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Auto Fact Sheet 2011


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Auto Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. Automotive Buyers withAutomotive Major Buying Needs Source on The Automotive Industry is Back in Gear What Automotive Automakers are staging a major comeback. Total U.S. automotive Professionals production in January 2011 increased 9.3 percent versus the same are Saying About time the previous year. Light truck production saw the biggest gains, growing 21.2 percent over 2010 figures.1 New-vehicle sales will reach 12.9 million units in 2011, a nearly 12 percent increase over 2010.2 “ e’realwayslooking W Both General Motors and Ford announced year-over-year profits forbettersourcesfor in 2010, with the latter boasting double 2009 numbers—it’s highest thepartsweuse.[With income in more than a decade.]I amabletosearchfor pressedpolishplastic AutomotiveIndustryShareoftotalU.S.MaterialUse,2009 sheetingdomestically, Steel 12.9% andI’mabletofind sourceslocally. Aluminium 24.7% MATERIAL Cyndy Taschman Iron 19.1% Purchasing Robbins Auto Top Company Lead 72.8% Zinc 22.7% “sourcethemost I Source: Ward’s 2010 Motor Vehicle Facts Figures unusual,rare,esoteric, and‘obscured-by- their-normal-purpose’ Do Business with Automotive Companies at partsandmaterials onadailybasis,using Multiple Buying Locations Many Automotive companies have hundreds of buyers and engineers sourcing on, including: James Simpson Owner ODD Parts Fabrication American Axle Manufacturing Ford Motor Co. Goodyear Tire Rubber Tower Automotive Autoliv General Motors Johnson Controls TRW Automotive Holdings 1 Ward’s AutoInfoBank 2 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)
  2. 2. These Auto Industry Companies Could Become Your CustomersAutomotive All of these major automotive manufacturers, retailers, All of the companies and service providers source on – some that form the Alliance with hundreds of users. of Automobile Manufacturers rely on Alfa Iveco American Axle Manufacturing Jaguar Arvinmeritor Johnson Controls Asbury Automotive Group Land Rover Audi Lear Corp. Autonation Leyland Trucks BMW Group Navistar Borgwarner MAN Carlisle Mazda Chrysler Metaldyne Daimler Mitsubishi Motors Dana Corp. Oshkosh Truck Dura Automotive Systems Paccar Exide Technologies Porsche Fiat Scania Ford Motor Co. Tenneco Automotive General Motors Toyota Goodyear Tire Rubber TRW Automotive Hayes Lemmerz Visteon Honda For more information: Contact your local ThomasNet representative or call 800.879.6757 5702.10/09.5M