Social Media - A Word of Mouth Tool


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Going through the social media basics while keeping in mind it's only a single piece of the puzzle.

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Social Media - A Word of Mouth Tool

  1. Word of Mouth Marketing This presentation WILL change your ENTIRE life
  2. Social Media Should I CARE? HOW do I do it? Does it MATTER?
  3. Ryan La Rosa Public Relations, Word of Mouth Marketing Manager Facebook Twitter LinkedIn SWOM
  4. Agenda 1 Defining the practice 2 Why does it work? 3 Prove it 4 Best Practices 5 Popular examples 6 Q&A
  5. Social Media is just one egg in the Word of Mouth omelette Evangelist Marketing Referral Programs Grassroots Marketing Conversation Creation Influencer Marketing Product Seeding Community Marketing Cause Marketing Buzz Marketing Social Media Brand Blogging
  6. What is Social Media? Using online resources to: Facilitate sharing Listen Create conversation Empower
  7. Social Media & PR Both work to establish relationships PR established third part credibility Social media eliminates third party, creates peer-to-peer interaction Two-way communication
  8. Why Social Media? It is trustworthy, it allows people to claim a stake in the campaign/brand, and allows you to listen & understand your audience.
  9. The Proof is in the Pudding 78% say consumer recommendations most credible form of advertising Social media users 3X more likely to trust peers over advertising or PR 65% of people trust friends, 27% trust experts for product recommendations 120 million social media profiles - each person averaging 2-3 networks
  10. Popular Examples
  11. Blogging 133,000,000 Blogs indexed since 2002 346,000,000 people read blogs globally 77% of active internet users read blogs
  12. Voice
  13. Authenticity
  14. Engagement
  15. Facebook More than 175 million active users Leading demographics are 35-44, 45-54 Average user has 120 “friends” More than 3 billion minutes spent on Facebook each day More than 850 photos uploaded each month More than 7 million videos uploaded each month More than 2 million events created each month
  16. Join the Conversation
  17. Foster Community
  18. Be a Resource
  19. Build a Movement
  20. Draws average of 5 billion U.S. online video views per month 75% U.S. internet audience views online video Average viewer watches 235 minutes of video per month 51% of users go to YouTube weekly or more 52% of users share videos with friends/colleagues often
  21. Give it Potential
  22. Build a Channel
  23. Create Conversation
  24. Twitter 70% of users joined in 2008 Dominated by 35-44 demographic Estimated 5-10 thousand new accounts opened each day Traffic grown over 600% in past 12 months
  25. Listen & Respond
  26. Promotions & Insight
  27. Impact
  28. Over 38 million LinkedIn members worldwide Resource to connect professionally - business connections, networking, new business Highly educated user Dominated by 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 demographics Tap into companies connections, ask questions, answer questions
  29. Professional Use
  30. Personal Use
  31. Additional Networks...
  32. Best Practices Listen, Listen, Listen! Let go of your message Authenticity is key Only occupy the space where you feel most comfortable Remember it’s about people, not technology
  33. Questions? Ryan La Rosa, Public Relations, Word of Mouth Marketing Manager 602.957.7323 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn SWOM