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  • WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access,
  • Smartphones Mobile Tech 2010 Webinar

    1. 1. Smartphones, Wireless Technology Gadgets and Great Tech Tools For Real Estate<br />A mobile professional’s guide to knowing <br />Which wireless technologies work for you<br />With G. William James<br />Handheld Computer Solutions<br />
    2. 2. Handouts and Downloads<br /><br />Contact Me<br /><br />
    3. 3. The smartphone has changed the course of real estate<br /><ul><li>Clients and colleagues demand a more immediate response
    4. 4. Provides instant access to MLS online- increase sales opportunities
    5. 5. Networking with office computers, update calendars and contacts
    6. 6. Manage personal and business email from wherever you are
    7. 7. Send & receive documents and contracts right from the smartphone
    8. 8. Multimedia (photos and video) features offer mobile marketing</li></li></ul><li>Successful Agents and Brokers have already reacted to the new technologies to meet the demands of the new marketplace<br />To represent clients of the Information age, you must adopt the tools they use, to:<br /><ul><li>Communicate
    9. 9. Stay productive
    10. 10. Make the right impression</li></li></ul><li>The Primary Smartphone Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Wireless Internet</li></ul>MLS access, Web searches, news and information<br /><ul><li>Email</li></ul>Instantly delivered whenever, wherever<br /><ul><li>PDA </li></ul>For calendar, contacts, documents and information storage<br /><ul><li>Multimedia</li></ul>Photos, video, listings, marketing materials<br /><ul><li>Text Messaging</li></ul>The preferred messaging style for young consumers<br />
    11. 11. How To Make Your<br />Smartphone Investment Become…<br />…A Smartphone Dividend<br />
    12. 12. Choose the right smartphone for your specific needs<br /><ul><li>Begin with a focus on the three things your </li></ul> device will do most:<br /><ul><li>Phone Calls?
    13. 13. Email?
    14. 14. Web Searching?
    15. 15. Multimedia?
    16. 16. Documents?
    17. 17. GPS Navigation?
    18. 18. Fun and Games?</li></li></ul><li>Choose the right smartphone for your specific needs<br /><ul><li>What makes it a smartphone? An Operating System (OS)
    19. 19. Blackberry OS
    20. 20. Palm OS
    21. 21. Apple iPhone OS
    22. 22. Windows Mobile
    23. 23. WebOS
    24. 24. Android
    25. 25. Symbian</li></li></ul><li>RIM Blackberry<br />45 percent of all smartphone devices used for business<br /><ul><li>Pro: Email Pushed automatically</li></ul> Calendar, Contacts, Email well integrated<br /> Easy to set-up and use <br /> Can be used as a lockbox key (Supra & SentriLock)<br /><ul><li>Con: Internet speed concerns</li></ul> Not many real estate apps<br /> Limited “cloud” apps<br />
    26. 26. Palm OS<br />Still very popular in real estate but is fading fast <br /><ul><li>Pro: Highly intuitive PIM (calendar, contacts, memos, etc.)</li></ul> Lots of available apps <br /> A favorite to use as a lockbox key (Supra eKey)<br /><ul><li>Con: Does not support most current 3G apps</li></ul> Hard to find – no longer in production<br />
    27. 27. iPhone OS <br /><ul><li>Apple iPhone raised the bar for smartphone technology
    28. 28. Pro: Considered the best screen experience</li></ul> 125,000 available apps <br /> Very easy to set up and use<br /><ul><li>Con: Typing on keyboard can be a challenge – at first</li></ul> Focused more on entertainment than business<br /> No removable battery<br /> Only available on AT&T <br />
    29. 29. Windows Mobile<br />Currently the most widely used OS in smartphone devices<br />in the US<br /><ul><li>Pro: If you know Windows, you know Windows Mobile</li></ul> Lots of business savvy apps <br /> Drop-down windows make for easy navigation<br /><ul><li>Con: Most apps not 3G compatible</li></ul> Hard on device memory<br /> Sometimes difficult to sync <br />
    30. 30. WebOS<br />Palm’s new OS brings the future of cloud computing<br /> to smartphones<br /><ul><li>Pro: Designed for “cloud’ computing</li></ul> Multitasking increases productivity<br /> Screen technology like that of Android and iPhone<br /> No need to sync with computer<br /><ul><li>Con: Processor could be faster (Sprint version)</li></ul> Keyboard buttons are a bit small <br />
    31. 31. Android<br />Google’s open source OS delivers impressive<br />new features to mobile <br /><ul><li>Pro: Designed for “cloud’ computing</li></ul> Multitasking increases productivity<br /> Screen technology like that of Web OS and iPhone<br /> No need to sync with computer<br /><ul><li>Con: Too many OS versions in stores today</li></li></ul><li>Regardless of choice, three rules to make the best use of your smartphone<br />
    32. 32. Rule 1:<br />Commit to the technology<br />Make your smartphone’s productivity features as common to you as your phone features.<br /><ul><li>Put all of your calendar events into your phone. Keep it current, use it daily.
    33. 33. Put all of your contacts into the Contact Manager. Add notes to profiles.
    34. 34. Save notes and memos in the phone instead of on paper
    35. 35. Organize and store all photos, docs and video on the card.
    36. 36. Prepare a “show listings anywhere” photo presentation</li></li></ul><li>Rule 2: Take full advantage of the features<br />Learning to use the advanced features will increase productivity and increase sales<br /><ul><li>Learn to use useful shortcuts on your smartphone for ease of use.
    37. 37. Bookmark your MLS site and other favorite websites in the browser.
    38. 38. Practice taking photos and video with the camera
    39. 39. Add third-party software applications
    40. 40. Create shortcuts to make navigation easier and faster</li></li></ul><li>Rule 3: Customize your device- make it uniquely yours<br />Personalizing your smartphone will improve and speed navigation, increase satisfaction<br /><ul><li>Set speed dials and application shortcuts
    41. 41. Bookmark your MLS and other favorite Websites
    42. 42. Get yourself hands-free with a headset and Bluetooth car kit
    43. 43. Create templates in Memos and tasks applications
    44. 44. Customize your device for look, sound and response</li></li></ul><li>Bonus Rule: <br />Get Creative!<br />Imagine ways you can deliver first rate services and impress your clients :<br /><ul><li>Use the camera and videocam to record and send updated photos and video
    45. 45. Share the most up-to-the minute listing information with your Twitter followers
    46. 46. Always remember special dates (birthdays, anniversaries) for past clients
    47. 47. Use MMS to host a “remote showing” when a live presentation isn’t possible
    48. 48. Have your showing addresses pre-programmed into the GPS or Google Maps</li></li></ul><li>Try before you buy- Do your homework and choose right the first time<br /><br />Ask questions, put devices to the test before you decide<br /><ul><li>How much are you willing to spend?
    49. 49. How much will it cost to operate monthly?
    50. 50. Will you need to purchase third-party software?
    51. 51. Battery life (talk time and standby time)
    52. 52. Call quality, speakerphone
    53. 53. Screen size and brightness
    54. 54. Input technology (touchscreen, stylus, or keyboard buttons)</li></li></ul><li>
    55. 55. How To Avoid Being One Of These People<br />Regular maintenance will keep you and your phone running smoothly<br /><ul><li>Treat your smartphone in many ways as you do your computer
    56. 56. Managing the memory of your smartphone is key
    57. 57. Simple steps will avoid frustration, and perhaps embarrassment</li></li></ul><li>Monthly Maintenance Tips<br /><ul><li>Clean out your email and text messages</li></ul>See the smartphone as a convenience for email, and save email on computer instead<br /><ul><li>Move all media (photos, video, music) to the memory card if necessary</li></ul>Organize media files for quick access, especially listing photos<br /><ul><li>Delete temporary Internet files, cookies, clear history</li></ul>Can typically be found in the Web browser settings menu<br /><ul><li>Reset your smartphone at least once per month </li></ul>Removing the battery is best, if possible. This also refreshes your wireless network connection<br /><ul><li>Delete and reinstall Supra eKey application (if applicable)</li></ul>MLS update cache files grow over time, and can cause major problems with your smartphone <br />
    58. 58. What is Cloud Computing?<br />Information resources and services<br /><ul><li>Software Applications
    59. 59. Data
    60. 60. Processing of information</li></ul>All done on the Web from a “cloud” of resources over the Internet.<br />
    61. 61. Buyer<br />Hires Agent<br />Reviews Offer<br />Enters Offer<br />Contractors<br /> Mortgage Broker<br />Home Inspector<br />Broker Site or<br />REALTOR® Association Site<br />Bank<br />Appraiser<br />Home Ownership!<br />Attorneys<br />
    62. 62. WiFi and WiMax<br />A wireless digital communication system designed for citywide deployment<br />WiMax access, sold by various providers offers:<br /><ul><li>Web Browsing speeds up to 10 Mbps (compares to cable broadband)
    63. 63. Completely wireless access up to 30 miles away from access points
    64. 64. Smartphones next on the deployment horizon
    65. 65. Creates competition to cable broadband, could mean lower prices</li></li></ul><li>WiFi and WiMax<br />WiMax 4G Networks to the Internet<br />Home and mobile broadband Internet service from one provider<br /><ul><li>Wireless Internet within the service area ~ 3-6Mbps
    66. 66. Home Internet service ~ 5-10Mbps
    67. 67. Cost based on data usage, number of computers on account
    68. 68. 4G service will provide for smartphones, etc.
    69. 69. Price ranges from $20 - $65 monthly</li></li></ul><li>New Marketing Strategies<br />Social Networking on your smartphone<br />Plaxo<br />Activerain<br />LinkedIn<br />BrokerAgent<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />
    70. 70. Don’t Forget To ICE Your Phone!<br />How to save your own life<br />Emergency first responders are trained to look for your mobile phone, hoping that the person has “ICED” their phone<br />Here’s how to do it on a smart phone:<br />Create a new contact<br />Name the contact ICE Emergency<br />Place the emergency contact information under “notes” instead of where phone numbers would go. <br />List allergies, meds, blood type as well.<br />
    71. 71. G. William James<br />Handheld Computer Solutions<br />Master Of The PDA<br />The Mobile Office System <br />That Works <br />A series of Workshop Presentations for your <br />Association, Board, or Realty Office<br />Hooked On My Blackberry<br />Master Your Windows Mobile Phone<br />Getting A Finger On The iPhone<br />Master Your Palm OS Treo and Palm Prē<br />Master The Android Smartphone<br />Why Realtors Can’t Succeed Without A Smartphone<br />The Google Universe<br /><br />
    72. 72. Monthly Coaching Special<br />
    73. 73. Contact me with questions!<br />To sign up for my free enewsletter or see my coaching programs visit<br /><br />860-325-0101<br />
    74. 74. Thank<br /> You!<br />G. William James<br />Handheld Computer Solutions<br /><br /><br />