Job Fair 2009 Details


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This document will help you on how to get ready for Job Fair 2009

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Job Fair 2009 Details

  1. 1. PRELUDE TO JOB FAIR 2009 The Society of Human Resources Management in Ethiopia (SHRME) is pleased to inform you that it is organizing a Job Fair (Recruitment Day) that is scheduled to be held on May 15 & 16, 2009. We believe that Job Fair 2009 will offer employers with an excellent opportunity to deal with their active as well as future staffing requirements by using modern recruiting methods. Quality candidates, low cost per hire, face-to-face interviews, and first rate facilities are just a few of the benefits that will be offered at the event. Your participation at the event is therefore highly essential, as you will come across the best candidates/professionals in the job market. The Setup of a Job Fair A Job Fair is a unique environment in which both candidates and recruiting organizations have the chance to meet face to face and interact on career opportunities. It is essentially a fair like environment where exhibiting organizations would line up in rows and candidates would walk up and down the rows of exhibitors trying to learn about their hiring needs and match that with their qualifications. This allows both the recruiter and the candidate to pre-screen each other. Job fairs also offer a cost effective and convenient way to contact a large number of candidate’s in a relatively short time. What does a Job Fair offer that a traditional method of recruitment does not? Job Fairs are a one-stop shop to all your recruitment needs – save time, money and energy 1. Job Fairs give you the opportunity to screen hundreds of candidate’s face-to-face saving time and resources by bringing in only the best candidates for interview at your organization. 2. Job Fairs offer you direct access to applicant resume, allowing you to build a database of strong CVs for use at a desired time. JOB FAIR 2009 What’s it all about? It’s all about investing in Human Resources; it’s about getting the right people for the right job and moving your organization forward. It is an exciting way for you to expand your organization’s recruitment efforts both at the fair and afterwards. Job Fair 2009 will be the premier recruitment event in Ethiopia connecting the regions top employers with hundreds of active job seekers. SHRME will be organizing the Job Fair in collaboration with Info Mind Solutions / that has a track record of organizing Job Fairs both locally and internationally, and has over 90,000 qualified job seekers registered on its database. Only the best of the candidates will be selected for participation at the job fair based on your requirements. We will draw the level of talent that you would want on your team. Quality candidates, first-rate facilities and excellent service are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when you recruit at the upcoming 2009 Job Fair. What will you benefit by participating? Job Fair 2009 will offer a strong turnout of pre-selected quality candidate’s, ensuring a productive and cost effective day at the Fair. It will offer; 1. A comfortable venue for employers and job seekers to meet face-to-face and to share information about specific openings or career options in general; 2. Access to hundreds of qualified professionals; enabling organizations to find candidates for difficult to fill jobs; 3. Direct access to applicant resume and contact information; important to build database on professionals for future recruitment possibilities; 4. Opportunity to pre-screen applicants for full time, part time, consultancy, and/or internship positions; recruit for unlimited job postings; 5. Interview more candidates over a shorter period of time; 6. Great way to promote your organization, its benefits and all available opportunities; 7. An opportunity to network with other professionals and organizations and share invaluable experiences.
  2. 2. How can you participate and be a part of this innovative and efficient recruitment method? Simply sign up on the registration forms attached herewith; provide us with a profile of your organization and a list of professionals that you require; along with a brief description of the desired level of professional and personal qualifications, and we’ll find you the right match in collaboration with, plus head hunt on your behalf; and invite these select candidates for participation at the Job Fair. Payment Information Job Fair Participation [ ] Birr 2,340.00 (Institutional Members – 40% discount) [ ] Birr 3,900.00 (All other Organizations) SHRME will provide the following for participating companies / organizations: 1. 3x3 booth furnished with one table and two chairs 2. Organization name will be listed and a brief profile will be included in the Job Fair catalogue including the list of professionals required 3. A listing of your organization name and a brief profile will be posted on the official SHRME website 4. Award of certificate for participation at Job Fair 2009 5. Name Badges Special Offer Sign up for both the job fair and institutional membership and get a remarkable discount [ ] Only Birr 4,410.00 Institutional Membership [ ] Only Birr 1,000.00 (annual membership fee) Benefits The Society will render the following major services to its institutional members: • Research-based Human Resource Management (HRM) bulletins both in soft and hard copy (bilingual – in Amharic and English) • Provide an access to the Society’s website and other links to share relevant knowledge and current information • Create a member’s network group to provide access to career information in the HR field • Facilitate HRM workshops and seminars for members at national, continental and international levels • Create discussion groups and other means that will find answers to all your HR questions • Establish a career network of HR professionals • Render various HR tool kits, models, databases and more • Create an opportunity for members to give voluntary service in HRM • Serve members with a specialized library (virtual and physical) of the Society that will be established in the coming few years • Create an access for scholarship information on HRM (specialized and post graduate courses) Please mark your calendar to participate in JOB FAIR 2009