Woolfson ; strong in roads and organization.Research study for best auto stereo, white papers, etc. Platform designs:MetaSphere platform designs: Dr. Boggess, Dr. Gurnett: physicists U of IowaSimulation; MetaZone Gaming, ZPA Healing Spa (near infra red healing device).Z Pod design, MetaStation dome train,SYMBOL: Troyer patent design-- change in pico design for brightness Motorola purchases Symbol: Conflict of interest (mothballs Symbol Pico) Motorola has investment deal with MicrovisionCanadian Patent issues: Feb. 28, 2011; Pending pending: Camera and ProjectorPatent Pending: streamlined optic device for holographic imaging
  44. 44. Some Organizations Troyer has ServedMETAMEDIA (Iowa non-profit): 1972 – 1981GRAND DADDYS/ ROSEBUD TV STUDIO: (1976 -1981) Contracted, designed, built high tech TV nightclub. (1200 capacity): Leon Russell and Muddy Waters said best high tech night club they played --world wide Benefits and community functions (Battle of the Jazz Bands); Teen and Tween functions. Talent contests. Produced, directed, edited Cornucopia: Pre-teens do Interviews and theater; Public TV one hour show Rosebud studios: created first music clips; used as examples for MTV (1978) Produced, directed and edited TV shows, commercials, reading series, etc. old Feature film: Nine O’Clock In the Afternoon (German TV, New York) Fast Freddie and the Play Boys ; Scarecrow/ Lurker pilots: 30 TV half hour mini-mysteries/ surprise endingsFUND RAISING, PROMOTION , SUPPORT PRODUCTIONS: Day in Life of a Quadriplegic (first law suit video; out of court settlement); United Way Film; Don’t Let Love Die; National United Way Multi-media funding; Iowa Development Commission Films; Every Summer Now: London symphony winter in Daytona Beach.UNTIED ACTION FOR YOUTH: helped found; teaching camera, video and editing to teensUNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITAL SCHOOL PATIENTS: Immersive music and light therapy; Grand Daddy’s club.HOLLYWOOD: RALEIGH STUDIOS: 1981; Troyer had the first video editing and computer at Raleigh. Designed and edited many video trailers to sell feature films; Foreign feature film sales and distribution : Taught UCLA students to create content and video editing (Raleigh studios)TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD FEATURE: structured from old Hollywood footage and edited into TV show.CONSULTANT: video feature for TV; Consultant for TV shows and features—write, sell, and produce.HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM: Offices at Hollywood Palladium; Designed production studio, show staging, backsets Benefits, TV shows, Award shows, Big Ten Iowa Rose bowl Celebration, (Comedy Awards), Theme designs for studio feature wrap parties;TRW: Troyer locates high definition projector; Discovers new canvas with infinite focus (TRW uses flat screens).Represents TRW : Disney Imagineering; Hollywood Palladium; Paramount installation/designs (infinite focus).METATRON INC. (California) 1992; Purchased TRW laser projectors; Air Force Command/Control: SAC; MAC, NORAD; Greg Axtell engineer from TRW; supported up grade to create Metatron Laser Projector.SCHULMAN STUDIOS: Ben Schulman (patron); Metatron laser projector upgraded & demonstrated.PARAMOUNT: TV show based around laser projected automatic changing back setsAFTER HOURS LIVE: After Hours Live accepted as TV series as great example for new type show. After Hours not produced: lasers are not mature for this type of installation for a holographic playpen set.
  45. 45. continuedGRIFFIN GROUP: 1996 – 1999: (investors and partners in developing ZTV). Partnership: Griffin Group and Metatron Inc. Company formed: Metatron LLC (Delaware). Griffin Group supported the design and building the prototype for Z*Tron Vision (ZTV).VEDA LAND DESIGNS: Doug Henning, Michael Jackson, Siegfried; Roy Field– dimensional dome theme parkUNIVERSAL CREATIVE: theme park design; Universal—Larry Lester (also design for Las Vegas MGM)WARNER THEME PARKS: (consultant to Jim House; head ); Location Based Entertainment (LBE) designs.DISNEY IMAGINEERING: Design seminars - infinite focus: Al Mirabella lead; Roy Disney & Tim Disney endorse.MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS: Stevie Nix (Bella Donna); others--CANADIAN PARK BOARD: Location Based Entertainment design for Niagara Falls chosen as best. Designed Meta-Center: Worked with Canadian architecture firm and contractors.DIGITAL DOMAIN: Scott Ross (see Motion Control – on web site). Designed for Experience Museum.PATENT GRANTED TO TROYER: Feb. 2001/ new simplified approach for creating infinite depth sharp focus.FAMOUS PLAYERS: Barry Blackburn; order 8 ZTV projectors for 8 IMAX screens (plus 46 cinema screens)JVC/HUGHES: made Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) deal—ZTV uses JVC base. Lexel made lasers.WILLIAMS AIR FORCE BASE: out of window training (Raytheon non-disclosures).GRIFFITH PARK PLANETARIUM: (John Mosley) Design and development and implementation for dome content; Development of 3D NASA and Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) theater (Robert Kerr) (Dr. Gurnett’s space sounds); MZTV designs: Planetarium design and development and implementation for dome content.CARMEL DEVELOPMENT: attempted business deal did not work -- no rights granted.JET PROPULSION LAB: Robert Kerr; designed MZTV dome theater to show JPL dimensional images.METATRON ZONE MANAGEMENT LLC: Manages patents (licensing, assignment) and R&D (tax credit); Inventor protection; contracts, non-disclosures, MOU: Seven patents protect MetaZtron Vision (MZTV)ROCKWELL COLLINS: consulting simulation (NDA); JOHN DEERE: Study of new CAVE for clients.TELCORDIA: Dr. Drobot; VP/ R&D; Telcordia (former Baby Bell Labs) endorses ZTV (Telcordia works with MZTV).SOFTRONICS: (Sternowski): Support for ZTV on going design and implementation (Marion, Iowa).DLABS:: Jim Webb; consultant/ advisor/ engineering; DELL; NDA: interested in AlienWare display.ROBERT SOFIA: Producer: Wheel of Fortune/ Jeopardy; Endorses ZTV (Griffin Group committee (Metatron LLC)SYMBOL/ MOTOROLA: (NDA): patent support for SYMBOL hand held high resolution Pico.RIM/ BLACKBERRY: infringement patent study with Troyer; APPLE: discuss third party; SIGNAGE;SPORTS (circular score ); WATER SCREEN CO.; TEEN GREEN SCREEN; ZPA HEALING ; METAZONE GAMING, etc.
  46. 46. Legal Representative and Intellectual PropertyJohn Shors: John.Shors@lawiowa.com• http://www.lawiowa.com/attorneys/view/?attorneyid=9• 515-246-7983 (John’s office) 515-288-2500 (Main Office)David Woolfson: woolfson@bellnet.ca• http://www.kosmosjournal.org/kjo/about/bios/woolfson.shtml• http://www.wfs.org/WorldFuture2006_January.pdf• 416-630-1801 (office) 647-828-9657 (cell)PATENTS – CANADA: Smart & Biggar http://www.smart-biggar.ca/About/• Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh Canada’s leading intellectual property firm• Oliver Stone: 613-232-2486• http://www.smart-biggar.ca/SB/index.cfm?RedirectPage=/professionals/professionals.cfm?ThisID=108PATENTS - USA: Nyemaster Goode, P. C., Ryan Carter, http://www.nyemaster.com/• (319)- 286-7000, (319)-286-7004, rncarter@nyemaster.comINDIAN PATENT OFFICE• Chandrakantjoshi (chandrakantmjoshi@vsnl.net)• Chandrakant M. Joshi 5yh & 6th Floor; Vishwa Nanak, Chakala Road• Andherei (East) Mumbai- 400 099, IndiaMEXICAN PATENT OFFICE• Javier Uhthoff-Orive j.uhthoff@uhthoff.com.mx
  47. 47. MetaSphere /Planetarium Tech and Space Content SupportJohn Mosley: MetaSphere Consultant: Retired: was head of refurbish for GriffithPark Planetarium; Wanted Metatron for Griffith Park; Designs and createsplanetarium space content. Astronomer/ Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). Content planned:Planetarium: PL/ NASA images with Dr. Gurnett’s space sounds.Dr. Skiff (UI Physics Lab): supports space/ physics/ science center (Dr. Gurnett)Dr. Jacob Odgard: (Visualization lab) Arab water project/Muscatine water project:http://www.iihr.uiowa.edu/http://news-releases.uiowa.edu/2010/april/040210abudhabi-project.htmlDr. Thomas Boggess: http://www.ostc.uiowa.edu/~boggess/Special advisor: Optics, lasers (Ten Year Plan for TED like Conferencing: MetaSphere)Dr. Donald Gurnett: http://www.engineering.uiowa.edu/honor-wall/alumni-academy/members/gurnett.php (Recorded Space Sounds on Shuttles)
  48. 48. CONSULTANTS & TECH SUPPORTRandall James Knize (Wrote the 1994 patent for solid state laser projector)• Visiting Professor, Division of Microelectronics School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Nanyang Technological University• Singapore, 639798 Singapore: http://spie.org/x8578.xml?ArticleID=x8578• Email:RJKNIZE@ntu.edu.sg Nanyang Technological University (NTU)Rick Ramseyer: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rickramseyer• Ramseyer: R&D, displays, converging platforms.• Senior partner at Ramseyer Zhang and Bear.• Past: Senior Director Advanced Technology Center at Rockwell Collins• Assistant Director of Research at University of Minnesota• Director at Honeywell InternationalRobert Sofia: producer of Wheel of Fortune/ Jeopardy• Former partner with Griffin Group: Metatron LLC (Delaware)• Lead on setting up Short Term Lease Company for global markets.• Supported partnership: Metatron (Troyer/ California) and Griffin Group.• Supported Troyer’s invention: building prototype proof of concept Z*TV
  49. 49. continuedTelcorida: Dr. Adam Drobot (CTO —Telcordia, VP of Technology and R&D• Former Baby Bell labs: with team of 5 (engineers, physicists)• http://www.telcordia.com/aboutus/leadership/bios/drobot.html• Endorses MZTV patents and projector as answer to the CAVE. (Consultants for MZTV)• Reviewed the upgrade designs for Giant 3D Digital Dome.Softronics: Robert Sternowski: http://www.softronicsltd.com/ Office: 319-447-1446;• Assembly, testing, installation, tech support• Multi-talented team; Sternowski (owner), RF expert: Government a (RF); C2 on ground;• http://www.ia.spacegrant.org/MANAGE/Affiliates.pdf (MetaSphere)• Darryl Peterson: superior video engineer (former Rockwell Collins). Iowa MZTV Lab video.Jim Fancher: Deluxe. Former Technicolor, Thomas R&D, MZTV color consultant/ specialistMark Collins: Marcus Theaters: CTO; MZTV Exhibitor consultant. Advice: Digital Cinema expert• http://boxoffice.com/exhibition_news/2008/06/30/marcus-theatres-to-show-hancoc.phpJim Webb: jrwebb@dlabs.tv www.dlabs.tv Make it up / Make it real Light Valve Expert/ scanning / video expert/ applications
  50. 50. ZELF Labs: HIVE Platforms Holographic Immersive Virtual EnvironmentOPL: Tom Schnell: (University of Iowa) Synthetic vision, Simulation, Cockpit, Human Factors• http://www.ccad.uiowa.edu/opl/people/thomasschnell/• http://ppc.uiowa.edu/staff.php?section=all&staff_id=19Dean Lyon: Troyer Colleague; Lyon helped set up Peter Jackson’s special effects/ graphicsstudio --- Lord of the Rings. Expert in Holodeck playpen and Studio of the Future;immersive venues.Robert L. Sitton, Jr.: Programmer an integrator, Holographic expert; Founder,Gametelligent, LLC. www.gametelligent.comrobert.sitton@gametelligent.com Cell: (832) 955-5143Air Force R&D Expert Laser 3D displays: Supports ZELF Lab for Corporative research;Military needs MZTV for streamline simulation and immersive training.• Other HIVE experts on request
  51. 51. TROYER PATENTS*Canadian Patent: 2,372,833 February 28, 2011: Diane Troyer*United States Patent: US 7,055,957 B2 Jun. 6, 2006; Diane Troyer*United States Patent: US 6,910,774 B2 June 28, 2005; Diane TroyerLaser Projection Apparatus with Liquid-CrystalLight Valves and Scanning Reading Beam*Mexican Patent: PCT/US99/09501 November 18, 2004; Diane TroyerMexican patent number: 224274*United States Patent submitted: 10/946,061 art unit: 574,Date filed: November 15, 2004; Diane Troyer41 claims, 3 independent claims*Indian Patent: IN/PCT/2000/00676/MUM; August 25, 2004, Diane Troyer*United States Patent: US 6,183,092 B1; February 5, 2001; Diane TroyerLaser Projection Apparatus with Liquid-Crystal Light Valves & Scanning Reading Beam*United States Patent: US 5,317,348 May 31, 1994; Dr. Randall J. Knize (owned by Diane Troyer)Full color solid state laser projection system; Troyer’s concept; Knize, solid-state laser expert, wrote patent• Additional patent pending; submitted March 2006 Camera and projector; projectors as real time Telecine and digital intermediate; Dimensional layering real time images;• Provisional: new patent pending 2010: Very important separate patent break through that adds value to the original patents.
  52. 52. Over 40 PATENTS REFER TO TROYER’S PATENTS• Coherent• Santur Corporation (Fremont, CA) ---- (3 patents)• Motorola• Stratos International, Inc. (Chicago, IL)• Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (Houston, TX) (3 patents)• Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (Irvine, CA) (2 patents)• Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY) (3 patents)• Trumpf Lasertechnik GmbH (Ditzingen, DE)• Technifex, Inc. (Valencia, CA)• Matsushita Electrical• Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA)• EADS Deutschland GmbH (Munich, DE)• Hewlett Packard and Epson• Note: 2005: Intel was developing a LCOS reflective light valve display. An Intel VP contacted Troyer about the patented approach with lasers. Intel engineers explored ZTV infinite focus architecture to enhance and simplify the Intel design and make their display more competitive. The Intel CEO decided the lasers were not mature at that point and dropped the 100 million dollar display project. Many were waiting for the Intel display and Intel stock fell. The world market is still waiting for such a display. Finally the lasers are mature.• Intel has been asked by DreamWorks to find the best solution for 3D movies.
  53. 53. TROYER INDIA PATENT• http://pfc.org.in/fac/feb03.pdfIndia– page 5 – about patents• http://www.niscair.res.in/sciencecommunication/ AbstractingJournals/isa/isa2k5/isa_16oct05.asp• 020251 TROYER DIANE: Laser projection apparatus with reflective light valves and scanning reading. India: 195039.
  54. 54. DOME ON THE ROCK -- ISRAELFrom: Yitzhaq Hayut-man yitzhaq.hayutman@gmail.com Date: Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 9:36 PM Subject: Re: Yitzhaq & Diane - Email addresses To: David Woolfson <dwoolfson@clubofbudapest.ca> Cc: Diane Troyer <metatroy@earthlink.net>FriendsI can send you a 52-slide PowerPoint demo of the game, which has links to pages withmore info, especially about the multidimensional aspects of the games.I am eager to receive from you whatever you can send me, especially in directionssuggested by our recent phone conversation.As for the Israel Museum show. The director of the Shrine of the Book and the guardianof the Dead Sea Scrolls is Dr. Adolpho Roitman. The general director of the IsraelMuseum is James Snyder, former head of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC,who is very good about getting funding. Their Dome is designed by Fredrick Kiesler isconsidered an architectural masterpiece. It is surrounded by water and sprinkledcontinues, so sprinkling mist (as done, for example, in Frances Futuroscope) should bestraightforward. Roitman really wants a holographic projection over his dome.David, Ill send you later info about Gregory who is raising the donations for projecting over the Dome of the Rock.• Yitzhaq Hayut-man yitzhaq.hayutman@gmail.com
  55. 55. SONY: ROBERT SOFIA: PRODUCER WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND JEOPARDY Troyer’s former partner with Griffin Group METATRON LLC (Delaware): partners Griffin Group & Metatron Inc.-Troyer’s Co. 1992 - 2002From: Sofia, Bob [mailto:Bob_Sofia@XXX.sony.com]Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 9:55 AMTo: Diane TroyerSubject: Laser ProjectorsDiane,It was a pleasure talking to you yesterday. I am very happy to hear that the production of yourLaser Projector is progressing. I greatly appreciate your keeping me in the know.The sooner you can go into production, the sooner I can lease your projectors. Then I can starttaking advantage of your projectors capabilities to solve some of my production problems, andgive our creative minds a new tool to work with to create new vistas.On a recent remote production at SeaWorld in Orlando with Wheel of Fortune, a laser projectorwould have been the perfect tool to use to project on two air balloons that we used on the set,as well as onto the two fountains in the background. The solution we came up with was lessthen ideal, and far more money then I wanted to spend. When dealing with the Art Departmentand our technicians, there were many times I wished I had the laser technology available to me.I look forward to hearing from you soon, with the good news that I can start renting your laserprojectors.Best of Luck, Bob SofiaCoordinating Producer; Technical Supervisor --Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy!(310) 244-5946; off. (310) 729-6001; cell. (310) 244-0325
  56. 56. DISNEY: BOB LAMBERT – HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY• From: Lambert, Bob [mailto:xxxxxx@disney.com]• (Head of International Technology)• Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 9:57 AM To: Diane Troyer; Holliman, Paul (Head of Disney big screen distribution)• Subject: RE: from Diane Troyer• Diane –• Yes, we do look at the whole technical scope.• Yes, we are continuing to deploy d-cinema systems in conventional theatrical venues.• In answer to your last question, thats correct -- the d-cinema is what we want to pursue for the laser projector at this time.• Thanks and kind regards,• Bob ---• (Bob Lambert wants Z*TV for flat screen 3D theaters with DCI mandates).Note: Lambert is on the board of the IMAX laser company to build new lasers(Laser Light Engine). Lambert has been a support person for DLP light valves.Lambert is supporting laser projector flat screens.