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Softjourn mobile experience


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Published in: Technology
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Softjourn mobile experience

  1. 1. Mobile Phones and Mobile DeviceDevelopment with Softjourn!
  2. 2. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  3. 3. Vendini: iPod Touch applicationClient - Vendini – Box office ticketing serviceApplication - Barcode scanning application for iPod Touch• To replace Windows CE scanning app previously developed by Softjourn• To be used for accepting tickets in multiple locations• More details -
  4. 4. tBoks: iPhone applicationClient – tBoks – Professional servicesApplication - iPhone service for a popular French social network• Duplicates web service functionality – Request Professional Services – Receive answers from providers• Supports targeted ads
  5. 5. Interactive magazine: iPad app• Interactive eZine - nice to look at and fun to interact with, the type of interactivity and motion you too can have for your business! • Available on AppStore (free)
  6. 6. “Digits” game: iPhone app • "Digits" is a numeric puzzle game, in which players cross out pairs of digits that are either the same or their sum is 10 when added. The goal of the game is to clear the playing field. • Lite version - • Paid version -
  7. 7. Android
  8. 8. “Digits” game: Android • If you ever need to travel long distance or you have to wait around killing time, then here is a free app to help make that time go a little bit faster. • "Digits" is a numeric puzzle game, in which players cross out pairs of digits that are either the same or their sum is 10 when added. The goal of the game is to clear the playing field.
  9. 9. Interactive audio applications: AndroidClient – New West DevelopmentGroupInteractive audio applications thatreact to your voice and talk back!Shrink TalkPsychic Hotline
  10. 10. Snake and bridge card game: Android Client – Mintmark Taki – bridge card game  Previously developed for iPhone Snake – variation of the classic “Snake” game customized for Multi-national
  11. 11. Media Library: AndroidClient – MintmarkProject – Walla! Music – media library for Android• Solutions previously developed for iPhone• For Israeli market • Let users to listen, download audio files, create play lists, listen to Internet radio • All media content is on client’s server; Android app connects to the server via API • Online/offline mode
  12. 12. Media Library: AndroidClient – MintmarkProject – Walla! VOD – watch tv shows/movies onAndroid• Solution previously developed for iPhone• For Israeli market • Watch tv series • Watch full length movies • Share information about what you are watching on Facebook, via email, etc. • All media content is on client’s server; Android app connects to the server via API • Manage favorite shows
  13. 13. Windows Phone 7
  14. 14. German Broadcasting company: Windows Phone 7 appClient – Web.De – German Consulting firmProject: Windows Phone 7 app for German Broadcasting company• Prior to Windows Phone 7 app, other mobile apps had already been created• Users can read news stories, view videos, look through picture galleries, check the weather or scan stock information• > 2000 downloads after first few days on marketplace
  15. 15. Windows Phone Development• PrivateME application – for adding more privacy to contacts in your mobile• Windows CE scanning application – to work with Symbol scanning device• Remote desktop control via Windows Phone device app – similar to TeamViewer
  16. 16. BlackBerry
  17. 17. BlackBerry applications• Restaurant Guide for BlackBerry – Barbados market –List of restaurants in the area –Users can view menu of each restaurant, see comments or ranking –Make a table reservation• Design of a prototype for a Blackberry calendaring app• Experience working on the ClairMail Mobile banking app
  18. 18. Mobile browser-based applications
  19. 19. Mobile payments application: browser basedClient: mobile payment spaceGoal: make the mobile buying process easier for consumers.Result: The project involved developing a platform which would eliminate unnecessary steps in the mobile purchase process and let customers buy quickly and easily.
  20. 20. Statistical Visualization System: browser based• App for iPhone & Android to view project team status on: – # of issues completed (based on time period), – % of issues completed• Integrates with bug tracking/issue tracking software: – Redmine, Fogbugz• Future plans for upgrades
  21. 21. Banking - Peer to Peer Transfers: browser basedFor all major mobile platforms
  22. 22. Mobile Banking – Text Message banking app: browser based• Being Developed for a large foreign banking group working in Ukraine and throughout Central and Eastern Europe• Uses and existing SMS banking & internet banking. The app provides a more convenient user experience• Currently being tested by one of the largest banks in Ukraine
  23. 23. “Just for fun” mobile apps
  24. 24. MorseBeacon: “just for fun” mobile app Learn Morse and send messages to your friends in a fun way!Available for:•iPhone•Android•BlackBerryturns numbers and letters into white flashinglights (long or short) that correspond to Morsecodeallows you to regulate the flashing speedhas a set of ready to use phrases
  25. 25. Snow Fall: “just for fun” mobile app Change your smartphone into a snowglobe!Available for:•iPhone•AndroidSimply set your favourite photosor images as background and enjoythe snow!
  26. 26. Why companies choose Softjourn• Softjourns reputation for completing projects on time and on budget with high quality,• Competitive pricing,• US based staff to oversee projects,• Excellent references,• Flexibility to adjust quickly to changing project requirements,• Learn new technologies quickly.
  27. 27. Contact informationEmmy B. GenglerEmmy.gengler@softjourn.comwww.softjourn.comTel: 1.510.943.6217 x.501 (US line)