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Sales 2.0 & Social Selling


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What if you could turn virtually every cold call into a “warm call”? Sales Nirvana? It is very possible today with a shift in strategy and through the adoption of new tools and technology.

The blend of a traditional networking philosophy and technology integration can transform the opportunity to develop higher levels of awareness around your solution, increase quality lead generation and elevate evangelism from your brand ambassadors. Social Selling is all about being expertly informed and demonstrating value early in the sales cycle to achieve a competitive advantage. While you cannot automate relationships you can increase quality introductions and accelerate knowledge transfer by leveraging a Social Selling strategy.

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Sales 2.0 & Social Selling

  1. 1. Social  Selling  and  the     Sales  2.0  Pla3orm   Thursday,  July  14,  2011   2:15  p.m.  –  3:15  p.m.   Ryan  Es;s,  Chief  Experience  Officer    Ryan  Es;s  &  Associates,  Minneapolis   ryanes;  
  2. 2. @ryanestis #acaconventionLiveTweet 2
  3. 3. Time Poor“ I love the viewpoints of consultants and vendors. They are truly valuable. But I also don’t have time (nor does anyone else) for multiple one on one calls “ with multiple consultants I know little about. I got 17 cold calls, yes 17, last week from vendors. And I hate not being able to call them all back (because I don’t want to be rude). But truly, from a time perspective, I just can’t. Susan, Buyer & Decision Maker Fortune 500 Company
  4. 4. Source:
  5. 5. Social MediaBusiness Tool or Waste of Time? 7
  6. 6. There is an App for that… 8
  7. 7. Hunter vs. FarmerGo Get the Business!!
  8. 8. Sales Ninja Warrior Prepared Unsuspecting Expert Deadly
  9. 9. 12
  10. 10. Your Network is Your Net Worth
  12. 12. CONSUMEMore information,at the speed ofclick!
  13. 13. “ Your brand is no stronger than your reputation and will increasingly depend on what comes up when you are Googled. “ Alan Jenkins, Global Communications Consultant
  14. 14. 100,000,000The average member is a college educated 43 year old making$107,000 a year.
  15. 15. C R E AT EMore data wasgenerated in 2010 thanin the history of mankind. Source: Andreas Weigland
  16. 16. “ What’s important is that it is now common, and will soon be expected that every intelligent person (and quite a few unintelligent one’s) will have a media platform where they share what they “ care about with the world.
  17. 17. 55% more website visitorsHubSpot 2011 for companies that blog
  18. 18. 2,000,000,000 The number of YouTube videos viewed per day
  19. 19. Proof of concept – YouTube
  20. 20. CONNECTPeople don’t want to betalked at by companies…They want to talk topeople.
  21. 21. COMMUNITYExperience drivesexpecation, and buildstrust.
  22. 22. 8,000,000,000The number of minutes spent on Facebook each day
  23. 23. From Intimacy to Ambient Intimacy 5 15 35 150 500 1500 Threshold of maximum number of individualsSource: Dunbar’s Principle
  24. 24. COMPETITIONThe playing fieldIs now level…
  25. 25. • 5,000,000 socialconnections.• $6,500,000 in onlinecampaign donations.• 14,200,000 watched YesWe Can speech online.
  26. 26. Planner’s Favorite Speakers Who is the best keynote speaker you have ever heard or used?Simon Bailey (achieving individual and organizational brilliance; Bond ("The Accountability Leader"; Buckingham (executive coaching, strengths-driven performance, leadership; Stephen R. Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Ditka (former coach of NFLs Chicago Bears; Estis (sales strategies, leadership skills; Gates (Microsoft chairman; Giuliani (former New York City mayor, speaks on politics, leadership, crisis management)Colin Powell (retired Army general, U.S. secretary of state 2001-05)Tony Robbins (motivational speaker on achieving ones dreams; Sanders ("The People-Centric Business Expert,” leadership; Gore (45th U.S. vice president, author of An Inconvenient Truth)Jay Leno (humor, entertainment; Palin (governor of Alaska 2006-2009, Republican vice-presidential nominee 2008)Mike Krzyzewski ("Coach K," Duke head coach, motivational/sports themes; Slap (corporate strategist, business speaker;)
  27. 27.