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AEJMC12 State of the Industry: ONA


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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AEJMC12 State of the Industry: ONA

  1. 1. State of the Industry Prepared for AEJMC Chicago 2012 Jody Brannon, Ph.D. ONA Board Member & Treasurer ONA Education Committee Chair Editor, The Next America on National Journal
  2. 2. This presentation posted to …
  3. 3. Join the digital evolutionProfessional, Academic and Associate Annual: $75 Student Membership Annual: $25
  4. 4. Trends from ONA• Mobile, mobile, mobile*• Partnerships*• Moderation/keeping to scale*• Wrestling with visualization & graphics*• “We really mean it this time!” Streamlining workflow and embracing skillsets in newsrooms = maturation of digital processes• Second screens (TV and tablets/phones) * = on list from 2010 “State of the Industry” panel
  5. 5. Questions?• As news orgs seek to grow audience, what are the best practices for allocating resources between mobile, online and legacy (newspaper/television) coverage? automate• Best way to use social media to drive audience? speed/clone talents: Twitter, FB, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterst…• And if advertising is rapidly migrating from web to mobile, what does that mean for news orgs still struggling to monetize online? Rapid? hmm• Who’s innovating? Size & $ (NYT, Y!, Daily)
  6. 6. State of the Media Online Findings Reputation matters: 2/3 of top 25 news sites = traditional media companiesTop 25 news sites = 342M avg. monthly uniques, up 17%Top 5 news sites = 7-11% of total traffic from mobile8.6% of news site traffics from social, up +56% since ’09 (google says it’s higher) Source:
  7. 7. “The promiscuity of our audiences is onlygoing to dramatically increase”“I feel newsrooms have to pivot from just focusing oncreating amazing content to creating amazingexperiences,” he said.Narisetti said the user experience will determinesuccess in digital news.“The winners and losers are separated at theintersection of content and technology,” he said. “You Raju Narisettineed great content and to be managing technology WSJ.comto create an amazing experience for users who can goanywhere they want. The experience is what will makethem stay and come back.” Poynter
  8. 8. “The basic axiom of legacymedia is that they are tradinglegacy dollars for digital dimes.”75-85% of traffic from Search or Social15-15% from bookmarks/destination Source:
  9. 9. “News organizations now findthemselves both partneringwith and competing againstlarge technology-basedorganizations that are far betterfinanced and boast greaterengineering knowledge.” Source:
  10. 10. Maximizing Social Reach• Best time for Tweets is 5 p.m.• Improve CT% with 1 to 4 tweets per hour• 65% higher engagement before noon on FB• 3 hours is avg lifetime of a FB post• Only 30-40% of fans see any given FB post• <10% of FB fans see a page• CTR is higher on weekends• Best time to Tweet is noon-6 p.m.• Saturday is best day to share on FB• FB’s spikes are at noon and after 7 pm Science of Social Timing
  11. 11. IMPROVED ENGAGEMENT album > 180%WHEN AFACEBOOK picture > 120%POST video > 100%INCLUDESVISUALS…CT% jumps
  12. 12. VISUAL POWER MDG Advertising
  13. 13. 3 Content Types That DriveMost Interaction on Facebook • Photos • Quotes • Infographics
  14. 14. “Upworthy, a news aggregation sitethat … is serious news built for aspreadable age, with super clickyheadlines and a visually orienteduser interface.” David Carr, NYT, July 9
  15. 15. 8 Questions helping to define the future of journalism1. Addressing content architecture2. Evolving the narrative form3. Creating the Reporter’s Notebook 2.04. Rethinking organizational workflow5. Exploring computational journalism6. Leveraging search and social Richard Gingras7. Rethinking site design Head of News Products Google8. Shifting to a culture of constant product innovation Neiman Labs
  16. 16. Acquisitions & Evolution• Turner/CNN/SI buy Bleacher Report: 4 founders > $175M• FB buys Instragram for $1B• WashPost buys Digg• WebMedia Brands buys Lost Remote• Digital First’s Central Curation Team (Project Thunderdome)• Gannett doing something similar
  17. 17. Miscellaneous Tools & Such• States and countries: quickly indicating particulars• Measure of America: demographics• Media Bistro’s 10,000 Words: 7 Innovate Online Maps• If It Were My compare New England to other nation• Make complex graphics• The Daily Viz: Good for exploring ideas• Offerings from tool session:• Net Magazine: 50 Free Web Design Tools• More offered frequently at ONA FB group for educators
  18. 18. Sample Digital/J- Job Titles*• Digital Team Leader• Digital Media Project Manager• Digital Content Producer• Website Editor• Social Media Specialist• Backpack Journalist• Print and Online Reporters• Mobile Product Manager * Not all entry level
  19. 19. Digitizing Is Getting Easierresumes websites• •• •• •google sites• •wordpress• •typepad• •codiqa “insanely fast mobile prototyping”
  20. 20. Whatcha Readin’?•*• >••• and•• Trove* > better than• Zite* > favored over Flipboard * favorites
  21. 21. Questions?!/onastudents jbrannon <at>