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Influence Matters. But how do you measure it? Followers count? Klout? How do you put influence marketing to work for your business?

If your head starts to hurt just thinking about measuring social influence, you’ve come to the right place.

This deck is from the Argyle Social webcast series featuring Tom Webster from Edison Research and Eric Boggs from Argyle Social.

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  • Greg – I knew Chris Brogan before he had $10 in his pocket, Gary V before Wine Library got HUGE, Jason Keath before he started Social Fresh – so the relationships were genuine.Greg – In 2010, “social” accounting for almost 25% of new business.
  • On Influence

    1. 1. Presented by Tom Webster & Eric BoggsNov 20, 2011 #oninfluence
    2. 2. Who are these people talking to me? Tom Webster Eric Boggs @webby2011 @ericboggs brandsavant.com argylesocial.com #oninfluence
    3. 3. Details• Tom will lead Q/A at the end of the call.• Tag your tweets/questions with #oninfluence.• We’re recording this shin dig.• We’ll send an email follow up to everyone.• Eric is @ericboggs.• Tom is @webby2001. #oninfluence
    4. 4. - How Far Should You Open the Kimono? #oninfluence
    5. 5. - How Far Should You Open the Kimono? #oninfluence
    6. 6. 15-SECOND 101EDGERANK COMMERCIAL:ERIC why, and how on Facebook’s ranking algorithm.The what,Featuring Chad Wittman, CEO at EdgeRankChecker.com.Thursday, Dec 8, 1pm ESTSign up at ar.gy/edgerank #oninfluence
    7. 7. Pondering influence… #oninfluence
    8. 8. Online Influence: A Brief History • 2001 – Cialdini publishes “Influence” • 2008 – Klout launched • 2009 – Fluent from RazorFish • Jan 2011 – Klout raises $8.5M • Nov 2011 – Webcast with Tom #oninfluence
    9. 9. Influence At Work: ChevyChevy very actively targetssocial media personalitiesto promote its brand andspecific products.“We know that the Volt hasa high interest from earlytech adopters. We‟re tryingto get people that know andlove technology to help usget the word out.” ~Chriti Landy, Volt PM #oninfluence
    10. 10. Influence At Work: Chevy #oninfluence
    11. 11. Influence At Work: Blue SkyESP Blue Sky Factory grewawareness by compingaccounts for social mediapersonalities and events.“I can‟t tell you how manytimes we heard „If its goodenough for Brogan, its goodenough for me.”~Greg Cangialosi, Blue SkyFactory CEO #oninfluence
    12. 12. Influence At Work: Klout PerksKlout enables targetedinfluencer marketingthrough its Perks platform.“The program is goingreally well. We‟re stackingup Perks well into 2012.”~Tyler Singletary,Developer Evangelist #oninfluence
    13. 13. Influence At Work: Klout #oninfluence
    14. 14. Unwinding Online Influence Scores How do these companies calculate the scores? Why are these scores important? Are these scores democratizing influence? Or are they accelerating a nerd-pocalypse-ageddon? #oninfluence
    15. 15. Rethinking Influencewww.ChristopherSPenn.com@CSPenn #oninfluence
    16. 16. Rethinking Influence • “Everyone is an Influencer” – Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear) • “Focus on the Influenced” – Matt Ridings (@techguerilla) • Awareness vs. Action • Predictive vs. Diagnostic • Reward Mechanics #oninfluence
    17. 17. Introducing The Snooki Doctrine“My Klout is equal to Snooki’s. Thereisn’t a party, gathering, or room in theworld in which I would be equallyinfluential to Snooki. There’s a goodthought exercise for you.” ~Tom, Sept 12, 2011 #oninfluence
    18. 18. Explaining The Snooki Doctrine• Influence – by definition – reflects one’s ability to change another’s state.• It is OK to treat people differently, as long as the underlying basis for tiers has meaning.• A composite “influence” score does not necessarily reflect something meaningful.• Lazy marketers are the problem. #oninfluence
    19. 19. Actions Per Thousand• The goal of influence marketing is to change someone’s behavior.• There is a positive correlation between engagement and influence.• So why not build a simple metric to indicate the effectiveness of an influencer campaign? APM = Desired Social Action / 1k Followers #oninfluence
    20. 20. The Bronzer Example #oninfluence
    21. 21. Tears of Joyful Understanding #oninfluence
    22. 22. The Lazy Marketer Problem• Compound metrics obfuscate lots of details.• Qualitative data belongs in the mix.• Simplify influence at your own risk. #oninfluence
    23. 23. Putting Influence To Work• A Three Step Process That Eric Made Up – Who are my influencers? • Look internally and externally • Look for online and offline indicators – Marketing to/through/with influencers. • Build genuine relationships • Make it worthwhile for both sides – Assess impact and calibrate. • Who delivered and who didn’t #oninfluence
    24. 24. Recommended Reading• Tom’s Blog – http://brandsavant.com• Fluent: Social Influence Marketing Report – http://ar.gy/fluent• Jay Baer on Influence Measures – http://ar.gy/jayoninfluence #oninfluence
    25. 25. 15-SECOND 101EDGERANK COMMERCIAL:ERIC why, and how on Facebook’s ranking algorithm.The what,Featuring Chad Wittman, CEO at EdgeRankChecker.com.Thursday, Dec 8, 1pm ESTSign up at ar.gy/edgerank #oninfluence
    26. 26. Tom will answer your questions now… Fun Facts! Tom is the only person to reach the “Unobtainum” level for Hilton Rewards. Tom’s favorite song is “Whatcha Gonna Do?” by Pablo Cruise. Tom should revive his snarky Tom Webster chartjunk blog datasnob.com. @webby2011 brandsavant.com #oninfluence