Product search one sheet


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Product search one sheet

  1. 1. Introducing... A New Sales Channel for Your Products Be Included in Product Search on Do engineers need your product specifications? What keywords would potential customers use to search for what you sell? How can customers pinpoint the exact product they need? The Future of Search is Now… And It’s Product Search Product Search is an intelligent search engine built for how industrial buyers and engineers search for parts and products online. Its proprietary algorithm interprets complex searches with multiple product specifications, and delivers highly relevant results. Buyers and engineers can easily refine their searches to locate the exact product or part they need. Will Your Products Be Found on ThomasNet’s Product Search? Coming in early 2011, Product Search will feature an extensive database of suppliers’ product catalogs showcasing ThomasNet’s Navigator clients. If you’re one of ThomasNet’s thousands of Navigator clients, you’ll be automatically included in Product Search. Plus, your products will get additional exposure in the search results. If your current Web strategy is not powered by the Navigator Platform, now is the time to get your data ready for Product Search. Hint: Don’t wait until Product Search is live. Give your company enough time to get your data ready to be a part of this exciting innovation, and start getting more business right away. Talk to your ThomasNet representative about Navigator today.
  2. 2. Connecting Navigator Clients to Customers 4 to 1 Product Search is yet another way companies can use the Navigator Increase Your Odds of Platform to get their products in the buying path of the customers they Getting More Sales Online want to reach. The Navigator Platform increases your likelyhood of being found online, via: Navigator clients already get nearly 4 times the search results including QuickLinks number of buying actions* Search engine referrals to deep product content from than …and in early 2011 ThomasNet Product Search companies without Navigator. Isn’t it time you moved your product information *Buying actions include links to your website, onto the Navigator Platform? product catalog page views, company profile, CAD drawing downloads. Why Product Search Now? ThomasNet has developed this advanced search technology because it’s what industrial buyers and engineers demand. Product Search is backed by years of buyer behavior research and technology product development. Stand Out from Your Competition in the Online Industrial Marketplace Make sure your current and potential customers can easily find you online. Our extensive research shows how industrial buyers and engineers are searching today: Using Unique Searches ...and Multiple Search Terms ≥ 74% of industrial searches contain 3 or more search terms ≥ Many include 4, 5, 6, 7 or more search terms Sample Search Strings for Relays 6 CHANNEL RELAY OUTPUT MODULE AE-504 RELAY SOLID STATE OR MECHANICAL DOOR RELAY COMPANIES WHO SELL STRUTHERS DUNN RELAYS TIMING RELAY (ON-DELAY OR OFF-DELAY) Get In On This Powerful New Sales Channel Be part of today and put your product information in front of millions of qualified industrial buyers. Start your Navigator program now so you won’t miss being part of Product Search when it launches in early 2011. Contact your local ThomasNet representative, call 1-800-879-6757, or e-mail 6635.6/10.7.5M