Entering the Mobile/Tablet World


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Every website needs to enter world of mobile web design. This short presentation should assist you in understanding why you need it.

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  • Hello my name is John Richards and I want to spend a few minutes of your time reviewing why a business needs to enter the world of mobile web content.
  • The first and most major reason for using mobile devices is that mobile devices are quickly taking over the world. Don’t believe me?
  • In 2011, mobile devices, either cell phone or tablet, out sold personal computers by more then 500 million devices.
  • And if the trend continues by 2016 it is estimated that mobile and tablet sales will out sell personal computers by more then 2 billion. If you take into account that within the next 4 years their will be over 2.5 billion cell phones, tablets roaming the world wide web.
  • And people don’t use the web like we used. Within the mobile world we have stopped using search engines find what we are looking for we have started to use applications.
  • With search slowly leaving the mobile world how can a business contend with the rest of the mobile companies present already?
  • The first option is to create your website using html 5 allowing it to appear amazingly well on mobile browsers if a person does decide to search for your business. The html 5 will allow your website to look like a app but your client won’t need to download it from any app store.
  • What can you say about app stores. With over 500,000 mobile apps for sale within iTunes the app business has proved to be a very lucrative way for businesses to make money online. Apple informed us that in the September press conference that 90% of all apps within the iTunes store are sold monthly.
  • As a business you may be saying “What, I website looks good on mobile devices? I don’t need to change anything.” Well I wanted to provide you a couple of examples that show you what you many websites look like through a mobile device.
  • First up isFreeCharityCars.org. Charity Cars is a great non profit but their mobile presence needs a lot of work. Looking at this page there is nothing I can read without zooming in and out of the page. As a mobile user, I never stay on pages I have to zoom in and out of. Remember this Too much text drives clients away.
  • Another website is the site of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army’s website is better then Charity Cars but with all the empty pace within the middle of the page you have a hard time seeing what the page is really about. The large image helps but it wasn’t a clickable link to direct me to any specific place only a image for the text on the far right.
  • So now that I showed you some great companies that need a lot of help within the realm of mobile browsing I wanted you to see several websites that have really have nailed what it means to use mobile browsing online.
  • IMDB.com has proven that it is the leading television and motion picture website online and with a great mobile website focusing using images instead of text allows users to browse their website quickly and easily.
  • Another great example is ESPN.com that uses a sliding window that shows the most recent sporting news and allows visitors to quickly find the sports scores for their favorite team all from their mobile device.
  • With search slowly leaving the mobile world how can a business contend with the rest of the mobile companies present already?
  • To create a great web site for customers to access through their phone I would create large tabs that allow for quick access to everything a customer would need to do within the website. I would then have images that link to videos within the site to play video testimonials. This is also key to make sure you replace all of the flash videos with either links to Youtube or html 5 videos. Most of all I would make sure there is a contact form within the page that allows your customers to contact you easily.
  • Thanks and if you need anymore information
  • Entering the Mobile/Tablet World

    1. 1. * John Richards Fundamentals of Web Design – Sept. 2012
    2. 2. *Changing how we use computers
    3. 3. *
    4. 4. *
    5. 5. * People are not using their phones to search they are using “Apps”* When they do search people are spending less time on sites that do not work within their mobile device. *
    6. 6. *
    7. 7. * Html 5 allows a “App” experience without the “App” store. * Html 5 reaches the mobile world without App development.*
    8. 8. * Over 500,000 mobile apps for sale within the iTunes store * Both Droid and Apple have proven that “There’s an App for that”*
    9. 9. *
    10. 10. * Information within the header you cannot read.* Tabs you cannot see and are too small to select on a mobile device screen.* Too much text drives clients away. *
    11. 11. * Large image without any real detail.* Links almost unreadable within the mobile device.* Large blank spaces drawing the human eye to nothing. *
    12. 12. *
    13. 13. * Clean format with scrolling options.* Image heavy website allowing people to select from images instead of small text.* Recent events showcasing what’s popular right now. *
    14. 14. * Large navigation options.* Easy access videos within the website.* Live updates on what is happening in sports right now. *
    15. 15. *
    16. 16. * Create large tabs within the site to do all major functions of the website.* Images that link to video testimonials detailing information about the website.* A link to contact the business quickly and easily.* Loose all Flash aspects*
    17. 17. * “The Future of Mobile” – Alex Cocotas & Henry Blodget – Business Insider - http://goo.gl/v0mfy* iPhone Apps Store – Apple Computers – Apple.com - http://goo.gl/R9Lu1* iPhone 5 Press Conference – September 12th 2012 – Tim Cook - http://goo.gl/5L6wF *
    18. 18. * Twitter - @JohnR529* Email – Johnr1409@gmail.com* LinkedIn.com /JohnR529* Facebook.com/JohnR529 *
    19. 19. * John Richards Fundamentals of Web Design – Sept. 2012