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C B P M Kenya


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C B P M Kenya

  1. 1. COMPETENCY BASED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT REGISTRATION FORM ORGANIZATION INFORMATION Company / Organization Name ___________________________________________________________________ Contact Person’s Name _________________________________________________________________________ Job Title _____________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone _______________________________________ Fax ________________________________________ E-mail __________________________________________ Website _____________________________________ [ ] Yes, I would like to sign up for training on the Competency Based Performance Management course and receive one free job posting on for every delegate registered for the course. [ ] I would like to sign up to use for job posting only, please send me information. DELEGATES NOMINATION Name of Attendee Job Title Selected Course Dates Note: Please use additional paper, if you wish to send more delegates. You will receive one free job posting on for every delegate nominated. Number of Attendees Unit Price (KSH) Total 40,000.00 VAT (16%) Total Price (KHS) Amount enclosed: KSH ____________________ Payment Method [ ] Cash [ ] Check No. ____________ ________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________ Authorized Person Signature Date Please print and fax or e-mail a completed and signed copy of this form to and along with a payment, payable to RSM Ashvir: RSM Ashvir 1st Floor, Reliance Centre, Woodvale Grove, Westlands. P.O Box 349, 00606, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 4451747/8/9 Fax: +254 20 4451773/4