Leverage Your Mobile Device For Increased Business Productivity


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Terry Low, Byte Technology | Web Design
Dylan Kim, Verizon Wireless 4G Premium Retailer

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Leverage Your Mobile Device For Increased Business Productivity

  1. 1. Business Builders Workshop:Leverage Your Mobile Device For Increased Business Productivity Speakers: Terry Low, Byte Technology Dylan Kim, Verizon Wireless 4G Premium Retailer
  2. 2. Terry Low, Byte Technology
  3. 3. Common Mobile Phone Usage
  4. 4. Leverage Your Mobile Device For Increased Business Productivity
  5. 5. Why Text? Discretion Record KeepingSaves Money vs. Airtime Spotty Coverage
  6. 6. Have corporate text-message the client with the photo and name ofthe technician arriving at your home Confirm appointments
  7. 7. Help validate with customers the exact cause and recommendedsolutions. Photos improve customer experience.
  8. 8. Repair personnel check withcorporate office to verify part numbers to avoid delays.
  9. 9. UPS Mobile is specially designed with featuresthat let you easily manage your shipments onthe go. This App lets you track and nickname shipments, create shipping labels, find UPS service locations via GPS, and estimate shipment costs and delivery times. Tracking your packages just got easier.
  10. 10. Inventory software application Scan and track current inventoryKnow instantly what you have in stock
  11. 11. Create, View, EditWord, Excel, PowerPoint
  12. 12. Update Proposals and ContractsCheck Stock Lists or update Spreadsheets
  13. 13. Fill in form, sign and return documentsEven allow clients to input a digital signature Close deals/contracts faster
  14. 14. Equip sales staff with online catalogues or sales brochuresInstantly email the catalogue to the customer so they can print (On Demand Printing)
  15. 15. Provide more information Product detailsOption to purchase online
  16. 16. 29 percent of users will look to mobile devices to learn about new products or services, 27 percent will use their handset when making a purchasing decision and 15 percent ofshoppers will use their mobile device to makea purchase while in a store this holiday season. (InMobi Holiday Mobile Shopping Study)
  17. 17. Connect to TV or Projector for stunning presentationsOr just use the tablet for more informal intimacy to aid in the sales process
  18. 18. Accept cards anywhere and never miss a payment opportunity Great option for slow-paying clients
  19. 19. Access files on the go
  20. 20. Dylan Kim, Verizon Wireless
  21. 21. 4G LTE• 4G LTE is the next generation of Data Services provided by wireless carriers• 4G provides 10 times the speeds that 3G is capable of• 4G now allows Verizon users to simultaneously talk and use data• Currently available in 196 cities and 122 Major airports nationwide, covering over 200 million Americans, Verizon plans to cover existing 3G network with 4G LTE by the end of 2013• 4G is available for the majority of Monterey County
  22. 22. 4G LTE Speeds• 3G connections average speeds of about 600 kilobits per second to 1.4 megabits per second on upload speeds and 500kbps-800kbps on download speeds• 4G LTE connections average speeds of about 5 to 12 megabits per second on download speeds and 2 to 5 megabits per second on upload speeds
  23. 23. So what?• With blazing fast speeds, Verizon’s 4G allows users to be more connected with no waits and almost instantaneous results• 4G LTE uplink and downlink speeds are comparable to broadband connection speeds• With 4G capabilities businesses and consumers alike are no longer limited by speeds to do what they need to do on their Smartphone or tablet devices
  24. 24. 4G MiFi Hotspot• Wireless Broadband solution provided by Verizon• Allows user to connect up to 5 different devices via a WiFi connection• Backwards compatible to 3G• Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones can all get connected via the MiFi allowing user to connect online to blazing fast 4G speeds (where applicable) and 3G if 4G is not available in that area
  25. 25. Tablet Devices
  26. 26. Tablet Capabilities• iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are 4G LTE capable• Useful for onsite transactions using Mobile payment solutions• Editing files, pictures, etc are made easy with large screen sizes and fast connection speeds with 4G
  27. 27. Business Solutions• Business Lines receive 5% feature discount on the account• $35 Activation fees are waived when accounts have 5 or more lines• Verizon also provides applications for increased productivity
  28. 28. Apps for Business Productivity• iTerminal is a mobile payment solution that costs a monthly fee of $25• mbPointer which turns your Smartphone device into a presentation pointer• Analytics Application, keeps tabs on traffic to and from your business website
  29. 29. Questions Speakers: Terry Low, Byte TechnologyDylan Kim, Verizon Wireless 4G Premium Retailer