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Optics Fact Sheet 2011


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Optics Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. Buyers of Optics from aOptics Rangeof Industries Use Worldwide optical transceivers, amplifiers, and other What Buyers are optical components are projected to more than double Saying About from just under $5 million in 2010 to more than $11.3 billion by 2015.1 Buyers come to for the optical products that they need. “ homasnet.comcomes T totherescuewitha worldoftechnicalinfo. Ithelpsmefigureout What Optics Buyers Purchase: whatI’mlookingfor, Achromats Infraredlenses Opticallenses andthenitprovides Anti-reflectioncoatings Infraredoptics Opticalmetalpolishing mewithlistsofsupply Anti-slipdiscs Laserdisplays Opticalplasticpolishing resourcessoIknow Asphericlenses Laserfilters Opticalprisms wheretobuythething.” Balllenses Lasergradeopticalsubstrates Opticalsensors Jacobs Beamsplitters Laserlenses Opticalwindows Purchasing Borescopes Lasermirrors Plasmadisplays PrecisionProductsLtd Collimators Laseroptics Plasticlenses Conicallenses Lasers Plasticmirrors Crystals LCDdisplays Precisionoptics “ homasNet.comis T Cylindricallenses LEDdisplays Prismlenses agreatsite,andan Diamondmachining LEDs Prisms importantpartofthe Diffractivefilters Lenscoatings Reflectivecoatings purchasingprocess. Fiber-opticconnectors Microscopelenses Reticles Wheninitiatinga Fiber-optics Microscopes Scanners secondsourcing Filters Mirrorcoatings Shutters Fresnellenses Mirrors Sightgages program,yoursitewas Glassblocks Moldedlenses Spectrometers thefirstsiteIsearched. Glasscoatings Opticalcoatings Sphericallenses IfoundwhatIneeded.” Glassfilters Opticaldisplays Testandmeasurement NathanDaley equipment PurchasingManager Glassmachining Opticalencoders BiogenIDEC Thinfilmcoatings Glasspolishing Opticalfibers Wedges Glasstubing Opticalfilters Windows Highprecisionglasscutting Opticalflats Infraredfilters Opticalinstruments WintergreenResearch 1
  2. 2. Examples of companies that visit to buy optical products and services:Optics In Aerospace and Defense In the Automotive Industry AAerojet Audi What Sellers BarnesAerospace BMWGroup are Saying About Boeing Chrysler ComputerSciencesCorp. Daimler DassaultFalconJetCorp. FordMotorCo. DuPontCompany GeneralMotors “ homasNet’seasy-to- T FederalAviationAdministration Honda GeneralDynamicsCorp. Jaguar useNavigatorhelpsbig HarrisCorp. LandRover contractpurchasers Honeywell Mazda findtheproductsthey L-3Communications MitsubishiMotors LockheedMartin Nissan needonCDM’sonline NASA Porsche catalog.Thehigh NorthropGrumman Renault qualityleadsCDMgets ParkerHannifinCorp. Saab Raytheon Toyota fromThomasNetare U.S.AirForce Volkswagon directlyattributableto U.S.Army Volvo theincreaseinsales U.S.Navy theyhaveexperienced.” In Computers and Computer In Communications Peripherals CarmenDeLeo CiscoSystems AppleComputer GeneralManager Corning Dell CDMElectronics Harris Gateway JuniperNetworks Hewlett-Packard IBM LucentTechnologies Maxtor “ hankstoThomasNet, T Motorola Qualcomm SunMicrosystems we’regetting8to10 Xerox inquiriesaweekfor In Telecommunications In Medical and Pharmaceutical information,quotes Alltel Companies and Hospitals …50%turnintosolid ATT Amgen orders,andmanyturn CablevisionSystems Bristol-MyersSquibbCo. CharterCommunications Caremark,RX intorepeatcustomers.” CitizensCommunications DukeUniversityMedicalCenter,Durham,NC PatrickHollis Comcast EliLillyandCompany President CoxCommunications Genentech,Inc. ConantControls EchostarCommunications GlaxoSmithKline IDT HarvardMedicalSchool,MA Level3Communications JohnsonandJohnsonHealthCareSystems,Inc. QwestCommunications Medtronic,Inc. SprintNextel Pfizer,Inc. VerizonCommunications QuestDiagnostics RocheDiagnostics WyethPharmaceuticals Yale-NewHavenHospital,NewHaven,CT For more information: ContactyourlocalThomasNetrepresentativeorcall800.879.6757 5714.10/09.5M