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New presentation for Recruiters

  1. 1. iPRO StaffingYOUR Partner for SUCCESS
  2. 2. Introduction How iPRO got started • Founded in 2006 by Janet Murphy and Joe Doyle, our management team has over 30 years of combined recruiting experience and over $8 million dollars of placement fees Our desire is to create a company that allows tenured recruiters to take home more money, work in the environment that they choose and have a better quality of life, while NOT sacrificing the support and tools you need to succeed.
  3. 3. Number and type of Recruiters We currently have 23 recruiters on our team, all with and average or 10 years of full-desk Executive Recruitment experience These Recruiters are across the country, from California to Maryland and all points between. All have chosen to take their career in their own hands and own their own business.
  4. 4. Recruiter Focus Our Recruiters work in the discipline that THEY choose, often drawing upon experience and leveraging contacts they have made in their recruiting experience. Some recruiters use iPRO to “branch out” and try disciplines they have always wanted to, but couldn’t due to their companies restrictions.
  5. 5. What we do-overview iPRO staffing is for recruiters that want to work for themselves, that want to break out of the agency experience and have more control of their desk. Our services allow you to RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, but save THOUSANDS of dollars in costs of expensive tools.
  6. 6. What we do-commissions We also save you THOUSANDS in commissions. If you are working in an agency environment, you are probably only taking home around 45% of your commission money. (national average) You are giving away 65% of your commissions to the company you work for!!!
  7. 7. What we do-commissions pt 2 The companies take that money and give you access to resources, and a desk and someone that manages you. The theory of iPRO is for you to SAVE that money and manage YOURSELF! Then purchase (at a HUGE volume discount) only the resources you NEED!
  8. 8. What we do-commissions pt 3 iPRO’s split is 80/20….meaning that you take home 80% of your permanent placement commissions! You will save thousands of dollars….. The next slide shows an example.
  9. 9. What we do-commissions pt 4 If you bill 200K a year In an agency environment, you would take home about 45% which would equal 90K a year. With iPRO, you will take home $160,000!!! What would you do with an extra 70K a year in earnings?
  10. 10. What we do-commissions pt. 5 You earn this extra money while you are: • Working from home • Working your own schedule • Working without someone micro- managing you • Still enjoying all of the support you would receive if you worked in an office • Truly running your OWN business!
  11. 11. What we do-Support and Tools We Supply access to tools, resources, support, training and everything you need to be successful as a recruiter. We provide a menu of resources that YOU choose from at costs that you could not get on your own, because we buy in volume. Lets look at some of the support we offer………………………………
  12. 12. Recruiting Software We have two different software programs for you to choose from Or, you could choose to have no software program One program is “Sendouts” The other is “MaxHire” Let’s look at each………….
  13. 13. (optional) MaxHire is the only front office software that connects all the tools a recruiting and staffing firm needs to make more placements giving you a competitive edge in a fast-paced industry where minutes matter – tools like Outlook, mobile devices, social networks, and VMS systems. And with the most advanced internet research tools built right in, you can source more candidates and clients in less time without ever leaving MaxHire, and without buying a single add-on. Unite your entire revenue team – sales, recruiting, sourcing, marketing, and management – in one solution for complete visibility into every activity and get the tools you need to make more placements. Click HERE to view their demo and learn more!
  14. 14. (optional) Sendouts is a world-class software that allows you to store and search candidates, companies, job orders, interview and manage the entire recruiting process from matching candidates to placement! You can access your recruiting software from anywhere with an internet connection! Your information is stored on a remote server and backed up daily, so you will never lose your information. All technical support is included Click HERE to view their website and learn more!
  15. 15. -included with Maxhire subscription Hoovers is a database of over 16 MILLION companies in the United States! Using Hoovers, we work with you to help you define your marketplace and you HANDPICK companies out of Hoovers that you would like to target, as potential clients or companies to recruit from.
  16. 16. - part 2 You can pick thousands of companies you would like in your database, and you can EXPORT the info out of Hoovers and IMPORT the info into MaxHire. This info includes contact information, names of Senior Level decision makers and financial information
  17. 17. (optional) You will be supplied with: • An iPRO Staffing email account hosted on an exchange server • You can access your emails on any smartphone or computer • Your emails are backed up nightly • We will supply you with professional email templates to keep your branding in front of you contacts
  18. 18. Instant Messaging Help Desk (optional) IM Services • Thru our internal Instant Messaging System, you will have a Help Desk on your desktop allowing you to instant message anyone on our team for help, assistance or advice.
  19. 19. (optional) We provide a passive candidate tool, Scavado, to help you find “hidden” candidates on the net and social networking sites Scavado finds contacts in Business Networks and Social Networks like LinkedIn, Spoke, Zoominfo, Twitter and many more!!! Scavado will also provide company information including salaries, employees and Hiring Managers and sometimes even company Org Charts!
  20. 20. Our Full VOiP Phone System- (optional) Why VoIP? Our system allows you to be “connected” to iPRO’s voice mail system, no matter where you work from! • No long distance cost for you • No need to install new phone line, as you use your COMPUTER as your phone • You are connected to us via the web, and can intercom us as if we are a cubicle away from you • Clients and candidates can reach you by calling our toll- free number and your extension, giving the callers confidence that you are part of a real company • You will receive a Toll-Free number and direct dial number with the area code of your choice • You will also receive a virtual fax number for incoming AND outgoing faxes!
  21. 21. Basic Phone System-(optional) If you do not want the full phone system, you can opt to choose a plan that provides you an 800 number that gets forwarded to any phone you have, including cell phones and home phones. You use your OWN long distance minutes as the calls go to your phone. This could be a good option for anyone with unlimited long distance on their cell phone. OR….you could just use your own phone and phone number and not have a phone cost at all!
  22. 22. LinkedIn Recruiter (optional) Master even the toughest searches with powerful search refinement filters . Target candidates precisely based on their company, industry, skill set, or keywords. Set up automatic search alerts to be the first to contact top talent Contact candidates directly through InMail – LinkedIns trusted messaging environment .Get response rates far higher than cold calling and emailing. Speed communications with InMail templates and one-to-many InMails Organize your workflow with project folders and reminders. Synchronize team activities with shared folders, searches, profiles, and candidate notes. Save time with streamlined contacting and printing of multiple profiles This service normally costs $5K a year, but iPRO’s cost is $2800/year! ($233.33 a month) Click HERE to watch a demo and learn more!
  23. 23. LinkedIn Talent Finder (optional)Included each month:.25 InMails ($250 value)Search groups easilySearch up to 50 groupsAccess Premium Talent Filters50 foldersSee more candidates when you search700 profiles per search10 alerts weekly
  24. 24. LinkedIn Job Slot-(optional) Master even the toughest searches with powerful search refinement filters . Target candidates precisely based on their company, industry, skill set, or keywords. Set up automatic search alerts to be the first to contact top talent Contact candidates directly through InMail – LinkedIns trusted messaging environment .Get response rates far higher than cold calling and emailing. Speed communications with InMail templates and one-to-many InMails Organize your workflow with project folders and reminders. Synchronize team activities with shared folders, searches, profiles, and candidate notes. Save time with streamlined contacting and printing of multiple profiles This service normally costs $5K a year, but iPRO’s cost is $2800/year! ($233.33 a month) Click HERE to watch a demo and learn more!
  25. 25. You can choose to have DIRECT access to the national database of candidates from at a cost of $125 a month. ($4.16 per day)
  26. 26. CareerBuilder Search- (NOT optional) You receive national search capabilities daily We will train you on how to use CareerBuilder properly including how to implement mass e-mailings
  27. 27. CareerBuilder Job Postings- (optional) You can purchase CareerBuilder postings at a cost of $24 dollar per posting! • We actually do the posting for you!
  28. 28.  You can choose to have DIRECT access to the national database of candidates from However, this does not have a monthly payment option and must be paid 6 months in advance. This INCLUDES unlimited job postings on the Ladders!
  29. 29. Recruitertown-(not optional) We have an internal website JUST FOR iPRO RECRUITERS that contains tools that you need for your business. These include TOP NOTCH recruiting documents, marketing and advertising materials, training materials and links to every one of our vendors.
  30. 30. GoToMeeting-(NOT optional) Remote desktop services • If you need technical help, we can remote onto your desktop, with your permission, to help diagnose and fix any issues. (Our version of a technical support department) Conferencing • Through our system, you can conduct webinars and conferences with multiple clients and candidates.
  31. 31. Admin Costs-(not optional) We provide a suite of services that help you stay focused on staying on the phone and taking the pressure off of running your own business. Let’s look at some of these services……
  32. 32. Your webpage-(part of admin costs) We will help you customize your page and maintain it We host your page Your page will include your own personal job board, testimonials, a picture, a bio, links to client and candidate resources and anything else you would like.
  33. 33. Our Training Programs-(part of admin costs) Sendouts and MaxHire software training Marketing training • All marketing training classes last one hour a day for 2 weeks Ongoing training as needed One-on-one training and consultation ON- DEMAND, whenever you need it!
  34. 34. Invoicing and Collection Services- (part of admin costs) WE will prepare all of your invoices and send them to your client on your behalf. Administratively, this is a huge time- saver! WE will stay on top of when your money is due and conduct collections calls FOR YOU to your clients for quick payment. If need be, we use Dun & Bradstreet as our collection agency, in case you have a client that needs collections.
  35. 35. IES WE will put you in contact with our CONTRACT placement vendor allowing you to provide contract and temp-to-perm placements!
  36. 36. IES Services IES acts as your partner to explore contract or temp-to-hire opportunities in clerical, healthcare and some light industrial professions Provides employer of record services including weekly payroll processing Pays all state and federal mandatory taxes and insurances for employees
  37. 37. IES Services 2 Provides workers’ compensation, general liability, professional liability, medical professional liability, etc. to all contract employees Performs credit analysis and collections on behalf of recruiters Invoice clients Administers weekly profit checks to recruiters Provides weekly invoices and profit reports
  38. 38. Recruiter Relo-(part of admin costs) Recruiter Relocation offers innovative and industry-leading relocation support to the executive recruiting industry. Designed to support recruiters in making placements with candidates moving out of state or internationally, we offer this service with no contracts, no hassles, and no cost to you.
  39. 39. Recruiter Relo 2 Recruiter Relocation provides you with all the relocation resources necessary to streamline the transition for your candidates. Our team is committed to service excellence and professional integrity in working with relocating individuals and their families.
  40. 40. Recruiter Relo 3 Recruiter Relocation leverages its relocation volume to offer aggressive discounts and VIP service to you and your candidates. From the moment your candidate is initiated with Recruiter Relocation they will be assigned a dedicated Relocation Coach who will guide them all the way through the relocation from the pre-hire stage until the unpacking of the household goods.
  41. 41. QUICK START-(part of admin costs) iPRO is committed to making sure you get off to a good start So we offer a comprehensive 30-day Quick Start program that will ensure success and get you into the right habits EARLY.
  42. 42. Other Services-(part of admin costs) If you wish, WE can keep track of your metrics and numbers, showing you where you may need additional training or assistance. We will get you in contact with other recruiters in the iPRO family to conduct splits and form partnerships. We can provide a “mentor” on our team if you would like a peer to help you get your business going. If you are interested, we have daily meetings at noon eastern to encourage camaraderie.
  43. 43. Errors and Omissions Insurance-(not optional) As a business owner, you need to be protected against anyone suing you for any reason. You will be covered under iPRO’s Insurance policy!
  44. 44. Financial Forecast-Perm•iPRO offers the most competitive splitarrangement in the industry. Here are thedetails………•On Permanent Placements, YOU receive 80% of yourtotal billings!!!!! (EX: For recruiters billing 200K a year, your take home percentage will be $160, 000!)•Figure out what you have billed and could potentiallybill in permanent placements, multiply it by 80% andthat would be your earnings potential! Compare that toyour current earnings potential.•We hope that the our services, support and tools willprovide you the opportunity to make more placementsthan you ever had……… and more money!
  45. 45. Financial Forecast-Contract•YOU negotiate your markup with your client, and yourcandidates PAY RATE. (Standard markup for contract candidates is 50% of the candidates PAY RATE.)•As an example, if your candidate is paid $50 dollars an hour,at a 50% markup, you would charge your client $75 dollarsan hour on this candidate, establishing a $25 dollar an hour“profit”.•Our Contract Placement vendor receives 27% of the PAYRATE of your candidate, in this case $50 dollars x27%=$13.50/hour. That goes to iPRO and our vendor partner.•$25 dollars an hour profit-$13.50=$11.50 an hour to YOU.•This is an estimate as some positions require extrainsurance, which would add to the cost.
  46. 46. Our Business Relationship Together, we have investment in your business. Together, we each have a role to make each other successful. We are committed to making you successful QUICKLY and set up to be successful LONG TERM!
  47. 47. Testimonials “After working in a traditional recruiting office for over 10 years, I felt that I no longer needed the support of that office to be successful. We parted ways, and for the first time in my life, realized I had full control of my career. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do – Work for another traditional agency? Work for a large corporation as part of their recruiting team? Go it on my own? The one thing I knew for sure was that the passion to be a recruiter was still there, and that passion was as strong as it had ever been. I came to two conclusions, 1) I wanted to work from my home office, and 2) I was no longer going to let someone else keep the majority of my billings. I also knew that I’d miss the camaraderie that can come from being in a traditional work environment. Enter iPRO. iPRO – Independent Professional Recruiting Organization. iPRO is, quite frankly, the best of all worlds. I work from my home. I keep the majority of my billings. I can have as much camaraderie with other iPRO recruiters as I choose to have. iPRO provides me with the tools I need to be successful. I own my database. The individuals that started iPRO THINK like recruiters, because that’s what they are. The iPRO business model was designed for individuals like me – tenured recruiters looking to have more control of their own destiny. iPRO is, for me, the ideal recruiting scenario. I have achieved balance between my personal and professional life, and I love what I do more than ever. “-----iPRO Recruiter
  48. 48. Testimonials 2 “With years of recruiting experience in a corporate office environment, I was looking for an opportunity to go into business for myself. iPRO Staffing provided me with the independence and flexibility of running my own business with an entrepreneurial business plan that has proven to be successful. iPRO provided me with all the software and services found at the most competitive and cutting edge firms in the nation as well as the most personable management support of any other recruitment opportunity.”-iPRO Recruiter
  49. 49. Testimonials 3 I am writing to let you know that I have considered several opportunities in the past month or so. In doing this, I have once again discovered that there is no organization out there like iPRO. Not just in terms of financial potential, but also in support, training and the humanness of the company. You have made a long lasting impression on me and every other opportunity out there realistically pales in comparison. I looked into starting up completely on my own and found that even I pale in comparison to iPRO. –iPRO Recruiter
  50. 50. Next Steps in the Process Call Joe Doyle at 866 504 4776 ext: 118 for more information or for a full demo of our services! Or email Joe at Visit our website at