Energy Fact Sheet 2011


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Energy Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. Energy & Renewable Energy Energy and Renewable Energy Buyers Source on The U.S. market for renewable energy—which includes solar, hydropower, geothermal, biomass and wind—has What Buyers are grown 31% since 2009 to $43.5 billion, and is expected Saying About to reach $45.9 billion by 20141. At the same time, the energy industry, including oil and gas, electric, and natural gas also continues to grow. “ henI’mdesigning W somethingIgoto A wide range of industrial businesses provide products/services to ThomasNet.coma the energy and renewable energy industries. These companies have coupletimesaweek. a strong presence on – where energy and renewable IfI’mlookingfor energy buyers and specifiers go online to find what they need. somethingunusual,I andfindit.Iget3DCAD These Companies Source for… drawingsthatIusewith SolidWorks.” Renewable Energy-Related Products and Services Carl Stoesz, Senior Project Engineer Agilent Corning Kodak Baker Oil Tools Alcatel-Lucent Disney Lilly Manufacturer of Oil and Gas Well Equipment and Supplies Alcoa Dow Lowes American Airlines Dupont Northrop Grumman Corporation American Standard Earth Tech Oceana Sensor “ T Anheuser-Busch Goodyear Ball Corporation Graybar Praxair, Inc. savesmefromlooking Baxter Home Depot Sony elsewherebecauseit’s Starbucks Boeing Honda allindustrial.Even Whole Foods Chevron Honeywell whenIdouseGoogle, Xerox ThomasNet.comcomes Energy-Related Products and Services upinthesearchresults.” Alberta Energy Company Limited Citgo Petroleum Orwell Natural Gas Max Lagod, VP Engineering American Electric Power ConocoPhillips Parker Hannifin Hypermax Engineering, Inc. Amoco Corporation Dow Chemical Reliant Energy Manufacturer of Diesel Engine Accessories Baker Hughes Emerson Electric Shell Group Bechtel Group, Inc. ExxonMobil Siemens AG Boeing General Electric Toshiba BP Goodrich Valero Energy Champion Technologies, Inc. Johnson Controls Westinghouse Electric Company Chesapeake Energy Lynch Metals, Inc. Xcel Energy Chevron Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1 Renewable Energy in the United States – Competitive Landscape, Sept. 2010
  2. 2. Renewable Energy Products and Services on Absorbers: Solar Energy Energy Recovery Systems Ovens: SolarEnergy Renewable Energy Alternate Fuel Hybrid Vehicle Energy Savings Performance Pads: Solar Heating Component Test Equipment Contracting (ESPC) Panels: Solar Collector Ballasts: Energy Saving Film: Solar Control Window Pumps: Solar Powered Batteries: Solar Energy Generator Sets: Hydroelectric Reflectors: Solar Biodiesel Processing Glass: Solar Remote Solar Power Systems Equipment What Sellers are Heat Pumps: Geothermal Roofing: Solar Bladders: Biogas Heaters: Energy Efficient Bladders: Ethanol Heaters: Solar Screens: Solar Sheets: Solar Energy Reflector Saying About Blades: Turbine, Wind Blowers: Air, Energy Efficient Instruments: Thermal Energy Software: Energy, Power Inverters: Alternative Energy Utility Capacitors: Energy Storage Inverters: Wind Powered Solar Energy Equipment “ ompanieslikeChevron C Cells: Solar Energy Lighting: Energy-Saving Solar Simulators andConocoPhillipsare Chargers: Solar Battery Lighting: Fluorescent, Energy Thermometers: Energy Compressors: Air, Energy Saving Management downloadingour Efficient Metallization: Solar Cell Transformers: Electric 3DCADs.” Concentrators: Solar Energy Meters: Energy Transformers: Lighting Matt O’Kane, Business Director Controls: Energy Management Power and General Manager Monitors: Energy Management Enclosures: Solar Wire: Solar Cell Magnecraft, Division of Schneider Motors: Energy Efficient Electric Relays LLC Energy Absorbers …and more Manufacturer of Automation Equipment Oil Biodegradable Treatment and Controls Energy Audits: Industrial Liquids Commercial Energy Products and Services on “ntoday’seconomy I wecan’taffordtowastea Air Cooled Transformers Gas Oil Meters Oil Gas Exploration Ash, Cement Coal Hoppers Gas Power Plants Equipment dime!ThomasNethelps Battery Charging Transformers Gas Turbines Oil Field Chemicals usmakethebestuseof Boiler Fuel Oil Heaters Gasoline Oil Fuel Lines Portable Diesel Engines everydollarwespend Coal Ore Dumps General Purpose Transformers Portable Transformers withthem.” Propane Gas Coal Separators High Voltage Transformers Jerry Barber, President Refinery Oil Line Pumps Coal, Ash, Gravel Sand House Heating Oil-Fired Plus Handling Conveyors Furnaces Regulating Transformers International Distributor of Heat Exchangers and Crude Oil Desalting Processes Industrial Oil Fired Furnaces Servo Drive Isolation Replacement Tube Bundles Transformers Crude Oil Engines Integrated Magnetics Transformers Substation Transformers DC to DC Transformers Inverter Transformers Superconducting Energy Diesel Dispensing Tanks Storage Devices Low Voltage Transformers Diesel Turbochargers Unit Substation Transformers Marine Transformers Diesel-Gas Convertible Engines Used Oil Boilers Military Specification Distribution Transformers Transformers Variable Voltage Transformers Drive Isolation Transformers Natural Gas Pipeline Design Voltage Regulating Evaporative Cooler Gas Engineering Services Transformers Turbines Offshore Oil Rig Equipment Waste Heat Recovery Power Fire Resistant Transformers Plants Oil Gas Combined Furnaces Flat-Pack Power Transformers …and more Oil Gas Couplings For more information: Contact your local ThomasNet representative or call 800.879.6757 5715.3/11