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Rock and Roll Content: Creating Big Hits


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Here's a study of 11 legends of rock and roll and how they created signature styles. Understand how they struck a chord with their audience and apply those lessons to score big hits with your content.

Here's a study of 11 legends of rock and roll and how they created signature styles. Understand how they struck a chord with their audience and apply those lessons to score big hits with your content.

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  • 1. rock AND Roll CONTENT By FELDMAN CREATIVE a six-string study for creating big Hits.
  • 2. ELVIS
  • 3. All shook up Elvis surprised the audience. He combined musical styles to create a new sound. On stage and on television, he danced with abandon and sang frenetically. Create content that shakes things up.
  • 4. THE beaTles
  • 5. All together now The Beatles were a band. No single personality dominated. They blended their voices, innovated endlessly, created magical mystery, and shared their sense of humor with their audience. Bring different voices to the party.
  • 7. No satisfaction The Stones explored the darkness. No band before them was as brash or dangerous. When most music was romantic and clean, The Stones got rougher, tougher, down and dirty. Don’t be afraid to play devil’s advocate. Challenge status quo with your content.
  • 8. bob Dylan
  • 9. The time’s they are a-changin’ Bob Dylan rewrote the rules. Dylan changed songwriting forever. He explored social themes. His lyrics introduced a narrative voice. He was introspective. His themes were boundless. What the hell is going on? Tell it like it is.
  • 10. who THE
  • 11. See me, feel me The Who created rock opera. The band’s greatest works were rich epics with characters and conflict. The literate writing of the band’s leader, Pete Townshend, was poignant and highly reflective of the human condition. Great stories make memorable content.
  • 12. Led zepPelin
  • 13. Dazed and confused Led Zeppelin added new layers. Mysticism. Volume. Pounding beats. Rock and roll got heavy—and metal— when Zeppelin blasted their distorted and intense version of the blues. Twist convention. Turn it up.
  • 14. PINK floyd
  • 15. Another brick in the wall Pink Floyd made the art form theater. The most noted works of the band went way beyond the concept album. Sound effects. Flying pigs. Insanity. You didn’t just listen to Pink Floyd. You experienced them. Can you create content bigger than merely words?
  • 16. bruUUUUUUce!
  • 17. A runaway American dream Springsteen gave us glory days. His records have little in common, but always star the common man. Our triumphs and our failures. Our passion and our pain. He writes about the human condition and all its highs and lows. Give your content a voice. Make it real.
  • 18. The clash
  • 19. Revolution rock Let fury have the hour, anger can be power. The force behind punk rock’s rising, The Clash were charged with righteousness. Outlaws with guitars, they rallied for the working class, ranted against the right and rocked with rebellion. Speak your mind.
  • 21. ‘Cause this is thriller The king of pop. Michael is one the most popular recording artists ever. In addition to a relentless string of mega-hits, Jackson’s stunning dance skills and elaborate, epic videos inspired the whole world tune into a rising star called MTV. Shine bright onscreen.
  • 22. MADONNA
  • 23. Touched for the very first time She defines vogue. Madonna may have been the first female pop music phenom to create such a seductive image. She commanded the media with her energetic dance music, and unabashed sexuality. Express yourself. Sell it.
  • 24. Rock for those aBout to WE SALUTE YOU CLICK HERE TO rOCK YOUR CONTENT