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  • This looks great, Bob. Love the move toward 'instant' communication.. makes it more human. Some people on twitter are doing that well. It is so simple but getting into that mindset can be tougher.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 1DIGITAL MARKETINGSTRATEGY:STEPS FOR SUCCESS INHIGHER EDUCATIONeduWeb Conference 2012Boston, MAJuly 30-August 1, 2012
  2. 2. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 2Just a play on words?• “We dont believe in digitalmarketing. We believe inmarketing in a digital world,and theres a huge difference." • Clive Sirken, CMO, Kimberly-Clark, March 2012
  3. 3. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 3Strategy defined…• “Marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.” •
  4. 4. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 4In one month, 320 comments…
  5. 5. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 5TO BEGIN…Perils and Pitfalls…And 6 Strategy Points
  6. 6. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 6This is real, but silly…
  7. 7. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 7Flying high for toothpaste…
  8. 8. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 86 really big strategy points… #1 #2• Social media… • Mobile… • Marketing and PR • People are can‟t control the connected message anymore everywhere, all the time
  9. 9. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 9Two more really big things… #3 #4• Privacy… • Engagement • “Big data” gives the • Most people will capacity to know “like” and “follow” more about people but not actively than ever before “engage”
  10. 10. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 10And two more… #5 #6• New technology • ROI • No need to be first in • Difficult to measure everything, the individual impact especially if you of every step in a don‟t know where it marketing campaign fits in a marketing campaign
  11. 11. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 112 points to carry with us…• Nothing is important forever… even Facebook? • AOL • MySpace • Friendster • GeoCities • Google Wave• People are still people… • People like to talk to real people… sometimes • People like getting information that interests them • People who are online have very little patience
  12. 12. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 12Do marketers fall too quickly in love? • QR codes • Only 5% of U.S. smartphone owners used them in last quarter of 2011 • Mostly young men • Why so few? • Too many code readers • Placed in weird places • Links to regular websites • Even if “mobile-friendly,” no benefit to the user
  13. 13. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 13SXSW conference… “a media zoo”• Convergence… “annual buzz word” • “Its a place where the question is always „whats next‟ and one has the impression of meandering hordes traipsing the streets of Austin searching for answers to a confusing and ever-evolving media landscape.” • Jake Coyle, AP,
  14. 14. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 14THE BACKGROUNDHow we got started and where weare today
  15. 15. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 15Smartphones enabled the revolution…
  16. 16. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 16And tablets are expanding it…
  17. 17. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 17Marketing sector revenue in 2010…• Channel Change from 2009 • Video/broadband… $127.4B +6.5% • Cable networks… $51.9B +8.6% • Broadcast TV… $29.2B +14.0% • Digital… $23.2B +17.7% • Newspapers… $18.3B -5.1% • Magazines… $12.8B -0.8%
  18. 18. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 18Major digital revenue in 2010…• Company Change from 2009 • Google (w/ YouTube) $9.3B +27.4% • Yahoo $3.3B -6.2% • Microsoft family $1.6B +8.2% • InterActiveCorp $1.2B +20.0% • Facebook $1.2B +116.1% • AOL $0.9B -11.5% • AdAge, October 3, 2011
  19. 19. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 19Today traditional media is online… Radio Newspaper
  20. 20. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 20And email remains important…
  21. 21. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 21New options keep luring us…
  22. 22. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 22WHAT RESEARCH TELLSUS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIAPew Internet and American Life
  23. 23. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 23Top 10 social media sites, 3/17/12… Facebook YouTube Twitter PinterestYahoo Answers LindedIn Tagged Google+ MySpace Yelp 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
  24. 24. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 24Adult activity on social media, all ages… InactivesSpectators JoinersCollectors Critics Creators 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
  25. 25. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 25Adults in February 2012 report…• Most adults (85%) are happy with social media• 64% of online adults use SM • 18 to 29 years… highest at 87% • 30 to 49 years… high at 68% • Older age groups less than 50%• Over 60% by ethnicity, income, education • “Black, non-Hispanic” highest at 70% • “Less than $30,000 household income” highest at 68% • “Some college” highest at 73%• 87% have a Facebook profile • 11% with Twitter profile • 10% with LinkedIn profile
  26. 26. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 26At least daily use of social media…• 62% for Teens, 12 -17• 62% for Millennials, 18 - 34• 56% for GenEx, 35 - 46• Less than 50% for everyone else• Important to remember: Lifespan of a new item on Facebook, Twitter is very short• If something is important, post it more than once
  27. 27. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 27FACEBOOK… THE DIGITALGIANT WE CAN‟T IGNOREMarketers fly to Facebook like mothsto a flame… and some get burned
  28. 28. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 28Social media “experts” often insist…• “A two-way conversation between marketers and consumers is the whole point of social…• “Anything less… is a reflection of outdated broadcast- style thinking.”• Consider an alternate reality• Most people “follow” and “friend” brands to listen, not to engage in a conversation. • Numbers do count… the more listening the better• Reality makes “ROI” extremely challenging to measure • What are all those “followers” and “friends” actually doing? • When will they take a “desired action”?
  29. 29. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 29Key point about Facebook…• 901 million members in April, 2012…• 526 million daily users…• Most people who use FB will never care about your brand
  30. 30. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 30Facebook is today‟s mass media…• About 1% of people who follow major brands actively “engage” with them… almost everyone just listens. That‟s OK.• “People need to understand what Facebook can do for a brand and what it can‟t do. It doesn‟t really differ from mass media. It‟s great to get decent reach, but to change the way people interact with a brand overnight is just unrealistic.” • Karen Nelson-Field, (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Australia), based on FB metrics “People Talking About This”
  31. 31. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 31Is Facebook a place for advertising?• Facebook is like a bar where people go to hang out…• The best place for advertising? • FB click through on ads is “well below” industry average• But FB is huge… • People spent 18% of their online time on FB in 2011 • Up from 8% in 2010 • More time on FB = less opportunity to engage elsewhere • FB advertising can be successful just because so many people spend so much time there that a high click through rate isn‟t always necessary • “Why Facebook is becoming the media world‟s black hole,” Simon Dumenco, 3 October 2011
  32. 32. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 32Burning on the Facebook flame…• “Eager to monetize the large followings they had built on Facebook, many large brands set up shop on the social network for the first time last year (2011). • J.C. Penny, Gap, Nordstrom…• “Now many of those Facebook stores are closing. • “In most cases, retailers have entered the f-commerce market by importing their online catalogs and making them available for purchase in a Facebook app. The experience is nearly identical to shopping on their websites, with two major differences: 1) Shoppers can complete their entire browsing and checkout experience without leaving; and 2) the Facebook apps tend to work more slowly.” • “Why are brands shutting their Facebook stores?” at
  33. 33. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 33But Facebook moves people…• “Facebook has become an important traffic driver to retailers‟ websites. • “For instance, 1.9% of traffic to Burberry‟s website in September 2010 came from Facebook; a year later, 29.1% of site traffic was from the social network, Mullen wrote in an email to Mashable.• “[Burberry is] using the platform to drive traffic at a fraction of the cost of what it would have to pay on Google and other search engines. In addition a significant portion of that traffic and resulting sales is likely incremental,” she added.”
  34. 34. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 34This combo works for Burberry…
  35. 35. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 35More than one Facebook site?
  36. 36. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 36CONTENT STRATEGYIn a nutshell
  37. 37. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 37The truth is hard to admit…• Nobody caresas much aboutyour 100thbirthdaycelebrations asyour “family”does…
  38. 38. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 38Inside the nutshell…• 75 percent of the content on your website is garbage.• Identify and remove it to thrive in a mobile world… focus on top tasks• Example: University of Richmond eliminated about 50 percent of overall web content • About 75 percent of admissions and financial aid content
  39. 39. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 39Top Tasks… 9 of 60 dominate Top 25% 26-50% 51-75%
  40. 40. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 40Most important tasks…• Costs, financial aid available and what investment return to expect after graduating.• Also popular were the details of earning a degree • How long to earn a degree and flexible scheduling were high interest tasks
  41. 41. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 41Topics among the bottom 20 tasks…• Social media connections• Info about alumni, presidents, and deans• School news• Profiles and connections to current students
  42. 42. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 42ADVERTISING IN THEDIGITAL WORLDWhere are your dollars going now?Targeting for Facebook… and all else
  43. 43. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 43Many places for ad $$$…, old & new
  44. 44. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 44Forrester on online advertising spend…• Online grows from 21% of total $$ in 2012 to 35% in 2016… • Search… $33 billion but falls from 55% to 44% of total. • Display… $28 billion or 36%... The big growth sector • Mobile… $8.2 billion by 2016 or 11% • Social media… $4.4 billion or 7% • Email… $2.5 billion or 3% • Daily deals… fading out as people tire of them • Forbes magazine report at
  45. 45. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 45Is Facebook a place for advertising?• The best place for advertising? • FB click through on ads is “well below” industry average• But FB is huge… • People spent 18% of their online time on FB in 2011 • Up from 8% in 2010 • More time on FB = less opportunity to engage elsewhere • FB advertising can be successful just because so many people spend so much time there that a high click through rate isn‟t always necessary • “Why Facebook is becoming the media world‟s black hole,” Simon Dumenco, 3 October 2011
  46. 46. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 46Advertising on Facebook…
  47. 47. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 47Sorting the people on FB…
  48. 48. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 48Controlling the cost to experiment…
  49. 49. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 49Of course, track the results…
  50. 50. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 50DIRECT RESPONSEADVERTISING ONLINEMatching programs with adplacement
  51. 51. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 51Again, targeting is key… • Age • Gender • Location • Behavior • Time • Handset • And more…
  52. 52. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 52Direct response… program admatches placement
  53. 53. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 53Leads to a proper landing page…
  54. 54. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 54And a social media connection…
  55. 55. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 55Simple, clean, quick email response…
  56. 56. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 56RETARGETEDADVERTISINGCreepy to some, successful to others
  57. 57. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 57It might start with a search in May…
  58. 58. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 58REJ on a automobile forum…
  59. 59. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 59REJ on Flyertalk…
  60. 60. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 60REJ on the Washington Post…
  61. 61. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 61July 17… A change in focus to MBA
  62. 62. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 62Retargeting specialists…
  63. 63. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 63GROUP ADVERTISING“Lead gen” for more leads at lesscost w/ 3rd party screening
  64. 64. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 64“Online masters degree finance”...
  65. 65. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 65Where will you be among 55 choices?
  66. 66. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 66Selection: 60 bachelor‟s degrees…
  67. 67. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 67FOR BEST ROI ON ANYADVERTISINGAttention to the Inquiry Form…And the first response time
  68. 68. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 68Just 4 items on this inquiry form…
  69. 69. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 69Your preferred contact format?
  70. 70. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 70A rare texting option…
  71. 71. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 71Even for traditional students… Creighton University Cedarville University
  72. 72. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 72Immediate & continuing response…
  73. 73. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 73BEWARE THE DEVIL‟SDIGITAL DETAILS…Bad experiences kill brands
  74. 74. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 74Focused online advertising is good…
  75. 75. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 75But not a w/o a good follow through… • Don‟t drop people into a regular web page • Be direct in asking for a response… • “If we can help you decide if this is the right program for your career advancement, please do not hesitate to contact us at 315-443-3368.”
  76. 76. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 76Content isn‟t king if you can‟t read it…
  77. 77. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 77Mobile visitors to mobile friendly sites… Mobile friendly Not mobile friendly
  78. 78. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 78Tablet users have high expectations… (March 2012 research)
  79. 79. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 79That are not being met now…
  80. 80. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 80WHAT TO EXPECT FOR2015… AND BEYOND“Big Data,” Speed, Video
  81. 81. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 81(1) “Big data” and marketing…• Early days in 2012…• Demand for data analysts will grow… and grow• May compete for resources with “brand” advertising to large audiences • Super Bowl marketing… an example of “brand awareness”• Driving 21st century direct response marketing• Google, Facebook, Amazon… Big Data players
  82. 82. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 82Benefit from the privacy decline…• Google, Facebook = end of privacy online• Marketers will know more & more about individuals online• Fact: people do not object to ads that interest them• Opportunity: skip mass advertising, focus lead generation marketing to people who might have an interest• Conversion: with permission to speak, keep the content relevant to interests of the people receiving it• Penalty: to much “brand speak” and people will withdraw permission to speak to them
  83. 83. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 83“Big data”… to tell a “clear story”
  84. 84. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 84(2) Plan for extraordinary speed in 2017…• “In 2000, “the first ads we wrote for Oracle were about 7 seconds. If the consumer was online and didn‟t get the content that they wanted within 7 seconds, they‟d be gone.• “Now 7 seconds is a lifetime.”• In 2017? • “If Spotify is fixated with delivering content in under 200 milliseconds now, can you imagine what the competition will be in 5 years?” • Lawrence A. Kimmel, CEO, Direct Marketing Association
  85. 85. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 85A verbal future… no nav, no search • In the mobile world, no need to touch anything • What words will your visitors use? • Must work better than your “search” works now • “Top task” even more important… know “Taskwords”
  86. 86. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 86(3) Best of 30 “2015” predictions… Video• ”Video is the number one activity marketers plan to expand in the future, which we see as a commitment to visual storytelling.• “The number two area of interest is mobile. That makes sense given the incredible explosion in the tablet market.• “By tablet, I‟m talking about iPads and e-readers.” • Rebecca Lieb, “Expert Predictions for Content Marketing 2015,”
  87. 87. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 87Invest in… Social Video • “Create video content that taps into psychological triggers, which drive people‟s desire to share that content with others… • “…when I watch it, I immediately think to myself, “Wow, Grant needs to see this as well.” • Mark Robertson,
  88. 88. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 88Humorous works best…
  89. 89. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 8915 seconds gets best response…
  90. 90. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 90Women are most likely responders…
  91. 91. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 91Video leads to your Facebook page…
  92. 92. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 92Begin w/ a Pinterest video?Doctors without Frontiers…
  93. 93. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 93CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS?
  94. 94. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 94Still don‟t believe in the “speed thing”?
  95. 95. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 952nd best of 30 predictions… “Real time”• “Real time. It‟s about instant. I see so few content marketers who truly understand the power of an instant blog post, an out-of-the-gate video, a fast update to a website.• ”In my experience, most content marketers still have a campaign approach to content marketing. There‟s nothing wrong with that. It‟s not either or. But there‟s a big opportunity to take advantage of what‟s going on right now, this instant.” • David Meerman Scott, “Expert Predictions for Content Marketing 2015,”
  96. 96. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 96Will you do this in digital tomorrow?• “I don‟t know how the (display glass) technology would work, but I only want notifications for things that are important to me, are intertwined with my life and connect to my goals and daily business.” • “Example: I get a call from my university academic adviser informing me that there is a unique leadership opportunity at John Hancock Mutual Funds. What I would like to happen then is for the smart technology to pull up the email in my inbox regarding the leadership opportunity while pulling up the Facebook page for John Hancock with more current information. Cross reference all of that information on both sources with the information from adviser on the phone to help me pull out the most important information. The smart tech should run the time and date of the event through my calendar automatically to see if I am even available during that time. Etc. etc. etc.” • “Mzimmer” on a blog comment, April 4, 2012,
  98. 98. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 98Digital marketing… “Insanely complicated”
  99. 99. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 99Digital recruitment strategy steps…• First impression online is critical… • Top tasks from customer viewpoint • Kill “marketing speak” content• Data to craft targeted advertising…• Simple online inquiry forms help ROI…• Immediate inquiry response… • Telephone, email, or texting• Continuing response unless told to stop…• New role for video story telling
  100. 100. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 100Content priority… students decide• Academic program list• Net cost calculator• Dates and deadline calendar• Academic program details• Application process summary• Online application form • Noel-Levitz, Mobile Expectations survey 2012
  101. 101. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 101An underused strategy element…• Academic program interest of the potential student for competitive advantage • Online advertising for individual programs • Use academic program interest from first response • Inquiry, application & finance options from every academic program page • Academic content written for students, not faculty and their friends • Social media plan for selected programs • Contact with students and faculty in academic programs of interest
  102. 102. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 102DIGITAL MARKETINGRESOURCES
  103. 103. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 103Pew Internet research projects…
  104. 104. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 104“I Want Media” daily newsletter…
  105. 105. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 105Social Media Examiner…
  106. 106. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 106Academic research sources…University of Maryland Dartmouth College
  107. 107. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 107Integrating digital channels…An example
  108. 108. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 108Big data in marketing campaigns…
  109. 109. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC 109THANKS FOR BEINGHERE IN BOSTON!Bob Johnson,