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Capabilities Brochure


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Capabilities Brochure

  1. 1. THERE’S NO WAY AROUND IT To Succeed in Today’s Online Business Environment You Need a Complete End-to-End Web Strategy ThomasNet will help get you there
  2. 2. It’s About What Potential Customers Expect from You To get new customers and keep your existing ones coming back your company’s online presence must meet or exceed their expectations. Industrial/B2B Buyers are Looking Online for Problem-Solving Information 84% 60% The Customers You Want Go Online to Buy or Specify 90% 70% 82% 72% 55% 84% say they want content that educates them, and expect vendors to provide it Over 70% of buyers want to find 90% had researched products or “solutions to solve a current problem” when services online they start a new search 82% looked up companies or brands online 60% look for different types of content such as that they were already aware of comparison of pricing and features depending on their needs at the time 72% sourced for suppliers of specific products and services Knowledge Storm, Inc. 55% purchased industrial products or services they found online Online Buyer Behavior Study ThomasNet and Outsell, Inc.2
  3. 3. ThomasNet Web SolutionsHelping You Develop a Web Strategy for Your BusinessThomasNet’s team of engineers, designers and industry experts will work with you to replicate your company’soffline sales and business processes on your website.The Navigator Platform will turn your website into an online sales channel that has all the tools and functionalityyour prospects and existing customers expect.ThomasNet Web Solutions include: Web Strategy and Planning e–Catalog Technology Merchandising Technology Website Design and Development Product Search and Configuration Content Optimization Custom Application Development Interactive Exploded View Distributor Syndication Diagrams Business Systems Integration Dynamic Print Publishing WebCAD Technology Product Information Databasing Measurement and Analysis Dynamic Sales Drawings Content Writing Services Content Management e-Commerce Technology Keyword Optimization Services Today, over 2,000 companies are successfully leveraging ThomasNet’s Navigator Platform to achieve their business goals: Increase Sales Support Various Sales Channels Deliver the detailed information and tools that Empower your sales representatives and distributors industrial buyers need to decide to buy from you. with the online tools and information they need to successfully sell your products or services. Improve Customer Satisfaction Give your new and existing customers an interactive Increase Operational Efficiencies online customer experience so they’ll want to do We’ll help you determine the best ways to use the business with you again and again. Internet to manage your company’s information, measure your ROI, reduce costs, and bring innovation to your business. Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t T h o m a s N e t W e b S o l u t i o n s , g o t o : 3
  4. 4. Get Found on the Web by the Customers You Want An essential part of a complete Web strategy is delivering your company’s detailed product or service information on With millions of user sessions each month, is the world’s most comprehensive destination for engineers and industrial buyers. Frequent visitors include Fortune 500 companies, the military, the government, educational institutions, and decision-makers from companies of all sizes. is connecting industrial buyers and sellers on a daily basis to do business with one another. We’ll help buyers looking for what you sell find you online and contact you. Give Potential Customers Every Opportunity to Find Out More About Your Company… So They Can Decide to Do Business with You E-mail You for More Information Link to Your Company’s Website View or Download Your CAD Drawings Read Your Search Your Company Profile Product Catalog “Over 96% of Fortune 500 companies “ remains a leading source products or services on source of product information, and” lead-generation opportunities, for the industrial sector.” Fortune 500 Data from Fortune Magazine ThomasNet Activity Reports and Registered User Data BtoB Magazine Media Power 50 “Many buyers use vertical search sites, like “Our experience proves that a customer, to narrow their search coming to us from ThomasNet, compared for suppliers. Make sure you’re being to a customer coming to us from Yahoo or considered.” Google, has bigger buying power with the Gord Hotchkiss means to establish a long-term business CEO and President of Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc. relationship with us.” Christina Kaberna, Marketing Manager Innovative Components Manufacturer of Quick-Assembly/Quick Release Hardware To f i n d o u t m o r e a b o u t m a k i n g y o u r c o m p a n y ’ s i n f o r m a t i o n a v a i l a b l e o n T h o m a s N e t . c o m , g o t o : 4 h t t p : / /p r o m o t e y o u r b u s i n e s s . t h o m a s n e t . c o m
  5. 5. ThomasNet NewsKeep Your Company Top-of-Mind with the Buyers You WantAnother part of a complete Web Strategy is making sure that you’re influencing buyer behavior throughoutthe buying process before they have a purchasing need, while they are selecting suppliers, and after they’veselected you to reinforce their choice.ThomasNet News is the Internet’s leading source of industrial product news,information, business trends and analysis. It’s also the official news site of Buyer Behavior with ThomasNet News Purchase Keywords and Phrases Sponsor Product News Categories Promote Your Company in Display Ads Submit News Releases Reach Users Where They Get Their News’s powerful buying audience goes to ThomasNet News to get the latest news, analysis and Internet users are more likely to information they need to get their jobs done. purchase from known brands. That’s what makes it a great place for your company to Nearly 4 out of 10 Internet users who run online ads. ThomasNet News will help your company respond to an online ad first learn about get noticed in the context of product news related to the company from seeing an online ad. your business. Source: iProspect/Forrester Online Display Advertising Study Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t T h o m a s N e t N e w s s p o n s o r s h i p o p p o r t u n i t i e s , g o t o : h t t p : / /p r o m o t e y o u r b u s i n e s s . t h o m a s n e t . c o m /a d v e r t i s e / i n d u s t r i a l n e w s . h t m l 5
  6. 6. ThomasNet Newsletters Get on the Radar of Industry’s Decision-Makers Another way to get your company name into the minds of the customers you want is to sponsor a newsletter that they read on a regular basis. More and more business-to-business/industry decision-makers read ThomasNet Newsletters to help them make more informed business decisions. They are just the kind of potential customers you want to reach interested, engaged, and requesting the news they’re reading. A range of sponsorship opportunities are available for these ThomasNet Newsletters: Industry Market Trends (IMT). Issued bi-weekly with a daily update, IMT saves readers time by providing a concise roundup of industry news. It also covers the latest industry trends, best practices and offbeat issues. The IMT blog facilitates ongoing discussions among readers. “I’ve been getting Industrial Market Trends for many years. I find it contains not only helpful Bi-Weekly Newsletter information for my company but Daily Update for my customers as well and I forward it to them.” Kyle K. Albee, General Manager North Star Leasing Company Provider of Equipment Leasing and Financial Services Product News Alerts. Delivered on demand, Product News Alerts provide readers with the latest news about product launches, new technologies and the latest market developments. Subscribers can select from up to 50 news categories they want to read about. 65% of Product News Alerts subscribers have purchased or specified a product/service found in a PNA in the last year. ThomasNet Product News Alerts Reader Satisfaction Survey6
  7. 7. ThomasNet Measurement Solutions Track the Success of Your Web Strategy You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why it’s important to collect tangible data on how potential customers are interacting with your company’s website and online presence. We’ll help measure your Web strategy against your company’s business objectives using metrics such as: Quantity vs. Quality of Leads/Customers Acquire, Engage, Convert Ratios Conversion Rates Cost per Sale ThomasNet offers a variety of ways to help you gather real-time business intelligence so you can confirm you’re getting the return on investment you expect from ThomasNet. ThomasNet Measurement Solutions include: Web Traxs®. ThomasNet’s free, widely used website Call Tracking. Call performance reporting closely tracking solution helps you monitor the effectiveness of monitors calls coming from users. your website. Mirror Site Tracking. A comprehensive reporting tool Internet Activity Reports. Detailed information about that helps you understand how users all your ThomasNet programs is available in easy to interact with your website. access and read reports. 64% of users who click to an industrial supplier’s website call that company. ThomasNet Mirror Site Tracking Data Web Traxs Mirror Site TrackingThomasNet Client Center ThomasNet Client Center Manage Your Complete Web Strategy, Maximize Your ROI ThomasNet Client Center is a free, password-protected site you can use to manage your ThomasNet program. Simply log–in to update your company’s information, access your Internet Activity Reports and Web Traxs account, and gather information about the latest Web strategies for industrial businesses. 7
  8. 8. Partner with ThomasNet for Success Stand Out from the Competition Maximize Productivity “The ability to provide 2D and “Prior to our online catalog, it would 3D CAD models is invaluable for take two or three times as long [to get differentiating ourselves from an order]. Now customers know what our competition.” they want before they contact us, so it makes our job so much easier.” Matt O’Kane, Business Director and General Manager Magnecraft, Inc. Kathy Kirby, Sales Manager Manufacturer of Automation Equipment and Controls Moore Industrial Hardware Distributor of a Wide Variety of Industrial Hardware Expand into New Markets Reduce Costs “We just received an order for well “Thanks to my ThomasNet online over $100,000 from a customer in catalog, not only do I get a great Canada that we would have never selling tool, but I get to make my interacted with unless we had a very business more efficient and that effective online presence.” saves me money in the long run.” Hank Hines, President James Davis, President Orr & Orr, Inc. Industrial Specialties Manufacturing Stocking Distributor to the Transportation Industry Manufacturer and Distributor of Miniature Pneumatic Vacuum and Fluid Circuitry Components Rethink Your Web Strategy It’s not just about growing your business now. It’s about establishing a long-term competitive advantage. Backed by 110 years of industrial marketing experience, rigorous research in online buyer behavior, and significant investment in Web technology development, ThomasNet will help you use the Internet to increase your company’s sales. Find out how we can help you connect with the prospects you want online, and turn them into your most profitable, long-term customers. Contact your local ThomasNet representative Go to Call 1-800-879-67576601.1/10.7.5M