Realtor Top 10 Apps 2013


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Compiled and explained Top Ten Apps for Realtors. This is not the OBVIOUS ones like HAR and These are TOOLS that realtors may not know about unless the research has been done and experienced with top producers. That's how we compiled this list. Call for free demonstration of any application over coffee: 832-771-7295 Cell

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Realtor Top 10 Apps 2013

  1. 1. The Top 10 Apps for Realtors Michael Harrington On Q Financial 832-771-7295
  2. 2. Qualifier Plus IIIx Cost: $9.99 Compatible on: iPhone/IPad, Android • Advanced Residential and commercial mortgage finance calculator • Instant access to P&I, PITI and total loan payments for conventional, FHA and VA loans • Calculate amortization and loan data and e-mail it directly from the app screen on your iPhone • Rent vs. Buy comparisons and estimated tax savings
  3. 3. DocuSign Ink Cost: Free but requires a real estate edition subscription Compatible on: iPhone/iPad , windows, Android • On the go signatures • Download and view the documents that you sent right on your device • Push notifications

  4. 4. Keynote Cost: 4.99 Compatible on: IPad • Allows you to create quick presentations on the fly • Easily pull in pictures and edit tools with no keyboard • Can use Apple Store to learn the many tools to create your own Listing Buyer presentation
  5. 5. Linkedin Cost: Free Compatible on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Palm • Get on-the-go access to your professional network from your iPhone • Find and connect with more than 120 million members worldwide • Read the latest industry news while out and about • Keep up-to-date with your groups, and share content with your network from anywhere. • Send-to-Twitter option when sharing an update
  6. 6. BizXpense Tracker Cost: $5.99 Compatible on: iPhone and iPad • Track your mileage and expenses in this all- inclusive app • Take photos of receipts and attach to individual expenses • Keeps a running total at all times so you always know how much you’ve driven and/or spent • Easily export all expenses and receipt photos to your desktop in an Excel friendly format
  7. 7. GasBuddy Cost: Free Compatible on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone • Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free! • Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices • GasBuddy is a community of users working together to update gas prices • Don’t overpay for gas again!
  8. 8. Cardmunch Cost: Free Compatible on: iPhone, iPad, and Android • Snapshot your cards you get while networking and have it input into your contacts • Immediately connect with linked In for the contact features used in linked in for those cards you downloaded
  9. 9. Cost: Free Compatible on: iPhone, iPad, and Android • Allows you to make unlimited free video and voice calls over 3G and Wi-Fi connection • Call and walk with your IPad to give video presentation as you walk home for relocating individuals • Enable or disable video feature while talking • Receive calls, chat messages and SMS even when you don't have the app open
  10. 10. Open Home Pro Cost:14.99 Compatible on: iPad • Truly track your traffic at open house • User friendly sign in sheet for foot traffic at open house • Database sync with your contacts across devices • Allows you to keep updates out to people who stopped by with one solid email hitting all contacts
  11. 11. HouzZ Cost:free Compatible on: iPhone, iPad, android, Microsoft • 2 Million pictures from across world! Different style, ideas • Set up favorite room pages • Can put notes on pictures saved • Completely free interior design ideas for your clients to let them picture their desires in the homes you show!