Apps for Antwerp presentation Waag Society


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Apps for Antwerp presentation Waag Society

  1. 1. Ivonne Jansen, Waag Society
  2. 2. Waag Society
  3. 3. Designers and Artists for Genomics
  4. 4. Orchestrating collaboration betweengovernment, coders and citizens
  5. 5. Why participate? The contest puts me and my work in the spotlight Talking to policymakers gives inspiration to make AppsA need for services in my own life Expanding professional network by participation in eventsI got the idea during a ‘hackathon’ coding event Getting experience with open datasets Creative outlet (hobby) Opportunity to expand existing app with new data Closing the gap between myself and my government Being a part of the global “Apps” movement Curiosity about the datasets
  6. 6. Important: Quality of data Relevance of dataConnection to network
  7. 7. Hackathons, breakfastmeetings, bootcamps,conferences, lectures, workshops etc.
  8. 8. Working on Social juni Hackathon 16 Issues
  9. 9. How to promote art in the public space
  10. 10. How to share info on child services
  11. 11. How to survay for health monitoring
  12. 12. How to travel along ‘green’ routes
  13. 13. How to make public services more accessible
  14. 14. How to give insight in local enonomy
  15. 15. How to spread tourist groups over the city
  16. 16. How to create awarness on park services
  17. 17. Local issues can have solutions that have global value
  18. 18. Apps4Europe
  19. 19. Please contact me for questions @JansenDings (presentation will be made available via slideshare)