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What are the new Facebook Timeline changes for Business and how can you benefit from them

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Facebook Timeline For Pages

  1. 1. Facebook Timeline 4 Biz How You Can Benefit
  2. 2. What you’ll learn today...  What the most important changes are  Cover images  Default tabs  Maximising the new content layout  New tools for pages  New ways to promote your products
  3. 3. The most important change is... How you engage your audience Vs
  4. 4. Timeline Cover Image...  Cover image now 851 x 315 pixels  Profile image now 180 x 180 pixels
  5. 5. Rules for Cover Image...  Get creative  Show people using your product  Price or purchase info ie: 40% off  Contact info  Reference to features such as ‘Like’, ‘Share’ etc  Calls to action  Should not infringe anyone’s copyright  Must not be primarily text-based
  6. 6. Creative Ideas...Showcase your product
  7. 7. Creative Ideas...Showcase your fans
  8. 8. Creative Ideas...Extend your marketing
  9. 9. Creative Ideas...Showcase the experience
  10. 10. Creative Ideas...Add curiosity
  11. 11. Default Tab... Tabs are now called Apps Custom pages have increased from 520 px to 810 px wide No Default Tab setting You can still do reveal/fan-gate pages Find ways to be creative Encourage your visitors to take action
  12. 12. Creative Ideas...Give Freely
  13. 13. Creative Ideas...Reveal/Fan-gate page
  14. 14. Creative Ideas...Amazon Affiliate Page
  15. 15. App Thumbnails... Larger Thumbnails for Apps 111 x 74 pixels Up to 12 Apps can be shown on your Timeline Page You can move the thumbnails around Can customize except Photos, Likes, Videos Great place for call to action
  16. 16. Creative Ideas...Theme
  17. 17. Creative Ideas...Extend your cover image
  18. 18. Creative Ideas...Maximise the space
  19. 19. App Thumbnails...Strategy
  20. 20. App Thumbnails... 1. Click the top right hand corner of Thumbnail 2. Click Edit Settings 3. Click Change to edit the image 4. Enter text to name the Thumbnail and save 5. Click Okay
  21. 21. No Default Tab...  Use Thumbnails for organic traffic  Use Facebook Ads for direct traffic  Test and measure both!
  22. 22. Content Layout... 1. Star Posts 2. Pin Posts 3. Add some history – change the date
  23. 23. Content Layout...Star Posts
  24. 24. Content Layout...Pin Posts
  25. 25. Content Layout...add some history
  26. 26. Content Layout...add some history
  27. 27. Timeline Images...precise measurements Cover image: 851 x 315 Profile Picture: 180 x 180 Thumbnail image: 111 x 74 Images in wall post: 404 x 404 Highlighted images: 843 x 403
  28. 28. Content Layout...Admin panel
  29. 29. Content Layout...Admin panel
  30. 30. New Message Feature...  Users can message Pages  Non-fans can message Pages also  Pages cannot message followers Admin > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions
  31. 31. Getting your Contact info out there...  Stay within 165 characters  Different categories will show different results  Local Business will show contact info by default  Get a call to action in there
  32. 32. Cool Tools...  Tabfusion.com  Paint The Moon Timeline Covers – http://on.fb.me/eomfy
  33. 33. Takeaway Tips...  Make your Timeline visually appealing  Use Thumbnails for calls-to-action  Place 3 strategic Thumbnails at top of page  Get a call to action in there
  34. 34. Mentoring Program Step By Step Plain English Video Tutorials
  35. 35. Module 1 Social Media Marketing 101 Don’t start social media until you haveread this module - Avoid the mistakes mostbusinesses make that harm their brand andtheir profits Discover the secrets that successfulbusinesses use to engage followers withsocial media and how you can do the sameto generate more leads and sales each weekinto your business for little or no cost
  36. 36. Module 2 Facebook Marketing Secrets ‘Catch & Keep’ strategy of finding andattracting your potential customers The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – how toengage, how to avoid and what to do if youfind yourself in an ugly situationProfit from Facebook’s new layoutExploit the built-in market research thatFacebook gives you for FREE
  37. 37. Module 3Leveraging LinkedIn For Profit The secret strategy to ranking #1 onLinkedIn in your niche and why you want to Getting others to build your onlinereputation and how easy it is to entice themto do it How to use the built-in communities togrow your business
  38. 38. Module 4 Tweet Success The Princess’s secret strategy to settingup your Twitter profile – easy but powerful Unleash the power of other people’sTweets for your business Secrets tips of What & When to Tweet
  39. 39. Module 5 Social Advertising Get massive exposure and a targetedfollowing quickly How to write Ads that WORK Uncover the 3 dangers on advertising thatcould get you banned from Facebook!
  40. 40. Module 6 Better Business Blogging 7 success tips to building your businessby blogging Set up a blog for FREE in under 10minutes flat Linking it all together – post it once &send it everywhere
  41. 41. Module 7 The Awesome Power of YouTube Secrets to uploading videos that mostpeople miss and why Google will love you ifyou do Uncover 3 hidden ways to make fast cash
  42. 42. Module 8 Check...Mate! The secret weapon to getting peoplethrough your door and begging to buy fromyou Turn on the automatic function that willreward your clients for coming back againand again
  43. 43. Module 9 Time Saving Tools! The Princess’s secret tools that save youtime – a must have for your business Tools to delegate and manage your socialmedia team The best apps for taking it mobile
  44. 44. Weekly Quick TipsKeeping you up-to-date onany changes and how youcan use them for business
  45. 45. Webinars• Interviews• Hotseats• Question & Answers
  46. 46. Done For You Services• Custom Facebook Pages• Branded YouTube Channels• Branded Twitter Accounts Special Discounts for Members Only
  47. 47. A new module opened every month, giving you easy step by step guides on how toset up your profiles correctly and start marketing successfully. Includes:• Module 1 – Social Media Marketing 101• Module 2 – Facebook Marketing Secrets• Module 3 – Leveraging LinkedIn• Module 4 – Tweet Success• Module 5 – Social Advertising• Module 6 – Better Business Blogging• Module 7 - The Awesome Power of YouTube• Module 8 – Check Mate• Module 9 – Time Saving Tools!
  48. 48. PLUS....• Receive Weekly Quick Tips• Member Only Webinars• Special Member’s only Discounts on our Done-For-You ServicesAnd don’t forget these bonuses...Bonus #1 – Julie’s Auto-Responder Secrets RevealedBonus #2 – “I Have A Facebook Page, Now What?” Easy posting guidePlus more bonuses inside the Members-Only area!
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  50. 50. www.TheSocialMediaPrincess.com
  51. 51. Facebook.com/EasyOnlineMarketingForYou Facebook.comTheJulieMason