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Metatroy HIVE proposal 91212

  1. 1. Memo for Those Interested in Z*Tron Vision and PatentsDate: September 12, 2012From: Diane Troyer (inventor): Z*Tron Vision laser projector and designer of HIVE platformsHIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual EnvironmentsHolodeck Playpen: Immersive HIVE world; stories, games, training, AR, VR, etc.STEAM TEAMS: Place Art (A) into STEM—science, technology, math, engineeringZeons: Those trained in the art of the HIVE platforms (create apps. and content)ZELF Lab: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion; Zeons advance HIVE platformsKISS: Keep it Simple-- StreamlineProblem: Needed is a device that automatically places dimensional images in curvedspace (in real time). This would streamline the dome realties, CAVE, simulation, andcreate real time immersion. It would provide an integration tool for the open sourceplatforms and media grid. Examples of digital dome venues that have been costly andnot effective and cannot show real time images: Griffith Park (Hollywood); Fleet (SanDiego), Adler (Chicago), Satosphere (Quebec).Solution: Z*Tron Vision (Z*TV) is the KISS solution for domes and immersive realties.The images are always in focus and sharp with full filmic vivid color and can be seen onthe curved screen from any angle in the room. Z*TV is the linchpin/ keystone/ missinglink for the HIVE (CAVE): Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments.Overview and background-- of technology and Troyer Troyer patent claims cover vivid sharp focused images with full spectrum color. IFIT IS attributes: Infinite Focus, Instant Transformation, Innate Sharpness. Imagesautomatically adjust to dome screens and produce dimensional images from 2D videofeeds (2D to 3D). We call this device Z*Tron Vision. 1 Page
  2. 2. Troyer patent portfolio*TV patents cover Pico, suitcase, smart TV, digital cinema to big dome digital theaters.Read the claims for the new patent granted Feb. 14, 2012. This is the patent for theSmart Internet TV -- also medical/ gaming/ security/ military/scientific/ simulation, etc.The patents cover laser digital cinema and big digital dome theaters. A main marketstoday are immersive with augmented realties— CAVE (what we call HIVE).HIVE platforms--- Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments power point was done for John Deere who is interested in a simplified CAVE(HIVE). John Deere has supported CAVE research for the past 10 years and uses theCAVE for human factor study. Z*Tron Vision is the linchpin-- keystone for the HIVE--holographic immersive virtual environment --simulation, immersive training, medical,scientific displays, disaster training, backset staging, signage, gaming --- but alsopresents the best digital pictures--- as good as film.Interested Parties in purchasing the Troyer patents: An attorney at Global IP (Norteldeal) contacted us. He had just sold Intel two patents for $75 Million. He asked whatthe price was for the Troyer patents. My answer was to suggest that the patents bebroken up between the big digital dome images and the smaller smart TV displays. Itwas stated that his client wanted the whole package (insinuated it was Apple). Global IPwas informed that counsel needed to be consulted before providing sale price.Other interested parties: The Acacia CEO called and wanted to discuss representation.There were discussions with many patent brokers and attorneys.Conclusion: The Troyer patents are valuable and relevant. Infringements make thepatents more valuable to the trolls, their model being litigation against infringers. Manyof those infringing have attended demonstrations of the Z*TV laser projector proof ofconcept model (Sony, Kodak, IMAX, BARCO, Christies, etc.) Intel received white 2 Pagepaper and was exploring working with the Troyer patented laser projector solution in
  3. 3. 2004. Now Intel is working with Microvision (infringing). It would be a long difficult pathto go with the trolls who use litigation for their life blood. Needed is to deliver projectorsnow for the waiting clients—we were stymied in the delivery when we were ready 8years ago. The vendors are even more mature and the costs greatly reduced. Theindustry realizes that laser projection corrects the problems.Needed: The time is right for a simple, uncomplicated delivery of Z*Tron Vision forhomes to dome platforms. Troyer and team wish to avoid another ten years of Zuddite(modern Luddite) suppression—no more contentious battling to keep Z*Tron Vision outof the market. We wish to avoid wasting time and energy with infringement lawsuits.MetaOwn Holding Model: Private/ public holding company owns and leases the largedome Z*Tron Vision laser projectors to chartered lease clients: science centers,museums, planetariums, municipalities, institutions, and communities. The MetaOwnCompany insures the Z*TV platforms and guarantees DCI compliance (Digital CinemaInitiative). The MetaOwn Z*TV projectors owners receive a guaranteed monthlypayback with interest, a tax write off for investment in equipment for non-profits and/orpromotion “Presented By -- Johns Deere” for their company. The entity (corporation,foundation, individual, etc.) can gift the Z*TV platforms and/or pledge the revenue. TheMetaOwn provides a new form of philanthropy with investment and payback.Purpose: MetaOwn provides a protected space for developing HIVE platforms withKISS (keep it simple: streamline) cost reduction. The low cost HIVE platform leasesprovide institutions a vehicle for sustainability: ticket sales, facility and TV studio/ soundstage leases, ZELF lab commissions, etc. This eliminates the costly IMAX film theaterleases. A new model needs to be set that is based on venue net profit.Needed is Statement of Interest from venues: Suggested is to create partnerships withNational Geographic and work with the Nat Geo Lab on certain projects such as support 3in delivering best auto dimension dome images as well as delivering traveling shows Page
  4. 4. and science center exhibits (suggestions on requests). Z*Tron Vision is a linchpin toolfor integration of many of the National Geographic lab innovations. Experts such asJames Cameron and Ted Wait (Avalon) can expedite this process. Support partnershipscan also be established with the Jet Propulsion labs and Air Force R&D and otherentities dedicated to the mission. We are also approaching the Stanley Foundation inIowa for helping set the structure. A proposal has also gone out to those who areespecially interested in immersive education and helping support creating tools for morevisual hands on learning experiences.Z*Tron Vision Provides Platforms for New Media Grid—Evolved InternetThe MetaSite community portals use the media grid open source software tools forcreating content and new HIVE immersion platforms to be used by the community.Immersive Education Initiative: works with globalinstitutions and immersion experts in developing open standards, best practices,platforms, and support communities for virtual reality and game-based learning/ trainingsystems. There are many chartered groups and thousands of worldwide members.Media Grid (copy from site) is a public utility for digital media. Based on new andemerging distributed computational grid technologies, the Media Grid builds uponexisting Internet and Web standards to create a unique network optimized for digitalmedia delivery, storage, and processing. As an on-demand public computing utility, arange of software programs and Web sites can use the Media Grid for delivery andstorage of rich media content, media processing, and computing power. The Media Gridis an open and extensible platform that enables a wide range of applications notpossible with the traditional Internet alone, including: Massive Media on Demand(MMoD); Interactive digital cinema on demand; immersive education and distancelearning; Truly immersive multiplayer games and Virtual Reality (VR); Hollywood movieand film rendering, special effects, and composition; Real-time rendering of highresolution graphics; Real-time visualization of complex weather patterns; Real-time 4 Page
  5. 5. protein modeling and drug design; Telepresence, telemedicine, and telesurgery; Vehicleand aircraft design and simulation; Visualization of scientific and medical data.The Grid Institute leads design and development of the global Media Grid through open standards organization in collaboration with industry, academia,and governments from around the world. Learn more: Media Grid and ImmersiveEducation or the Education Grid visit:,MetaOwn turnkey HIVE platforms include ZELF lab tools (Zone Enhanced LocationFusion). These include community server and storage, cameras, graphics, softwareand content creation tools. Open source and standards combined software toolsdeveloped by entities such as the Media Grid support content and building HIVE openarchitecture platforms. The mission is to deliver globally community stimulus andsustainability by leasing HIVE platforms to community MetaSites –a space where pre-school, tweens, teens, adults and elderly can Congregate, Collaborate, Create andCelebrate. The chartered MetaSite community portals provide a base for HIVEplatforms to be placed in businesses, schools, homes, etc.Stimulation and Jobs: The MetaSite provides a stimulation base for communitybusinesses. The ZELF lab provides jobs for highly trained professionals. The talentedretired often mentor the interns who receive life skill training. . The Community MetaSitecreates over 30 high paying jobs. Businesses hire the ZELF lab to create HIVEplatforms for immersive training, teaching, augmented realties, telepresence, humanfactors, behavior modification, and the list goes on.Even Playing Field-- Access for all: The ZELF local lab handles storage and server for a20 mile radius local interactive network – each child and adult having access to aterminal in their homes and businesses. This expands the “lap top for every child”motto to become a basic right. The content creation tools are accessible through thecommunity ZELF labs. Zeons form STEAM TEAMS to tackle certain tasks such ascreating a formula TV show: After Hours show. Zeons become adept at the tools: 5 Page
  6. 6. camera, editing, graphics, programming, directing, stage design, writing, performing,gamification, design, research, delivering product, etc. The ZELF labs have the neededshop tools for hands on training, including an intruder machine for making parts, etc.Play: The HIVE is a safe space for playing, telling stories, creating games, sharing.Seventh grade Sadie belongs to a small group leaning JAVA programming to create afast track real time graphics program for the first responder horror game to fight theZombie invasion. She uses Alice (free software) to interact with the virtual world in theHolodeck Playpen. The fellow STEAM TEAMS members include a sub- group who aretargeting defense weapons. Sadie’s team’s task is gears for food and water for longsequester and crafting best medical care response. They to form a truce and align tofight the Zombie invasion with neighboring MetaSite STEAM TEAMS. The ultimate indiplomacy and road mapping is needed to survive the Zombie onslaught.HIVE Interconnectivity using today’s infrastructure: The stories and games created andplayed provide the important life skill lessons –team work, critical thinking, problemsolving, presentation skills and learning how to use the tools. Alice software andWonderland platforms are use to build the holodeck playpen worlds. Learn algebra byusing Java to play Minecraft. STEAM TEAMS focus on solving problems. Medical disaster relief training, HIVEbiofeedback chamber to help heal post traumatic stress and other phobias. Build aniceberg world for the burn victims to heal twice as fast. Crowd sourcing —gamification.The HIVE evolves as new apps are developed and shared through a dimensional bridgewhere big companies and institutions support the community directly and receive muchin return, such as trained Zeons adept in using the tools. John Deere and Caterpillarhire the ZELF labs to provide a human factors test space to design their equipment.Maybe the teaching hospital has their own immersive medical training, but costs are cutas new tools are constantly developed by those creating the interactive games. 6 Page
  7. 7. IBM, Oracle, Nvidia, Intel, etc: Companies like Oracle keep developing open sourcesoftware and tool creation. Dell Enterprise Zones with cloud storage and other toolsneeded for business might use the ZELF HIVE for design, research, and traininghelping evolve the platforms.*Rama Big Screen in each MetaSite: Meta Mash Up venue with planetarium,Cinerama and also staging backset for performances and conferences. The HolodeckPlaypen naturally evolves as the Zeons create the formula After Hours Live show.Immersive Z*Rama allows experiencing 2D legacy movies in a new exciting way.Tools are at the finger tips to create movies and games and TV shows and HIVEimmersive worlds. The Holodeck Playpen is open architecture and a natural toolevolution for group interaction. It provides a safe place to play and have fun(collaborate, create, celebrate, congregate).Primal: Immersion alters time and is engaging and absorbing -- primal –with the desireto continue to play. It is self motivating, changes brain chemistry, enhances brainsynapses, training for the unexpected (play Zombie games). Play relieves stress,enhances empathy, team work, belonging, community, attunement – brain fertilizer,builds frontal cortex – feeds creativity; engine of discovery, peaking curiosity, not quitereality, limbo where outrageous connections are made; innovation. New combinations--.3D thinking; spatial recognitions. Problem solving,Survival: Our society has forgotten to play. Teens are so serious. Adults full of fear.Perils of being deprived of play: depression, absences of empathy, diminished curiosity,poor health, addiction, joylessness, rigidity, interpersonal conflict.Content is King: Each high school and college has football and basketball in USA. Thesmall towns are great rivals. The After Hours Live contests also will bring out therivalry—with great rewards for the winners. Google, Disney, Mark Cuban, Ashton 7 Page
  8. 8. Kutcher, -many are investing in new local content. The After Hours formula show goesbeyond reality TV and Star Search. The world audiences watch—not only the story andperformance, but what exciting breakthrough special effects are in the show? WhatMetaSite has the most evolved holodeck playpen tools?Audiences Excited Over New Tech Innovation: Global audiences were in an uproar –excited when the deceased rapper Tupac Shkur appeared on stage and performed “HailMary” and “2 of Americaz Most Wanted” at a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performance(2012). They felt a new breakthrough special effect had been discovered. Alas.Pepper’s ghost is a mirror trick from the 1800’s and was revived for the Disney LandHaunted House 10 years ago. It was also used at the Grammy Awards in 2006 toproject a virtual image of Madonna. Theaters: MetaOwn provides much needed low cost DCI approved Z*TV projectorplatforms for the 2000 plus theaters that belong to the ITA (Independent TheaterAssociation) that are closing because they cannot afford to go digital.Clear Patent Path for Licensing: Global licensing is available when Z*TV projectors andHIVE platforms are available for long term lease. Troyer holds patents in Mexico,Canada and India, these countries having first delivery of the Z*TV HIVE platforms.Independent Theater Association Letter (ITA): Independent theaters are closing downbecause it is too expensive to go digital with the DCI mandated process. Autodimensional Cinerama with any video feed would sell tickets.On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 5:41 PM, <> wrote:Diane,If you have an inexpensive laser projection system that had DCI compliance (Digital CinemaInitiative) then you have something quite profound and 2,000 theatres would fall into your lap.The issue is for many September is the drop dead date....they need a solution now or they are 8 Pagegoing away. But you need the following;
  9. 9. 1. At least two working prototypes2. The ability to manufacture in a very short period of timeI am interested, but I have little financial capability at the present moment and am activelyworking to prevent closure of theatres.Bill DeverMetaOwn Process: Strategic partner vendors deliver Z*Tron Vision projectors (just intime delivery). The vendors work with the Troyer group who hold the licensing rights.Other licensing of the Troyer patents can be negotiated from this position of strength.Troyer and Team Work with Strategic Partners to Deliver Z*Tron Vision: Z*TV and theTroyer patents are clean (no assignments, licensing, promises). Z*Tron Vision is thelinchpin for the simplified CAVE -- HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments.Virtual Skunk Works Approach for fast layout: The MetaOwn lease to MetaSiteCommunity and other chartered venues is a skunk works approach for a fast layout forZ*TV and HIVE platforms. The HIVE layouts provide digital 3D domes for museums,planetariums, science centers, institutions, municipalities, etc. Dome immersion alsoexemplifies gaming, simulation, signage, scientific, medical, Smart Internet TV, etc.Explanation of Today’s Problem That Z*TV HIVE Platforms Solve: Today’s CAVE hasflat walls because it is not possible to project real time images in curved space. Domesuse flat screen projectors that make the dome layout very costly, not user friendly andmakes it impossible to show normal content (whether TV, sports, videos streaming, 2Dlegacy features, National Geographic shows, or any other media - video). The contenthas to be computer manipulated for the curved spaced showing to keep the images infocus on the dome screen. This process is expensive and time consuming. 9 Page
  10. 10. Solution: Z*TV is a honed tool to create 3D in curved space—for handheld (mobile) tosuitcase (security, command & control on the ground); home and digital cinema andplanetariums, museums, Opera backset staging, sound stages, full domes, etc.IF IT IS: Infinite Focus, Instant Transformation, Innate Sharp images: Images adjust todome screens automatically. Z*Tron Vision is the linchpin -- keystone for the opengarden HIVE and a great next generation technology. Whoever has the patent rightswill be able to deliver best missing link—linchpin-keystone display for the HIVE. SteveJobs stated he would deliver laser TV if he had the patents- but Apple’s many patentattempts in the area (auto dimension) never worked. Z*TV attributes have open architecture for HIVE realities and smart Internet TV Z*Rama (dimensional Cinerama w/o glasses) is viewed from any room angle No headaches with Z*TV Audiences will clamor for more, when they experience immersive auto dimension screens Best images—great blacks—for star fields—Planetarium content Suitcase: high end terminal – inflatable dome screen Images: same clarity as high end camera sensor capture – kept up with Moores law COTS--- vendor parts are mature Use todays infrastructure -- no changes needed.Tune in to Future—High End Work Station Integration Tools: Nvidia takes workstationto a new revolution. Z*TV attributes are needed in the terminal display from digitaldomes and cinema theaters, gaming, hand held, suitcase to HIVE simulation. Eachterminal, whether at home, medical, gaming, design, post house honing of capturedimaging—will need the highest end dimensional monitors—with auto dimensional vividfull color images. Content creation tools are an integrated part from Smart Internet TVthrough to the big digital domes.“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci. Steve Jobs often quoted 10Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite maxim. Z*Tron Vision is an example of the ultimate Pagesimplicity in design. Z*TV is based on KISS -- keep it simple –streamline. This is
  11. 11. possible because of IF IT IS. Any video feed is transformed to full colored images thatautomatically adjust and are in focus on the curved screen.Z*TV digital domes and HIVE platforms will save millions for planetariums/ museums/science centers/ institutions/ municipalities/ arenas/ digital cinema theaters/ themededutainment and home entertainment. The venues can be Meta-Mashed: providecombined experiences such as Planetarium, Cinerama, and performance space.Examples where millions spent in expensive flat screen process for domes –Publicallyfunded institutions: Fleet (San Diego), Adler, (Chicago), Griffith Park Planetarium(Hollywood), Hayden (New York) and just recently the Quebec Satosphere dome.Using flat screen projectors (instead of Z*Tron Vision automatic adjustment withfocused images on curved screen) means that real time images (sports, videostreaming, Opera, 2D legacy features, TV, etc.) will be out of focus. The video feed hasto be massaged first so that it is in focus on the dome. This is done with expensive timeconsuming computer manipulation and with texture mapping. The images are mappedso they are in focus and adjust to the curved screen or another pre-arranged irregularsurface such as images projected on the side of a building,The cost for the dome theater is well over $6 million using flat screen arc projectors andpre-manipulating content to adjust to the curved screens. -- often taking months toprepare, using texture mapping to adjust the flat screen content to the curved screen.Z*TV saves users 10X/10X10X (10 times less costly).10X/10X/10X Factor: Z*TV follows the 10X/10X/10X factor—in the full dome,planetarium, themed park, simulation, and CAVE markets, etc. 10X less expensive/ 10Xmore user friendly, 10X better images (vivid color, star field contrast, and dimensionalsharp amplified images). Z*Tron Vision is the linchpin-- keystone for the HIVE) –substitute for the CAVE. 11The Future of Cinema article describes a full dome theater Satosphere in Quebec that Pagewas not 10X/10X/10X. It cost millions and takes months to create content.
  12. 12. dome theaters such as the theater in Milwaukie are waiting for a solution. is a roadmap for the best layout: The industry for years has gone down wrongpaths—spent fortunes on what does not work. Now that the industry knows lasers arethe answer, it appears that it will take another 10 years – which is quite upsetting --especially if the Trolls start the lawsuit/ infringement process.Griffith Park (Hollywood): Troyer and team were asked to install Z*TV on thePlanetarium dome for the refurbish. Before the projector could be installed, it was stolenfrom out Burbank lab (inside job). John Moseley of JPL and Troyer (me) were creatingcontent for the opening show: NASA and JPL dimensional space images with Dr.Donald Gurnetts recorded space sounds in sync with the images from Mars, Titan,Jupiter, etc. (Van Allen Physics—University of Iowa). This exciting show was canceled(needed Z*TV dome attributes to work). Audiences have still not experienced thisimmersion into space.Larger dome venues; digital cinema and HIVE platforms: There are many areas oflicensing. We feel that it is important to keep the big dome screens at low cost longterm leases, so that public private venues can be sustainable. The community MetaSiteis a portal with server and storage with a local wireless network and interconnectivity.The community MetaSite connects with other community MetaSites. These portals aresound stages with big Z*TV backsets and TV content creation tools. ZELF labs arelocated in the communities to create content and create HIVE platforms. Contests 12between MetaSites can see who has the best backsets for TV shows. See After Hours Page
  13. 13. Live in themed entertainment. See the new reality show with SyFy where contestantscompete to create the best backsets for their TV show.Themed Entertainment: HIVE platforms for themed edutainment-- not possible withoutthe attributes of IF IT IS -- Z*TV. After Hours Live proposal and sample script:MetaZtron Vision Themed Entertainment (see the Sprite)Ticket Sales and Sustainability: Z*TV sells tickets – can have a live wrestling matchbeer night or a Metropolitan Opera night. Any video feed can be show on the dome inreal time. Just like hooking up your TV set to the internet. 2D legacy features, TVstreaming, You Tube --. Z*TV provides Museums, Science Centers, Planetariums,Municipalities, Institutions, Community centers, others- a solution for sustainability.Z*TV provides 10X 10X 10X: better picture/ more user friendly/ less costly. Theaterscan metamash with Cinerama/ Planetarium/ Changing sets/ Opera/ Performance.Content Creation, sell tickets and lease revenue: TV sound studio, tools to createcontent; community based themed studios. Each Venue has a ZELF Lab attachedwhere the HIVE platforms are created. ZELF- Zone Enhanced Location Fusion.Companies hire the ZELF labs to create needed HIVE platforms. Sell tickets to movies,sports, Opera, Performances; Sell Content, Lease studio and lab and tools, Sell manytickets, rent facility for club, benefits, conferences, conventions, etc.Global Support and Other Applications: Maybe the military, planetariums, museums,the gamers, medical—the immersive themed edutainment, etc. can finally provide greatimmersive worlds. Best High End Sensor Capture: Drones, Security, Google Mapping,etc. Patented Z*TV provides the blue print for the gaming and home Smart Internet TVand Z*TV suitcase model --- high end portable terminal for command & control in caseof disaster. Vivid sharp dimensional images from the drone camera capture. Sensors 13have kept up with Moores law --- displays have not. Page
  14. 14. Z*TV patents have open architecture so can evolve as the vendor parts improve. One ofthe main targets is the “suitcase,” The sturdy suitcase is designed with best image -- ascommand & control on the ground—where a terminal can be set up with big pop upcurved screen. Z*TV is C2 for natural disasters, battle, security, etc.Air Force R&D support from expert: Z*TV attributes are the KISS missing link forimmersive training, simulation and C2 on the ground, etc. (contact information onrequest). He will explain the great necessity for the military to speed along to deliver themuch needed Z*TV immersive platforms. He has seen many years of money beingpoured down the drain for attempted 3D –auto dimensional image solutions. Theseattempts have not worked because of the wrong design approach. He realizes thatTroyer’s patented solution provides streamlined immersion for training; simulation, etc.VP of technology at major company: He attended the Metatron (Z*TV) demonstration inBurbank, California and states best image and missing link for the CAVE. In 2006 theTroyer upgrades for domes was reviewed. Troyer was introduced to the Symbolengineer (designing Pico projector). It was decided that the Troyers patented processwould make projector brighter and more eye safe. Before changes could be made,Motorola purchased Symbol and sold the Symbol patents to Microvision. (Troyerpatents not involved). Microvision uses the Troyer patented approach, but does nothave patents to cover the Troyer basic process. Microvision design problem- no sync-Video images have dark scanning lines. Intel is now strategic partner with Microvision.Interest in the patents for Smart Internet TV: Patent brokers see much potential to selland license. Troyer located her proposal that Intel asked for in 2004. It is surprising howit holds true today--- 8 years later. Troyer’s blog explores the status of Z*TV August 22,2012. Included is the Intel white paper 2004 and a paper comparing digital cinema 2002 14to digital cinema 2012. Page
  15. 15. Intel White Paper (2004) and Discussion of Digital Cinema Projector 2000 -2012 and Infringement overview discussed in Metatroy blog: Read the combinedblogs from Nov. 2011 – June 2012 (Indexed). LIPA consortium/ Sony/ IMAX- Kodak--BARCO, etc. See the LIPA letter (index) Group: Kodak, IMAX, Sony, Red, BARCO, NEC, Christies have demonstratedtheir laser models, which infringe on the Troyer claims: full spectrum color- red 635 nmor over with laser beams directed to a reflective light valve. The laser beam attributes ofpolarization, collimation and coherence for best dimensional images are kept. Thesecompanies use stereo with glasses instead of the simplified KISS auto dimension. Theyare not taking full advantage of the laser attributes.James Cameron Interview—TechCrunch: The 3D guru has decided that Smart TV withno glasses--- auto dimensional – will dictate what digital cinema finally becomes.TechCrunch: Is the future of 3D about the movies or TV? Cameron: The future of 3Dwill be defined by TV. The reason for that is it’s going to solve this whole conversionissue. Because the 3D production cycle for TV is so short. You don’t have time to do aconversion. It just doesn’t exist. It’s just not part of the vocabulary. So, the tools forshooting it, posting it, delivering it, displaying it, are all going to be proven in the TVmarkets and then movie guys are just going to have to get in line with it.TechCrunch: What do you think about the state of 3D TV’s? Cameron: Mid level big flatpanels are 3D now. — It’s really not that big a deal anymore. So, I think where it’s 15ultimately got to end, is glasses free viewing in the home, on the big screen. Page
  16. 16. Summary: 3D in curved space -- automatic full spectrum color-- any video feed imagesadjust to domes in real time. Provide real time 2D to 3D-- auto dimensional-- (no cost--)takes any feed. Thus no glasses are needed; the bright vivid dimensional images canbe seen from any angle -- not shaded and reduced by filters/ glasses/ etc. Z*TV withopen architecture attributes will be a major model for Smart Internet TV – which isconsidered the next big market after the smart phone and tablet.We have had Zuddite attacks to keep the Z*TV technology from being introduced –stealing our first 11 assembled projectors ready for the clients. This is exhausting andreally painful and costly, especially for the vendors that were supportive. It is a roughworld out there to introduce disruptive technology (especially when you areindependent— not associated with university or big company).Planned is to have Z*Tron Vision Projectors delivered to waiting theaters and venuesthat have stated they want long term leases. ZELF labs are often set up in conjunctionwith the venues to create HIVE platforms with the linchpin Z*TV. This will create asafe space for fast track innovation with skunk works attributes. Most of the prototypingis accomplished. To hone the technology and deliver HIVE platforms, local ZELF labscreate the applications for KISS HIVE applications -- KISS: Keep it simple: streamline.Diane TroyerMetatron Zone LLC319-512-1009 mobile: 818-795-2407metatronvision@gmail.comMetatroy Dianes TwitterMetatroy slide share (check this out)Tags: interoperability, auto dimensional imaging, suite-ified, cookie cutter, virtualization, 16cloud based; open architecture, open garden, Holodeck playpen, HIVE, Z*Rama, ZELF, PageZeons, STEAM TEAMS, KISS, linchpin,