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  • 1. AIDS.gov Responsive DesignDrupal4Gov – August 29, 2012 Jeremy Vanderlan
  • 2. What I DoTechnical Lead Interactive ICF Mobile Co-Chair, Media Lead Technology Center
  • 3. Making AIDS.gov ready for responsive design 2008 2012 2006 Blog.aids.gov 2010 ResponsiveSite Launch Launches AIDS.gov Mobile Site Design 2007 2009 2011 Podcasting and Content Redeveloped and Release of Locator API Social Media Release of AIDS.gov Facing.aids.gov HIV/AIDS Service responsive campaign Provider Locator 3
  • 4. Why AIDS.gov responsive design? Mobile Search Digital DivideTop mobile health-related searches in 2011: Communities of color are proportionally more chlamydia, bipolar disorder, depression, at-risk for HIV and use mobile more herpes, and smoking/quit smoking frequently to access online resources.Client-side solution Future-FriendlyServer environment has prevented us from We don’t know what’s coming next, but implementing a robust device-detection we want to be ready solution. Exponential mobile growth June 2010, AIDS.gov mobile traffic = 2.5% June 2012, AIDS.gov mobile traffic = 25%
  • 5. Know your mobile audience 5
  • 6. Develop to Web Standards 6
  • 7. Use Experimental Features 7
  • 8. Mobile is Everyone’s Job 8
  • 9. Top Tasks are Mobile Friendly 9
  • 10. Plan to Keep Working Photo credit – Brad Frost - Flickr 10
  • 11. AIDS.gov responsive design 11
  • 12. Navigation MobileDesktop and Tablet
  • 13. Navigation Patterns- The Multi-Toggle- The Ol’ Right to Left- The ‘Skip the Sub-Nav’- The Priority+- Off-Canvas Flyout- The Carousel+ http://bradfrostweb.com/blog/web/complex-navigation-patterns-for-responsive- design/ 13
  • 14. Responsive Images MobileDesktop and TabletFor more info: https://github.com/filamentgroup/Responsive-Images/
  • 15. Touch EventsSwipeable Images
  • 16. Performance• Page Size – Even with Responsive Images, we are serving a lot of information• Responsive Design will result in more calls to the server• Solutions are evolving, so sites must evolve with them• Social Media can be a huge performance hit Dislike for Responsive Design! Image credit: techthebest.com
  • 17. Device Testing
  • 18. Drupal Specific• Modules continue to be experimental and require customization• Get a responsive grid and get to work• Omega and Zen themes are good starting points• For Drupal 7, nothing is “off-the-shelf” yet 18
  • 19. Using Responsive Design with DrupalThere are several responsive add-ons available for Drupal. Omega is Responsive and Mobile First Drupal Base Themebased on the 960 grid system. Other add-ons listed below can be used in conjunction with a responsive base theme. Drupal 7 Responsive Base Themes Omega Adaptive Theme Theme Modules Omega Tools Touch Icons Adaptive Maximenu Mobile Tools* Images 3rd Party Adapted Libraries jQuery Mobile Flex Slider All modules above can be found at http://www.drupal.org and more information about Omega can be found at http://omega.developmentgeeks.com ICF International July 23, 2012
  • 20. Hybrid Apps• Native UI container• Content rendered responsively• Government example – CDC Fetal Alcohol Syndrome app 20
  • 21. FASD responsive content 21
  • 22. AIDS.gov resources• Newly responsive site – aids.gov• Locator - locator.aids.gov• Facing AIDS campaign – facing.aids.gov• Twitter - @AIDSgov• Blog - blog.aids.gov Connect• Twitter - @thulcandrian• email - jvanderlan@icfi.com